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#336 - haha you guys wanna talk about funny ****  [+] (2 replies) 09/19/2012 on Justin Bieber -6
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#359 - codyxvasco (09/19/2012) [-]
Don't click any suspicious links.

*thumbs up*
#355 - cptnbarbrosa (09/19/2012) [-]
You sir.... Have a tall glass of shut the fuck up.
#276 - Picture 09/15/2012 on dey deserved it +7
#349 - google? 09/15/2012 on YOLO -2
#348 - coke was found in her system  [+] (2 replies) 09/15/2012 on YOLO +1
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#387 - allahakbar (09/15/2012) [-]
Sorry for asking a stupid question, but who is this woman that you all are talking about?
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#380 - infinitereaper (09/15/2012) [-]
I had never known how complicated cocaine drug testing could get until now, for example benzoylecgonine a byproduct commonly tested to detect cocaine use can stay in your system up to a month, regular use can leave coke detectable in urine for up to 12 weeks, in some cases habitual use goes into decades of being detectable. One final fact. To say "coke was found in her system" is a bit of a misconception, as far as my 5 minute research says, drug tests test for the metabolites, in this case benzoylecgonine, not the drug itself. Once again, while cocaine stays in your system for 1-3 days, the stuff they test for to detect it can stay in your system for rather large amounts of time. Meaning she may or may not have been high. My conclusion is that she probably wasn't. Even if they did test for the actual coke itself, which they don't, the drug use could have been anywhere within a 72 hour period. There have been a lot of replies my comment, but I reply to yours alone simply because I wanted to verify the implications of your statement myself. I'm amazed myself but once again it's not so cut and dry.
#121 - do you even know what elitism is? he was saying '******* lol'…  [+] (2 replies) 09/15/2012 on So hardcore +8
#261 - anon (09/15/2012) [-]
I'm gonna get a shitload of red thumbs for this, because funnyjunkers and reason work together as water and oil. Here's what happened, in case you didn't fully grasp it.

He writes "fucking lol" and gets negative thumbs. Why? Because of elitism.

It isn't a necessary comment, no, I can understand that, but that doesn't make it a bad one.

But funnyjunkers decided it WAS a bad comment because of:

a) FunnyJunkers jump on the bandwagon first sign they get, so when someone posts that picture they assume the comment was bad.

b) Funnyjunkers are elitist and decided that useless comments should be thumbed down, because it doesn't fit in on their idea of funnyjunkers.

Consider all the "cool story bro" comments. In itself a cool story is just useless and can be ignored, but not when elitism comes in play.

Here's a definition of the word elitism: "Pride in or awareness of being one of an elite group" We often see posts regarding funnyjunk as a "smarter" or "better" site than the others. It's pretty safe to say that funnyjunkers are elitist.

TL;DR: FunnyJunkers are elitist children.
#271 - slowpokerfast (09/15/2012) [-]
Thumbs are utterly useless however, so who cares if an annoying comment like "fucking lol" gets thumbed down to oblivion.
#37 - Picture 09/09/2012 on Turkey +9