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I lurk. I post occasionally. My posts never end up being as funny as they were in my head. So i lurk.

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    Uploaded: 06/01/11
    I fucked your mom I fucked your mom
  • Views: 1396
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    Uploaded: 09/18/15
    Hohoho Hohoho
  • Views: 1593
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    Uploaded: 02/22/15
    Tight pants Tight pants

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#44 - Picture 04/06/2016 on :^) +18
#61 - I live with my grandfather, and i can honestly say that becaus… 03/19/2016 on our pawpaw now +6
#60 - Same. I love this gif.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2016 on They made it! 0
#66 - sirosd (03/19/2016) [-]
reminds me of this
#5 - I've seen this so many times and I'm just now realizing that's… 03/17/2016 on That Time of the Month 0
#46 - I give you longer and better 03/11/2016 on The Newcomer +8
#304 - Hylia Suicide is best suicide 03/09/2016 on Michael J. Fox mode +1
#458 - You rolled solid gold. 03/07/2016 on Cruise through the ghetto... 0
#457 - Maybe he's attempting to entertain the users of his website wi…  [+] (3 new replies) 03/07/2016 on Cruise through the ghetto... +2
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#459 - ThatKidYouKnow (03/07/2016) [-]
Genuinely a good point, but if he wanted to entertain, why not do it with genuine funny content, instead of really dumb shit like this? I guess my main issue isn't with him doing this, because as you said, he creates these features. My problem is the idiots who try to imitate it, because it works. People are stupid enough to thumb something if you tell them something will happen.

The point of thumbs is to filter the cream from the crap, and all this does is encourage thumb whoring crap, as opposed to funny content. Ive been on this website for years, and it just gets worse and worse. First it was repost after repost, then it was pictures of boobs and borderline NSFW, then it was the saturation of anti SJW and feminist content, and now its "THUMB FOR ___". Its no better than people on facebook who say "Like if you agree".
#528 - anon (03/07/2016) [-]
This is exactly the kind of shit that makes people think you're a faggot.
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#533 - ThatKidYouKnow (03/09/2016) [-]
I mean, I'm down for the dick, so...
#459824 - I don't recall ever asking to be mentioned. 02/12/2016 on TINDER DATE WITH ADMIN 0
#158 - Picture 02/01/2016 on Fifty Shades Of Jerk +1