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I'm NinjaRaptor, I make OC, I'm a band geek.

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#40 - Please someone tell me these people don't actually exist in th…  [+] (1 reply) 10/27/2015 on unrealistic beauty... 0
#82 - anon (10/28/2015) [-]
Well most of them are too cowardly to actually voice their REAL opinions in the real world due to fear of being judged for them, so...I guess that counts.
#4 - Ok I understand gendervoid and foxkin, but what the hell is de…  [+] (7 replies) 09/19/2015 on The Struggle +1
#18 - jamthefab (06/05/2016) [-]
It's just another word for bisexual. fluid as in what turns you on changes depending on your mood. What's the first two you mentioned?
Gendervoid sounds like leaving the gender choice boxes on a form blank. Or don't define yourself by your gender. Which is just being normal? I like girly shit, I sometimes use cover up for acne on my face. But I'm still a man, I have a magnificent penis.
What's Foxkin though? It sounds like a spirit animal. No? What?
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#8 - galkawhm (09/19/2015) [-]
Bi isn't special snowflake enough
#5 - anon (09/19/2015) [-]
...I'm surprised you even understand the first to frankly.
#19 - anon (08/18/2016) [-]
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#16 - theugandanhero (09/19/2015) [-]
** Two
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#10 - Mortuus (09/19/2015) [-]
'Gender' is defined as the social distinctions between male and female, whereas 'sex' is defined as the biological distinctions between male and female.

I think the gender distinctions can fuck off, but this 'genderqueer' BS needs to go.
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#6 - ninjaraptor (09/19/2015) [-]
Gendervoid could mean void of gender, so literally no gender at all. Foxkin speaks for itself. I have no idea if that's right but until someone tells me otherwise I'm rolling with it.
#28 - It's really cool that owls can swivel their heads around that …  [+] (1 reply) 06/08/2015 on Owl Is Confused 0
#30 - misterusername (06/08/2015) [-]
one of the many reasons of their awesomeness
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