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#42 - varrensage (08/03/2012) [-]
you sir, are dumb.
#45 to #42 - onemanstand (08/03/2012) [-]
Well alrighty then
#46 to #45 - varrensage (08/03/2012) [-]
Mainly because you went as a anon and said "Thumb my OC!".....
#48 to #46 - onemanstand (08/03/2012) [-]
lolwut, I never even did that. You probably have been living under a rock to not know this, a group of trolls are posting links to other people's content so that they could thumb it down.Top funnyjunkers like Kodylol and sonicteams have had their content links spammed on other contents so they are thumbed down, hence why sonicteam has left funnyjunk because of this. I am not the only one, they do it to whoever they can find