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    One achievement i will never get..... One achievement i will never...
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    The Queen what a peaceful woman :) The Queen what a peaceful woman :)
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    Title: Title:
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    :3 :3
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    Apples Apples
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    True True

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#5 - adding on to sadbunny if they where 2 still be "alive&quo…  [+] (2 replies) 05/15/2012 on Do Zombies sleep? +1
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#8 - SadBunny (05/15/2012) [-]
I would like to note that I've seen stories where the zombie virus has an embalming effect, thereby slowing (not halting) decay. Extreme exposure, on the other hand, would devastate any organic material, regardless if alive or otherwise.

The nervous system also baffles me. The nervous system must remain intact in order to allow semi-controlled muscle movement. I hated the part in The Walking Dead, where the zombie with the snapped neck got up and started attacking- that kind of injury would be paralyzing at the least.
#12 - trostell (05/15/2012) [-]
I would post the "It's magic, I aint gotta explain shit" picture, but, then again, one of George Romero's movies was some type of multi-dimensional space debris causing zombies, so who knows what THAT did to the laws of physics. Zombies are just so varied in type that it's impossible to define them accurately aside from the walking dead. For all we know, the virus causing the zombism could actually be feeding the reanimated host, and act as a hive mind, controlling the host's muscle movement seperate from the original control center, the brain, or that the virus created it's own sort of nervous system inside the circulatory system of the host, originating from a sort of "queen bee" residing in the brain, which would make more sense, considering zombies are commonly killed by destroying the brain. Just rambling here, maybe this makes sense to some of you? Anyways, since zombies are now commonly formed from a virus, an almost mechanical thing, most certainly not alive, they wouldn't need sleep. And I'm going by the purely scientific definition here when I say a virus is not alive. A virus does nothing other than copy itself. If never feeds or reproduces or respirates, it just clones itself endlessly Now the zombie virus may cause the host to feed to provide fuel to the body so that the virus can continue to spread it's influence, as they are programmed to do.