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#22 - Eh, my mousepad has tits on it, **** what people think, I like…  [+] (26 replies) 01/30/2015 on If you doubt your parents... +26
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#146 - Kairyuka (01/30/2015) [-]
I need a new one, and these look so ergonomic and also: boobs, what's there not to like?
#117 - skeletorexplains (01/30/2015) [-]
I've still yet to watch this anime. Which reminds me, Tokyo ghoul's new ep came out, thanks!
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#86 - mondominiman (01/30/2015) [-]
Of course your actual mouse pad is covered in semen
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#89 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Shit, I failed to do the thing with the number, anyway, just look at like, 3 pictures down, my actual mousepad is the 3rd one down.
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#88 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Refer to comment #70 haha
#71 - flambenobunaga (01/30/2015) [-]
This one's mine. Don't go on Amazon when you're drunk kids.
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#90 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Ahahahaha that is unfortunate Unless you're into guy butt, in which case....good for you!
#60 - HAMMATIMEZ (01/30/2015) [-]
#70 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Here's an actual (albeit blurry) pic of my mousepad
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#95 - playercz (01/30/2015) [-]
do you at least hot glue it everyday?
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#97 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Had to look up 'hot glue' because I'm not hip or with it like you youngins. But no, I actually hate having to clean up so I just burn through tissues/TP.
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#98 - playercz (01/30/2015) [-]
That sounds really like a casaul
to be honest hot gluing is pretty much fucking retarded
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#99 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Yeahhhh, I may enjoy my fair share of anime and hentai, but I'm not desperate enough to jizz on a figurine haha.
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#91 - mondominiman (01/30/2015) [-]
It's nice, I've been planning on getting one years ago but I still lived my family at the time so you could see why that was out of the question. I'm out of house now but I don't really care for them anymore, I do have some mlp villain one though so it's better than a blank one.
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#93 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Meh, I got mine while I still lived at home (Technically still do, but away at university). When my parents saw it for the first time, my mom just kinda chuckled and shook her head, my dad straight up died laughing. I had fun making my parents feel awkward, I was laughing just about as hard as my dad was haha.
#92 - mondominiman (01/30/2015) [-]
This is it
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#94 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
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#73 - HAMMATIMEZ (01/30/2015) [-]
It The economics actually looks really comfy
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#74 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
It is SO comfy, the economics are so much larger than a normal economics mousepad and its lovely.
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#62 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
Ahahahaha nice
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#59 - kurusudarling (01/30/2015) [-]
totally agree, its actually really comfy
#57 - ludwikia (01/30/2015) [-]
Holy crap. Someone else who actually liked Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Didn't see that coming.
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#63 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
I watch it mainly for the romance, but the direction they went with the whole economical thing was really awesome and they pulled it off really well. I'm really hoping for a 2nd season to see Maou and Hero's love bloom
#69 - severepwner (01/30/2015) [-]
Maybe someday the three of us can enjoy a second season.
#72 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/30/2015) [-]
One can only hope
#178 - ludwikia (01/30/2015) [-]
I don't think there will be. The source material apparently ended with the first season. If you haven't seen Spice and Wolf, then you should go watch this. I consider Maoyuu Maou Yuusha the sister series to Spice and Wolf. S&W has two seasons that cover five of the 17ish books. Very good watching.
#32 - Brutal 01/29/2015 on BRUTAL +38
#2907 - Hello world and all who inhabit it  [+] (3 replies) 01/26/2015 on what does FJ look like? +1
#4387 - burntpixles (01/26/2015) [-]
Come on Mac baby, time to take on the world!
#3999 - anon (01/26/2015) [-]
nigga cant box without takin a pic for fb leave your need for validation at the door bitch nigga
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#4662 - ohnomynamedoesntfi (01/26/2015) [-]
Nah, I was lookin' on point; had to share.
#50 - No no no, she said no WISHING for sex. If she is with him for …  [+] (1 reply) 01/21/2015 on Cola Can Genie +1
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#56 - psykobear (01/21/2015) [-]
Possibility, though,, versus a sure thing. Just wish to live with someone else with sex included.