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    6 Letter Words Starting with N 6 Letter Words Starting with N
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    Wake up call Wake up call
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    Win? Win?
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    Cute Nurses Cute Nurses

latest user's comments

#14 - Crazy psycho-bitch carnival you say? Each is crazier than the …  [+] (1 reply) 10/21/2016 on Any fans of black lagoon? +1
#15 - thelastcrusade (10/21/2016) [-]
Yeah that sounds about right.
Though I'd go for Roberta the terminator maid.
#50 - So currently Funnyjunk is unironically "Femnazis are the …  [+] (32 replies) 08/07/2015 on Things Hitler Did Wrong... +5
#134 - docbraun (08/08/2015) [-]

ALSO: SRSLY?? The repeated "Nazis dindu nuffin" jokes are not even a joke anymore, but we can have jokes about Tumblr, rare pepes, Tinder, videogames, superheroes, "Thanks Obama", all kinds of other political shit, hentai, and pedophilia a million times a day, every day, and they're still jokes? u sure the site is not full of mentally challenged people, republicans, Tumblerettes, pedophiles, cartoon-philes, frog collectors, terrorists, etc? GTFO.
#118 - tyroneisanigger (08/07/2015) [-]
At least the Nazis were organized and disciplined enough to make sacrifices the feminazis wont. Like a comfortable workplace, you think Naizis hadit comfortable when they were in -30 degree weather battling the enemy plus their own body to prevent hypothermia? Feminazis want to work in a nice air conditioned office regardless of qualifications and be able to sit 99% of the day.
Another point to make is mostly all the Nazis were on the same page for what their demands and views for how the world should work, if you talk to 5 feminazis they'll give you 5 different answers on how the world should catter to their plus size ass.
#120 - anon (08/07/2015) [-]
The nazis weren't organized untill they legitimately took over an entire government also you fail to point out that not all nazis were about the extermination of humanity but rather also for the pride of their nation , god forbid sjw's took over the goverment and i mean REAL sjw's not lyberals
#128 - docbraun (08/07/2015) [-]
Let's not carry on with this conversation...
#123 - tyroneisanigger (08/07/2015) [-]
I failed to point that out because you'd be stupid if you think all Nazis want to kill other imperfect humans.

Nazis took over an entire government led by one man, just to do that would require great organization and be able to assemble productively Even the initial planning stages would require a good amount of organization
User avatar
#133 - themarineelite (08/08/2015) [-]
The holocaust would say otherwise with that statement. I mean sure maybe not everyone that was inferior was executed but 12 million isn't a number to that is small. And if it wasn't death, some sort of forced servitude/slavery in the service of the state Another thing to point out was that you said Nazi's were all on the same page, yes because the Nazi party had a totalitarian position in Germany. It was either do the shit we tell you or you become a political prisoner
#135 - tyroneisanigger (08/08/2015) [-]
Most nazi's didn't want their homeland to rise up from the ruins of WWI? Summing up the third reich that's how I'd describe it. Hitler promised a unified, powerful Germany and made it happen for a while, they wanted more though. I feel totally safe is say the citizens of Germany were struggling in poverty just for a gallon of milk and bread and Hitler promised change, yes all Nazis followed Hitler to see a unified Germany no longer struggling in poverty. Think more domestically , also what exactly is wrong with using prisoners for slave labor to build war related staples? The morale of it aside using them would be better than paying soldiers to do it and are able to have a larger force on the battlefield, not the factories.
User avatar
#136 - themarineelite (08/08/2015) [-]
But it wasn't just political prisoners, it was jews, gypsies, catholics, polish, Africans, Homosexuals, Gypsies, the disabled, Slavic people, and mixed-races. Taking someone for no reason other than the fact that they are considered "inferior" by the nazis and to be used for nothing other than slave labor is fucked up. Is there no such thing as human morality?
#137 - tyroneisanigger (08/08/2015) [-]
I agree that it is fucked up but I see the clear advantages of it. I work in a factory of 12K employees, I'm paid incredibly high for the work I do at $45 per hour, 15 minute break each hour 1 hour lunch break, 85% chance of a raise annually, comprehensive benefit package, 401k plan that's encouraged my management, pension plan, paid sick days up to 10, paid vacation up to 14 days, and I'd have to get my handbook to go on.

Now not having to do this for prisoners in concentration camps and being able to dispose of them when done (kill) and not pay them half of their base salary when they retire, would definitely be beneficial from a business viewpoint, again all morality aside. It's definitely fucked up as well.
User avatar
#145 - themarineelite (08/08/2015) [-]
You could say that with the sweatshops so many corporations use nowadays to save money and that is also fucked up in my opinion. It makes people lazy because they don't do the tough jobs since they make the "inferior" do it.
#146 - tyroneisanigger (08/08/2015) [-]
I agree but as long as I can browse porn while away from home via my smartphone who cares if a 6 year old gets beat when he asks for a drink of water?

I'm joking.
User avatar
#148 - themarineelite (08/08/2015) [-]
And fuck I read that spoiler now. Goddammit. That is the last time I take someone named tyroneisanigger seriously
#149 - tyroneisanigger (08/08/2015) [-]
I enjoy history was serious about most of it, just not the not caring about beating six year olds when they fuck up. That's a fucked up thing to do
User avatar
#147 - themarineelite (08/08/2015) [-]
The sad thing is that our lives in the U.S. are built upon the work of others. I mean I understand why the U.S. doesn't condemn the Chinese for their labor laws because our economies are so intertwined.
#115 - furiousmarshmellow (08/07/2015) [-]
Agreed with you up until "Reddit is A MILLION TIMES better than FJ!"

If anything, it's a million times WORSE than FJ.
#114 - rakogoki (08/07/2015) [-]
"my opinions should dictate what the site is made of otherwise im leaving!"
or, you know, just hit the next button.
#111 - cockineveryorifice (08/07/2015) [-]
>Fed up of circlejerking
>Moves to reddit
#109 - anon (08/07/2015) [-]
These "Hitler did nothing wrong" posts are jokes. It's a joke.
#108 - whiterabbitradio (08/07/2015) [-]
Dude. It's a joke.
#105 - anon (08/07/2015) [-]
I think they like it because actual National Socialism is the polar opposite. It isn't politically correct, it isn't pro-feminist, and it wants minorities in their own country. That sure sounds like funnyjunk to me.
#104 - zomaru (08/07/2015) [-]
And yet you're currently searching FJ and not Reddit...
User avatar
#100 - themarineelite (08/07/2015) [-]
We have gotten to a point on this website where Poe's law and Godwin's law becomes an everyday thing, And that saddens me All for the reason of being edgy
#92 - vegasstoner (08/07/2015) [-]
enjoy reddit. most people are joking about the hitler doing nothing wrong thing. dont know why thats the fad, but it is. but honestly have a good one. you're taking a humor site too seriously.
User avatar
#107 - minorian (08/07/2015) [-]
I think it's retarded that he chose this post to rant about, but he is right to some extend. Just two days ago a whole comp of cherry picked statistics about black people and crime was on frontpage.
User avatar
#113 - themarineelite (08/07/2015) [-]
My fear is that actual stormfags come onto this site for all I know they actually could already be . The problem we have is that
1. We try to be the Anti-Tumblr
2. While I do believe that we can make fun of everything, we shouldn't circlejerk for the sake of circlejerking.
3. As I said in >>#100, Poe's law has become rampant on this site.
I'm probably gonna get thumbed but something has to be said
Still not going to reddit though
User avatar
#116 - minorian (08/07/2015) [-]
I have no problem with racists jokes. I fell in love with FJ to start with, because I love offensive humor, but it has gone beyond humor. The post I was talking about was just downright statistics about crime and black people.

There's always been real racists on here, most notably syrianassassin and schnitzel, but they were just kinda funny, when they were like the little racist lovechild on here everyone could laugh at, but now they seem to be the majority that think like they do.
User avatar
#117 - themarineelite (08/07/2015) [-]
You are right though. Those statistics and the unpopular opinion puffin about not liking black people that ended up on the front page honestly surprised me, I don't know if people are trolling and thumbing or actually agree with it. I've even had a conversation with some people who may have actually been stormfags on this site and were defending the nazis seriously. I mean we do poke humor at everything, but when people actually believe the shit we joke about on the site, there is something wrong.
#86 - severepwner (08/07/2015) [-]
Has all these problems that I more or less agree with.

Goes to Reddit, where it will be so much "better"
User avatar
#77 - garymotherfingoak (08/07/2015) [-]
you shot yourself and your point in the foot by saying "X site is better than FJ", especially reddit because 4chan hates it. people don't like things they like being shat on.

User avatar
#75 - paradoxofnight (08/07/2015) [-]
Why have you had an account for so long if Reddit is so much better?
#54 - fiskars (08/07/2015) [-]
literally nobody cares. go to leddit m8.
User avatar
#52 - itssakamoto (08/07/2015) [-]
Hello, Cpt. Literal
#131 - Sometimes. HDMI cords will either work or not, so go for the c…  [+] (1 reply) 08/05/2015 on How To Adult +7
User avatar
#139 - niggastolemyname (08/05/2015) [-]
seriously though people, a 400 dollar HDMI has the EXACT same picture quality as a 4 dollar one. it is just how the cords are built...
#136 - Considering that you'd need to run 60 miles per hour to make a…  [+] (2 replies) 08/04/2015 on Aquaman -1
User avatar
#139 - armwulf (08/04/2015) [-]
In a competitive sport, the difficulty is your opponent. You try scoring on a professional football team, that's fucking hard.
#149 - outsidethebox (08/04/2015) [-]
Yes, but that's not the point of it. The point is to beat your opponents and have fun, not to do something that's hard to do.

Don't confuse the order.
#128 - I'm fairly certain no one can run a minute mile.  [+] (4 replies) 08/04/2015 on Aquaman 0
User avatar
#131 - armwulf (08/04/2015) [-]
Whatever the record is. Something being "Hard as shit" is the POINT of it being a sport.
#136 - outsidethebox (08/04/2015) [-]
Considering that you'd need to run 60 miles per hour to make a minute mile, I'm fairly certain you should have been able to figure out that the record was a bit higher.

Also I disagree. Soccer/Arab Football isn't hard. You literally just kick a ball around and try to get it in the goal.

The point of a sport is competition; The hard part isn't playing the sport, but playing it better than everyone else.
User avatar
#139 - armwulf (08/04/2015) [-]
In a competitive sport, the difficulty is your opponent. You try scoring on a professional football team, that's fucking hard.
#149 - outsidethebox (08/04/2015) [-]
Yes, but that's not the point of it. The point is to beat your opponents and have fun, not to do something that's hard to do.

Don't confuse the order.

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