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  • Views: 68529
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    Uploaded: 07/07/14
    WAR! WAR!
  • Views: 59728
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    Uploaded: 04/01/14
    Open your heart Open your heart
  • Views: 59641
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    Uploaded: 06/04/14
    smartass smartass
  • Views: 48990
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    Uploaded: 02/27/15
    Listen to your elders. Listen to your elders.
  • Views: 61548
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    Uploaded: 04/23/13
    4chan solves a mystery. 4chan solves a mystery.
  • Views: 65456
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    Uploaded: 09/30/13
    Discharge your "guns" Discharge your "guns"

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    S-S-Smoking S-S-Smoking
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    Uploaded: 06/16/16
    LoZ by Platinum Games LoZ by Platinum Games
  • Views: 36660
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    Uploaded: 04/23/16
    Hitboxes Hitboxes
  • Views: 6237
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    Uploaded: 03/31/16
    First episode o show, MC opens door,SHTF First episode o show, MC opens...
  • Views: 823
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    Uploaded: 02/19/16
    Detroit Detroit

latest user's comments

#48 - The creator of Unteralterbach goes by the online handle of Ann…  [+] (1 reply) 11/30/2016 on geurls +14
User avatar
#80 - indonesia (12/01/2016) [-]
damn, I love her artwork.
I hope she open any request like Shadbase.
#78 - I know that this isn't true for everybody, but i really like i…  [+] (2 replies) 11/30/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 75 0
User avatar
#79 - killjoyus (12/01/2016) [-]
the problem, ive found, with ideas per minute measuring quality or interest of a show is often times shows go full speed with getting ideas in at the expense of not fully fleshing out the previous idea, which i think is more important, while no one wants to be dragged rush too much and you miss out on a lot of chances to have really nice slow tense explanations of ideas.

Also i feel Luluco has better cinematic and camera choices then the series of TTGL, but the movies beat it by a larger margin, though it is a close call.

But hey man, i respect your idea, and how you explain it. if you haven't already i'd recommend Gundam 08th MS Team, as its a pretty good paced story with a lot of subtle nuanced ideas coming and going quick
User avatar
#80 - pentol (16 hours ago) [-]
I was under the impression, that both movies, but particularly the first one, was more often than not re-using animation from the series, with some original stuff sprinkled in? I haven't watched them, because i figure i've already seen TTGL multiple times, and there are other more important things in my backlog. Would you say it is actually worth it?

Anime movies in general tend to be more dense with stuff than TV anime, because of the format. I definitely like a larger fraction of movies than shows, but they are always so much of a commitment to pick up. a show will make sure to tell you if it's good before the end of the first episode, a movie may still go either way by the 30 minute mark. (meh movies may still not have fully squandered their potential by this point.)
You can't really drop a movie as soon as you can a series, so a bad one is a much bigger loss than a bad series.

Regarding IPM, i've already given you two examples of series that have a slower, more deliberate pacing, in LotGH and Lain. Both go into a ton of detail and neuance, keeping high IPM. Don't confuse IPM for pacing. It is certainly possible to have fast pacing and slow IPM (this was my experience while watching FLCL (i didn't really manage to unpack all the information). Even tho the pacing is fast, i didn't pick up on nearly enough of the ideas that probably are there to have a personal experience of high IPM.)
High IPM is a result of being very efficient with your writing, framing, visuals ETC. Presenting as much as possible while omitting anything superfluous. I think the director, Hidetaka Imaishi is really good at cramming in very many different things, and combining them together in such a way as to not waste anything. I think he explains himself very well in the short "sex and violence with machspeed", which i definitely wouldn't have searched for without that one episode of luluco.
#42 - Well i spent a year living up there (ørlandet hovedflystasjon…  [+] (1 reply) 11/30/2016 on Guy gardner 0
User avatar
#43 - Shramin (11/30/2016) [-]
Probably works out the same for everyone, you adjust to the tones you are used to.

So do all the northern dialects, hence the massive spelling differences across the entire country of Norway. Norwegian language does not have a lot of specialized word like the English language, but damn if it doesn't have a lot of ways to say "Me/I" or "Not". For the extensive amount of time that Norway was under Danish and Swedish rule they never really seemed to care about cementing their languages anywhere but in the south.