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#149 - Cautiously optimistic. There have a LOT of survival games late…  [+] (2 new replies) 7 hours ago on Do it +1
User avatar #152 - albertjester (7 hours ago) [-]
i don't know what it is, but this one strikes me as being more than "hey guys, lets take a survival engine and put *throws dart at board, narrowly misses zombies and robots, hits dinosaurs* dinos in it! thatll sell" it just seems like rather than taking a stock survivial game and puttting X threat in it, this one seems more thought out in terms of gameplay and story, what with the taming and the mysterious alien looking tech stuff. obviously too early to say, but i got a good feeling personaly.
User avatar #160 - epicalania (7 hours ago) [-]
I think it'll be good, but I'm just trying not to set myself up for a letdown, I'll probably not be able to stop myself from the way it seems now.
From a design perspective, I would have loved to be a part of the design team, it's a great concept that looks like they've turned it into a major source of mechanics rather than just a novel enemy.
#35 - You're welcome, anything to make people feel uncomfortable. If… 05/31/2015 on Images That Will Bother You... 0
#29 - Well, it's gonna hurt like hell when it comes off. Also, being…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/31/2015 on Images That Will Bother You... +1
User avatar #46 - themongoose (05/31/2015) [-]
the real discomfort comes from how hairy his upper arm is. That's simply an unfortunate amount of hair.
User avatar #32 - bendingtimeisgood (05/31/2015) [-]
Thanks, now I can feel appropriately uncomfortable.
#35 - novus (05/31/2015) [-]
You're welcome, anything to make people feel uncomfortable. If you ever need more just let me know
#3 - That cat has some sexy eyes 05/31/2015 on State of shock +13
#87 - Stop trying to explain away my religion 05/29/2015 on Charlie Charlie challenge... 0
#6 - He's got a job dude! 05/26/2015 on Anon decides to change his... +33
#648 - Then you best be getting married at 16 son! 05/23/2015 on What's your virgin meter? +1
#569 - You're picking the far, far minority of situations (a motorcyc… 05/20/2015 on Americans As Described by... 0
#59 - Peoples' driving speeds only matter if it's the open highway o…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/19/2015 on Americans As Described by... 0
#176 - jasperthefennec (05/19/2015) [-]
Irrelevant because the person may ride a motorcycle and still get there 10x faster.
Time is not a measure of distance, time is.
Deal widdit.
#177 - jasperthefennec (05/19/2015) [-]
#569 - novus (05/20/2015) [-]
You're picking the far, far minority of situations (a motorcycle, or people driving *half* as fast as someone else) and using that to justify giving mileage. Assuming people are driving a car at an average speed and hitting average obstacles for that stretch of road, time is more useful. It's not worth assuming someone is on a motorcycle or a grandma on the gas pedal to give them a less-informative method of travel description.
#113 - Officer Blunt's fw he watched the news 05/15/2015 on Has anime gone too far? +5

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User avatar #1 - bcsaint ONLINE (03/07/2015) [-]
hey man... i was just going to let you know that i have been playing your app, and i have found a glitch. on android you can not back out of the game you have to hit the home button... it's minor but it annoys me, im not trying to complain about your app, im just letting you know about something that deter others
#2 to #1 - novus (03/07/2015) [-]
Okay I'll check it out
User avatar #3 to #2 - bcsaint ONLINE (03/07/2015) [-]
can't wait for your next one man
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