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#202 - Even if you're not gay, you should be willing to support peopl…  [+] (1 reply) 06/27/2015 on gay sex that will happen... 0
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#245 - gabikak (06/28/2015) [-]
I support it, but this whole cringy celebration and provocation will just make more hatred towards the gays.
Back in the antiquity no one cared if you are straight or straight up homo.
As a man, liking other men was just as normal as liking women. And I believe this is the right thing to do, not organising festivals, parades and LGBT events to provocate and disgust people.
#199 - No, this is still about love. Sex is just something that happe…  [+] (7 replies) 06/27/2015 on gay sex that will happen... 0
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#225 - rockamekishiko (06/28/2015) [-]
love/marriage = sex involved
other civil rights... not so much
#227 - phoenixactual (06/28/2015) [-]
Marriage is independent of sex. Sex just happens in married couples, pretty much in equal amounts as unmarried.
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#228 - rockamekishiko (06/28/2015) [-]
marriage is about being an official couple being a couple means you love the other person, love leads to sex.
do i need to be any clearer?
#229 - phoenixactual (06/28/2015) [-]
Except marriage provides additional benefits, by law, that are unavailable to unmarried couples. Besides which, you do realize not all couples have sex, and sex is not a determining factor in love generally, right?
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#230 - rockamekishiko (06/28/2015) [-]
so that's why all the gay people wanted to get married for? wasn't that the reason some people wanted them NOT to get married for? that's got nothing to do with what this guy said here
#236 - phoenixactual (06/28/2015) [-]
survivor benefits, tax benefits, hospital visitation benefits. Al benefits of marriage that couples who want to get married get with the arrangement. Love is a factor in the decision. Sex is typically not
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#238 - rockamekishiko (06/28/2015) [-]
but they're not going to have sex in cebration? plus it was a joke. i could't care less if they fuck or not
#161 - My ex tried to pull this **** on me, got insanely pissed when …  [+] (1 reply) 06/10/2015 on B*tches be crazy i say 0
#178 - skebaba (06/10/2015) [-]
The cops couldn't do anything without evidence, so it's an empty threat.
#477 - dude, get over yourself. What's your experience in physics? …  [+] (1 reply) 06/08/2015 on Sacrilege Sunday:... 0
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#478 - drpenguinz (06/08/2015) [-]
im studying physics
just shut the hell up