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#119 - I'm not racist. I hate all races equally. Except Nazis. …  [+] (3 replies) 02/27/2011 on Once you Go Black -2
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#132 - omgitztom (02/27/2011) [-]
Its the Aryans you're against, you know, the "perfect" race.
#157 - pastttttt (02/27/2011) [-]
no Nazis want the perfect race, the Aryan race. Thats y they kill the Jews, because they weren't "worthy" in the Nazi's eyes. All the while Hitler wants everyone to be "Blue eyed, blonde haired, and fit" because he see's the pattern in nature where it becomes survival of the fittest. He actually began to create "breeding" camps for this. Ironically, Hitler had brown hair and eyes.

Yes, I read Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler's Biography)
#126 - anon (02/27/2011) [-]
Nazi is not a race sir.
but on the contrary

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