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#9 - took me two seconds to confirm it's a load of ****.  [+] (6 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Einstein -41
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#28 - zeeksmab (05/09/2016) [-]
yeah broh, its funnyjunk, not funnyfacts
User avatar
#20 - kevinipples (05/09/2016) [-]
nigga it's a joke
User avatar
#11 - TheHutchie (05/09/2016) [-]
I take it a lot of chickens cross the road near you? Presumably to meet the priest and the rabbi at the bar, right?
User avatar
#19 - trollinggenius (05/09/2016) [-]
I went to that town actually, and when I was there, a horse was in the bar, it made the newspapers.
User avatar
#25 - yaybacon (05/09/2016) [-]
Was the horses name Friday?
User avatar
#10 - foamytesquirrel (05/09/2016) [-]
No shit, this story was passed around in e-mails when the internet was first around.
#64 - wanna give it a shot Peanutbitter? 03/23/2016 on WTF Facts Comp 11 +10
#7 - Well that sucks ass 03/22/2016 on Peasant Uprising 0
#1 - I own both a PS4 (got it for The Last of Us) and a gaming PC. …  [+] (3 new replies) 03/21/2016 on Peasant Uprising 0
#2 - kugis (03/21/2016) [-]
And here I am, staring at Doom 3's loading screen for 5 minutes.
User avatar
#7 - odinshomeboy (03/22/2016) [-]
Well that sucks ass
#4 - anon (03/22/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**
#2 - Picture 03/17/2016 on Give that man a darwin award +2
#6 - well now you can add bored to that list. 03/17/2016 on Chill 0
#4 - you must be new here. You're basically a ****** in the 1800's…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/17/2016 on Chill 0
User avatar
#5 - ifailedmyact (03/17/2016) [-]
Not sure if you're trolling or actually retarded but it could be both.
User avatar
#6 - odinshomeboy (03/17/2016) [-]
well now you can add bored to that list.
#2 - Picture  [+] (4 new replies) 03/17/2016 on Chill 0
User avatar
#3 - ifailedmyact (03/17/2016) [-]
No, I just want the right to share my opinions on the Internet.
User avatar
#4 - odinshomeboy (03/17/2016) [-]
you must be new here. You're basically a nigger in the 1800's on a plantation trying to tell your white master to stop whipping you.
User avatar
#5 - ifailedmyact (03/17/2016) [-]
Not sure if you're trolling or actually retarded but it could be both.
User avatar
#6 - odinshomeboy (03/17/2016) [-]
well now you can add bored to that list.
#1 - i feel like the reason why all this **** is being discussed is…  [+] (45 new replies) 03/17/2016 on uhhh +264
User avatar
#74 - woozuh (03/18/2016) [-]
how about instead of war, we elect jesus into office
and his dad tells everybody to stop being such whiney faggots
User avatar
#70 - drtrousersnake (03/18/2016) [-]
If North Korea invaded shit then admin would be too busy to update the site
User avatar
#60 - yunoknow (03/18/2016) [-]
New missiles were just fired. You better take responsibility.
User avatar
#49 - threeeighteen (03/17/2016) [-]
We're entering a new age, a new age of whiny cunts that determine the value of an individual based on how much of a victim they are. Wake me up when it's over.
User avatar
#66 - asotil (03/18/2016) [-]
See you never
#64 - anon (03/18/2016) [-]
Must be hard for you. You poor victim of whiny cunts.
User avatar
#68 - threeeighteen (03/18/2016) [-]
Not sure how I said I was a victim, good work though anon.
User avatar
#46 - toosexyforyou (03/17/2016) [-]
We could always level the middle east. Completely destroy all signs of life in that area and see how that works out for us, I'm for it.
User avatar
#45 - huntergriff (03/17/2016) [-]
well, best korea's been ramping up their insanity lately.
#42 - erble (03/17/2016) [-]
I can't say for sure whether this is true, but I sure like it.
#34 - stepank (03/17/2016) [-]
its always been like this. A nice example is philosophy in ancient Greece. The philosophers there (and probably everywhere else) were most productive in long peace times, and generally in times where everything was going smoothly.
#29 - judothrow (03/17/2016) [-]
Like they said on sleepy cabin, we need another 9-11
#65 - anon (03/18/2016) [-]
Fuck no, we don¨'t need more restrictions
#28 - infinitereaper (03/17/2016) [-]
They are but people (SJWs, femnists, liberals) are too busy playing the victims and calling everybody who disagrees with them Hitler despite being Nazis themselves.
#32 - anon (03/17/2016) [-]
shut the fuck up and go back to /pol you racist nazi
#33 - infinitereaper (03/17/2016) [-]
dude really?
#38 - anon (03/17/2016) [-]
ahahahaha at least i'm not the Drumpf supporter
#67 - asotil (03/18/2016) [-]
Ahahaha at least I'm of the legal age to vote
#82 - SemiAnon (03/18/2016) [-]
woah. I went to high school with the guy on the right. He was our class president, and is now the second person I knew in school that I've seen on the internet outside of facebook
User avatar
#83 - SemiAnon (03/18/2016) [-]
on the left, sorry. Now you know why I wasn't president
User avatar
#22 - syrenthra (03/17/2016) [-]
By major event, you are referring to something that is directly affecting the livelyhoods of Americans.
That is just to refine your statement, I do agree that a lot of the reason why we are reaching this point of fighting over things that shouldn't matter in the big scheme of things is because so many people have reached the point of survival isn't even a recognizable objective anymore, it is just implied that we will survive.
Go back to the 1930s and in many places in the US for example, people were barely surviving due to the depression. Fast forward to today, many of our low people who would match up to the adjusted old lows are in better conditions than they used to be.
Relatively people may live in shit conditions, but those shit conditions are still vastly better than what they were 100 years ago
User avatar
#21 - komandantmirkoo (03/17/2016) [-]
there's always something going on in the world that needs attention and actual fixing.

that however is hard. it's easier to whine about non problems on the internet.
User avatar
#20 - merfmerf (03/17/2016) [-]
Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Boko haram insurgency
User avatar
#19 - thelastamerican (03/17/2016) [-]
Personally, I'll take people complaining about something insignificant over a war that has half the world shooting at the other half.
User avatar
#24 - syrenthra (03/17/2016) [-]
While I generally agree with that, humanity makes its best technological breakthroughs with war, so if we have another big one, that doesn't manage to kill all life, we should be in space after it.
User avatar
#84 - thelastamerican (03/18/2016) [-]
I prefer a slightly slower march of technology over millions dying for no really good reason.
User avatar
#85 - syrenthra (03/18/2016) [-]
Well when you throw in cultural stagnation, that would likely hinder technology even more. Also, with destroyed cities, when reconstruction happens, cities can be rebuilt in more sustainable ways for the future. We all know that people are unlikely to want to rebuild entire cities for a sustainable future while everything is fine for them. Humans are a very "in the now" mindset species, we don't generally care for the well being of complete strangers 10 + years down the line, perhaps our offspring, but not even their offspring do we generally have forethought for.
User avatar
#86 - thelastamerican (03/19/2016) [-]
Well, you're one of the more terrifying people I've ever talked to. "We should kill millions of people so that humanity can progress" is one of the more radical ideas, and you're not even phased by it. Applause.
User avatar
#87 - syrenthra (03/19/2016) [-]
Yeah.... I've also kinda considered myself more of a machine because there are times I don't have a reaction like I might. Like I'm not completely sure the death of my mother has really hit me yet and that was nearly a year ago.
I do still have emotions, so I'm pretty sure I'm not a psycho, and I don't think about just going and killing people or how things should be done, I just look at some things with way too much objectivity than I should probably and I'm pretty good at controlling my emotions, except when really tired, then its hard to control annoyance.
Also, I don't think the deaths of millions are required, it could just be another cold war if needed where there are probably thousands of shadow war deaths (which isn't much different than what we have going on now), we just need the drive to fund technological breakthroughs without as many restrictions.
User avatar
#16 - therealtjthemedic (03/17/2016) [-]
There are constant wars going on and the world has a lot of shit happening.
It's just that the internet has allowed people to lock themselves off into their own social bubbles and echo chambers.
User avatar
#5 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
Don't worry, the US will have a civil war which will likely destabilize the world in a year or so when congress elects Romney as president.
User avatar
#6 - twiceasfun (03/17/2016) [-]
What year do you think it is?
User avatar
#7 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
User avatar
#8 - twiceasfun (03/17/2016) [-]
User avatar
#9 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
He's not running but he will be president. Trump will win the Republican primary. The Republicans will run a 3rd party spoiler campaign, likely with Kasich Rumor is that they are already prepping for this . The republican votes will be split, meaning neither republican candidate will be able to challenge Hillary. Despite this, because so many Sanders supporter will refuse to support her as well as a large percentage of people not voting for her, she will fail to get more than 50% of the vote, at which point the decision for the presidency goes to the republican dominated Congress, who will elect Romney or maybe paul ryan as president.
#37 - anon (03/17/2016) [-]
User avatar
#10 - twiceasfun (03/17/2016) [-]
Okay but have you considered that that will definitely not happen?
User avatar
#11 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
Which part do you think wont happen?
User avatar
#12 - twiceasfun (03/17/2016) [-]
The end part. You do realize how many elections have been between two unpopular candidates, right? One of them always still wins
User avatar
#13 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
It won't be between two though. It will be between 3. Trump, Clinton, and a 3rd party Republican establishment candidate Again, rumor has it this is what the party will do if trump wins . It can happen. It's happened before. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrupt_Bargain
User avatar
#14 - twiceasfun (03/17/2016) [-]
Except third parties just ruin someone else's chances, they don't cause some random non-candidate to win
User avatar
#15 - ImmortalBaconEater (03/17/2016) [-]
It will ruin trump's campaign. Hilary is unpopular I do not believe she can get 50% of the vote. 1/3 of sanders supporters say they will not vote at all if she wins.
User avatar
#69 - wrpen (03/18/2016) [-]
The First-Past-The-Post system means Hillary only needs 34%, not 50%, if there's a spoiler.
User avatar
#3 - demonbreadofnorth (03/17/2016) [-]
wouldnt it be nice if NK nuked the rapefugees
User avatar
#2 - nukethem (03/17/2016) [-]
Everyone begs for attention if they have just the smallest thing to say, which I think sucks. And the fact that he brings it up juat makes it worse, there is no trace of racial hate in the decision, yet he goes on and makes it an issue anyway.
So yeah, I agree with you.
#35 - Thank you. 03/15/2016 on girly hair +2