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#72 - **ninootendoo rolled image ** I want it, whatever it is!  [+] (5 new replies) 10/29/2014 on dragonarte dump +4
User avatar #74 - dudewitharake (10/29/2014) [-]
you wouldn't happen to know who drew that or what that's from would you? google search aint got shit for me
User avatar #77 - ninootendoo (10/29/2014) [-]
Nope, sorry. Kinda reminds me of the girl from avatar (the fire nation)
User avatar #78 - dudewitharake (10/29/2014) [-]
agreed, I kinda recognize the art style but nothing's popping in my mind. ill report back if I find something
User avatar #176 - dudewitharake (10/29/2014) [-]
you're doin God's work skater McGee
#81 - Well i'm guessing it's how everyone feels about P.E. (a distra…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/29/2014 on reposting a classic 0
User avatar #84 - indonesia (10/29/2014) [-]
so, that's like a reaction picture to P.E?
User avatar #87 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Yes lol
#76 - P.E in America is physical education. An elective where you ha…  [+] (12 new replies) 10/29/2014 on reposting a classic 0
#86 - applescryatnight (10/29/2014) [-]
when i was a kid, PE was forced on you.
as in, if you dont pass PE, you have to either go to summer school or retake it next year.
User avatar #88 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Right, especially in elementary/middle then for high school we only had to take one year of hope (p.e/sex ed). It was such an easy A though, like the only way you could fail is by not dressing out or participating which is dumb.I enjoyed P.E because it was the one class I wasn't sitting down in a classroom.
#89 - applescryatnight (10/30/2014) [-]
i enjoyed it too, thing is, grading is horseshit. the teacher would give random grades.

-hmm...buff dude, he has to work out in this class, so ill give him an A+ (buff dude attended like 3 classes all year)
-girls dont like gym or working out so i cant really expect them to do anything, A+
-scrawny kids, chubby kids, quiet asians, etc? well, i didnt pay attention if they were doing anything, so C.

i almost failed cause the guy never took my attendance.
my friend almost had to repeat a year cause his teacher was too lazy to grade the tests (yeah, weird gym tests) so she handed the tests to other students to grade, someone graded his wrong, and she blamed him, saying he would know how to grade his test if he was in on time (she thought he would come in late constantly even though he was on time for the majority of classes)
User avatar #90 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Lmfao wow i'm sorry but both those teachers sound like such massive dicks... Lazy/irresponsible teachers are the worst, so glad I graduated and don't have to deal with people like that anymore._
#91 - applescryatnight (10/30/2014) [-]
yep, high school was shit for me.
glad im out of there.
not just cause of gym or stuff like that,
but because i had architecture classes in high school that forced me to work 2 days straight without sleeping.
now i play video games for 2 days straight without sleeping
life has really improved.
User avatar #92 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Indeed. Are you thinking about pursuing a career in architecture? I'd be a shame if all that work went to waste.
#93 - applescryatnight (10/30/2014) [-]
the architecture classes literally beat any my plans of being an architect out of my head.
im certified in several architecture design programs, i can draw a good floorplan, im decent at structural physics, but i would rather never see another building again than pursue architecture.

ive actually had an internship at an international construction company.
the architects all seemed dead inside. their eyes were hollow.
i couldnt do that to myself.

im trying to get into computer science or astrophysics, but im still an underclassman in my college, and im finishing my core requirements before i pick my major and minor, so i have time to choose.
User avatar #94 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Wow, I understand.. The way I see it, if you're not happy then don't do it, money ain't shit if you're dreading going to work everyday. But that's good on you, keep your choices open and best of luck with the major/minor you choose to go into.
User avatar #77 - indonesia (10/29/2014) [-]
then what's the correlation about P.E and that picture?
User avatar #81 - ninootendoo (10/29/2014) [-]
Well i'm guessing it's how everyone feels about P.E. (a distraught face) I personally liked P.E. but it's not a very popular elective for others.
User avatar #84 - indonesia (10/29/2014) [-]
so, that's like a reaction picture to P.E?
User avatar #87 - ninootendoo (10/30/2014) [-]
Yes lol
#174 - **ninootendoo rolled image ** There should be a little pers… 10/28/2014 on Motherfucking Survey Results +1
#368 - what's with your name? 10/28/2014 on 'Merica 0
#74 - Picture 10/26/2014 on Random Interesting Facts... +6
#144 - Aren't 79.9% of all statistics made up anyway? … 10/26/2014 on fookin rekt m8 +2
#81 - I read that as "playing a game with no leg". … 10/26/2014 on Playing a game with no lag. +11
#211 - Picture 10/26/2014 on Barry Allen 0
#86 - While that may be true, who knows for sure. The article just m… 10/19/2014 on (untitled) 0
#75 - Just imagine a zombie hanging. Decomposing and rotting but sti…  [+] (2 new replies) 10/16/2014 on (untitled) 0
User avatar #85 - chefwurm (10/16/2014) [-]
Imagine 8 pounds of pressure for gravity plus the weight of the body just around the neck. Seriously, after 8 years in the open it's neck would snap. The neck already breaks when you hang yourself AND having the rope digging into your neck for just 5 hours creates indentation and cuts, think 8 YEARS the head would fall off at the rope and the body would fall to the ground.
User avatar #86 - ninootendoo (10/19/2014) [-]
While that may be true, who knows for sure. The article just mentioned a corpse, not actual mush on the floor
#181 - but who was satan?  [+] (2 new replies) 08/07/2014 on Best green text +4
User avatar #201 - privatepumpanickel (08/07/2014) [-]
this is also the same robot/guy who sneaked a snake with intelligence onto the ship God took to the second earth, to ultimately manipulate the other beings God decided to create, to try and foil his plans of another planet with life because he was jealous.
User avatar #200 - privatepumpanickel (08/07/2014) [-]
one of the rich people who paid for the robot procedure, back on the first earth. They got power-pissed and took over that planet, became the leader and made it hell.
#278 - But what in the **** did it have to do with food?? 08/07/2014 on What is a cool Psychology... +3
#139 - I see.. Thanks for answerin' 07/07/2014 on But first... 0
#65 - The related videos led me to a walrus sucking his own dick 07/07/2014 on Damn nature, you rapey +1
#129 - What is that on her head?  [+] (4 new replies) 06/25/2014 on But first... 0
User avatar #131 - incognitoad (06/25/2014) [-]
It's a contraption from Saw (II?) that will rip her head in half (sort of like a reverse bear trap) if she doesn't unlock it using the key. The key is in the chest of her boyfriend, who is still alive in the room with her. I'm pretty sure that's how that thing works.
User avatar #139 - ninootendoo (07/07/2014) [-]
I see.. Thanks for answerin'
#132 - anonymous (06/25/2014) [-]
Saw 1
Stomach of dead cell mate (who was actually alive and paralyzed)
User avatar #133 - incognitoad (06/25/2014) [-]
Meh, close enough for me.
#99 - Obligatory 06/25/2014 on Same +1
#217 - Picture 06/24/2014 on US coin history comp 0
#152 - Picture 06/19/2014 on These stories are... +4
#95 - Eating out of a woman sounds like you're literally eating out of her 06/15/2014 on Eating out 0
#123 - Then trying to make small talk 06/15/2014 on hanging out with someone... +3
#109 - my sides 05/22/2014 on After going a month without... +2
#158 - It's funny cause he gets hit too 04/19/2014 on "It was a bit crowded on th... +1
#402 - True.. You have a point there 11/27/2013 on Bored? Have Netflix? 0
#393 - It was the opposite for me  [+] (2 new replies) 11/23/2013 on Bored? Have Netflix? 0
User avatar #394 - Paczilla (11/23/2013) [-]
Really? i mean ya, train spotting was fucked up, but it had some comedy to it, like dark comedy but it was still comedy. Requiem for a dream just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.
User avatar #402 - ninootendoo (11/27/2013) [-]
True.. You have a point there


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User avatar #140 to #139 - ninootendoo (02/18/2015) [-]
hello there (:
how do you do?
#141 to #140 - Pleinair (02/18/2015) [-]
Doing great, just enjoying the snowday, and yourself?

I was curious to how you found me
User avatar #142 to #141 - ninootendoo (02/18/2015) [-]
I just heard your vocaroo and thought it was funny the one about the buttslut

and nice, i'm cozy at home- not in the snow lol
User avatar #143 to #142 - Pleinair (02/18/2015) [-]
I'm a bit jealous. Currently im tyring to get this board that admin put me in charged kick started. funnyjunk.com/backroom/

Its distracting me from making more vocaroos.
User avatar #144 to #143 - ninootendoo (02/18/2015) [-]
Oh, I wouldn't know how to work boards.. I mostly just go on the frontpage but i read the 'vision you wrote and it has a nice goal at least
User avatar #145 to #144 - Pleinair (02/18/2015) [-]
Well thank you ^ ^

We'll see how far is goes. You're more than welcome to post there if you need another corner of funnyjunk
User avatar #146 to #145 - ninootendoo (02/18/2015) [-]
My pleasure

and thanks, i'll check it out now ..
User avatar #137 - optimussum (12/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #138 to #137 - ninootendoo (12/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #126 - kievaughnb (10/18/2013) [-]
Hi :3
User avatar #127 to #126 - ninootendoo (10/20/2013) [-]
Helloooo How are you?
User avatar #128 to #127 - kievaughnb (10/20/2013) [-]
I'm good, you?
User avatar #129 to #128 - ninootendoo (10/24/2013) [-]
Swell thank you for asking, how're the wife and kids?
User avatar #130 to #129 - kievaughnb (10/24/2013) [-]
Well you just said you're good, and we haven't had kids yet.

User avatar #131 to #130 - ninootendoo (11/03/2013) [-]
You said you're good, ***** lol jk how is everythuing irl??
User avatar #133 to #131 - kievaughnb (11/03/2013) [-]
It's fine. School can suck my dick, though. You?
User avatar #134 to #133 - ninootendoo (11/05/2013) [-]
oh. I wasn't aware you had one but that's cool and i don't go to school, i just work. Mickey D's to be exact, it's pretty sucky :U
User avatar #135 to #134 - kievaughnb (11/05/2013) [-]
That does sounds pretty sucky

User avatar #136 to #135 - ninootendoo (11/06/2013) [-]
yeah but i gotta be positive you know, try to make the best of it
User avatar #132 to #131 - ninootendoo (11/03/2013) [-]
#124 - blackofficechair has deleted their comment [-]
#117 - alekksandar (05/03/2013) [-]
**alekksandar rolled a random image posted in comment #112 at butter veins o'riely ** Jo mamma has so many bag clips that her neighbors ask to use some ocasionaly! JEEEYAAAA!!!
#119 to #118 - alekksandar (05/06/2013) [-]
**alekksandar rolled a random image posted in comment #3656004 at MMORPG ITEM COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE **

Jo mamma likes cheesecake so much that she make a pretty good one herself!....whenever she wants!......one......JEEEYAAAAA!!!
User avatar #120 to #119 - ninootendoo (05/06/2013) [-]
You're terrible at "yo mamma" jokes..
User avatar #121 to #120 - alekksandar (05/06/2013) [-]
Eric Harris made these up.

Jo mamma has said the word carrot so many times, that she is very good at pronouncing it! JEEEEYAAAAA!!!
#92 - ninootendoo (11/29/2012) [-]
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#90 - ninootendoo (11/29/2012) [-]
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#87 - ninootendoo (11/29/2012) [-]
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#81 - ninootendoo (11/29/2012) [-]
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