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#139 - thank mr. skeltal 21 hours ago on Skeltal Compilation +1
#7 - a... are you retarded? i haven't even seen the show and i know…  [+] (5 new replies) 10/21/2014 on Breaking Bad Meth at Toys R Us -1
User avatar #14 - AcidFlux (10/21/2014) [-]
No, he doesn't. Jesse added extra shit to his meth, but Walter never did. Walter produced pure meth, as pure as possible.

However, pure meth isn't blue. That was simply an added piece of 'fictional science' to the show, for multiple reasons. Now, other chemists that were trying to fake Walter's meth intentionally added coloring, but that was just an attempt to cash in on the true chemist master's success.
User avatar #64 - deadlyfoez (10/21/2014) [-]
It is entirely possible to make a pure clean blue meth, but it would take a shit ton longer and it would need to be purposely done. It has a lot to do with aligning the molecules in a way that light refracts through it producing a blue hue. But again, it would take someone who is highly skilled, has the shit loads of extra time, and the resources to try and try again. It is possible.
User avatar #26 - crutos (10/21/2014) [-]
Through the entire show I was under the impression that it was blue due to the chemicals he used, not the purity. Oh well.
User avatar #54 - AcidFlux (10/21/2014) [-]
Nope, nothing special about their 'cook', other than his insistence at making a pure product and not cutting corners.

I always found that ironic. In the lab, he never cut corners. In his personal life, he ended up trying to cut corners all the time.
User avatar #12 - heroicdose (10/21/2014) [-]
maybe you should watch the show or take a chemistry lesson champ.
#48 - because we automatically notice what influence people are havi…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/21/2014 on Pretty amazing stuff 0
#57 - kiaserzerg (10/21/2014) [-]
since you seem to know, i got to ask, why arent there any stars in the back ground. im 23 and ive always been bugged by this question when i see pics like this
#65 - popeflatus (10/21/2014) [-]
The camera shutter speed is very fast so the relative brightness of the sun far outweighs the low light of the stars.
#27 - except this is a screencap of a repost because i also saw the …  [+] (1 new reply) 10/19/2014 on Remember this? +3
User avatar #30 - xmacleodx (10/19/2014) [-]
Same, it was long enough ago that I completely forgot about it till now.
#291 - ya 10/16/2014 on Virtual Evolution 0
#208 - do you... do you really not realize what movie this is from?  [+] (2 new replies) 10/15/2014 on Virtual Evolution 0
#267 - alazurus (10/16/2014) [-]
Its from The Land Before Time isn't it?
User avatar #291 - penguinstampede (10/16/2014) [-]
#41 - oh no dolphin vagina. i'm scared for life.  [+] (1 new reply) 10/14/2014 on Smart dolphin +1
User avatar #43 - kameken (10/14/2014) [-]
You're scared? Some asshole posted a skeleton on this comment, I'm the one who should be spooped!
#19 - perhaps you haven'y been here long enough but Ainsley is sort … 10/12/2014 on Spicy stuff 0
#96 - im curious how did you get into smithing? because i've been th…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/11/2014 on Around the Internet PART 20 0
User avatar #98 - jiichei (10/11/2014) [-]
I'm still just an apprentice. I found a school that teaches both modern and old school smithing and just rolled in there and that's about it... I tried to self teach myself with youtube vids and a self made forge but that was a disaster. it's so much faster to learn the trade when somebody teaches you and corrects your mistakes.
People often can live while being a smith, but it also might mean that you have to share your workspace with another smith due to rent reasons (cheaper). you also have to be a bit of a salesman and lick peoples asses until your tongue is brown. oh and you may have to get used to long and physically challenging work days and a few bruises. some smiths make a shitton o' money, some just barely and keep it as a side hobby. it really depends... do you have a name, what is your brand, how much how fast etc.
I think I'm just gonna make some swords and armor and try to stay away from jewellery crafting, since everyone just buys the cheapest china silver jewellery and don't give a two fucks about what it does to the environment. somehow chinese have some super cheap silver...
I often try to get a permission to use some junk metal from the junkyards but you really should know metals at that point since there can be some toxic chemicals and all... just basic metal is not that expensive either.
I suggest that you try to get yourself to be a smiths apprentice if you don't have smithing schools.
I really don't know what else there is to tell you. if anything comes to your mind, just ask. I'll try to answer.

if you really like smithing, you can live while doing it. people too often think how will they live when they think about their future careers (sure they should), but they shouldn't let it stop you from doing what you love. especially if you're good at it!

just remember. there is always neckbeards buying katanas.
#34 - **penguinstampede rolled user autosubmit ** 10/10/2014 on Mod Harassment +3
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