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I like to eat food and fuck shit up.

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#107 - I don't get it, this guy killed fifty people. Doesn't matter t…  [+] (3 replies) 06/14/2016 on Stuff Related To Orlando +5
User avatar
#127 - hetzerdk (06/14/2016) [-]
Of course people will use that to further their own agenda, but if it is to improve society, i think it is important to remember them.

Even if you are against right wingers, most of us just want peace, and want these psychotic killings, inside their own countries, performed by a different culture to stop.

Yes, neonazies are on the gaybashing train too, but when was the last time they made a massacre?

Of course the dead will be used, for some as an acknowledgement that something is wrong, and by others that something was done right.
#126 - gigabowzer (06/14/2016) [-]
There are those who are using this as a political agenda, and then there are people trying to get to the bottom of the problem. Milo, as a matter of fact, is saying this is the trigger to what should be considered a call to action to actually do something about the issue, but the progressives are willing to stoop so low as to make this an issue about their particular group.

"Oh, this means blacks are oppressed"
"This means women are oppressed"

I have a growing hatred for progressives. They are the reason we need eugenics.
#115 - omegadynasty (06/14/2016) [-]
#155 - You guys this is all true, I got married a month ago and my wi…  [+] (3 replies) 06/14/2016 on I need a girl like this +8
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#158 - marno (06/14/2016) [-]
Your wife cleans? Nigga... Mine just yells at me for not doing it when I get home from work.
User avatar
#162 - purgetheheretic (06/14/2016) [-]
Not married here but same. Get home from work at half 9 and go yells to take the rubbish out. Bitch you been home since 4!
User avatar
#163 - marno (06/14/2016) [-]
"Why didn't you clean today?"

Slut, I woke up at 6, went to work, and I've been gone 13 hours. When the fuck did you expect me to clean?
#74 - IA means Individual Augmentee. I'm in the Navy (not sure how o…  [+] (1 reply) 01/02/2016 on Being a woman +1
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#99 - volksworgen (01/02/2016) [-]
Oh thank you for that knowledge friend, and dont sweat not going into combat service is service man good on you.

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