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Thighcupcake is my bae.

  • Views: 62623
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    Uploaded: 08/16/14
    Is the t silent? Is the t silent?
  • Views: 26518
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    Uploaded: 07/09/16
    Wanna Play? Wanna Play?
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    PhD in Sass PhD in Sass
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    Corneto Trilogy Wallpapers Corneto Trilogy Wallpapers
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    Uploaded: 05/29/14
    The Greatest Question of Our Time The Greatest Question of Our Time
  • Views: 5755
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    Uploaded: 07/29/15
    kljasd kljasd
  • Views: 18115
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    Uploaded: 04/12/15
    One Upped One Upped
  • Views: 1754
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    Uploaded: 08/18/15
    Wait, what? Wait, what?
  • Views: 779
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    Uploaded: 11/21/11
    Pokemon Guitar Pokemon Guitar
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    Uploaded: 07/12/16
    Oblivion Oblivion

latest user's comments

#9 - sauce pls b0ss 12 minutes ago on Autismo 2.0 0
#180 - What video are you talking about?  [+] (4 replies) 09/24/2016 on Anon wants to destroy Youtube 0
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#183 - reaperriley (09/24/2016) [-]
Getting Started with YouTube Heroes

this one.
#188 - larrisawsome (09/24/2016) [-]
I can't believe that's a fucking real thing... are they on fucking crack?
User avatar
#192 - ipartywithpedobear (09/24/2016) [-]
Think about how many youtubers swear, think about how much money they pay some of these guys.

You can no longer swear in videos. They no longer have to pay youtubers because of the terms and agreements.

Some of them are going "I'll swear if i want to", others have supposedly removing older videos.

In an attempt to control youtube further, they made sure that users could flag things, since sjws are mitch more vocal than normal people.

Google first enforced users to register G+ accounts to thier chanels and started using advertisements against our wishes. Then they started censoring content creators, and now they've enacted a secret police to keep what we say and see in check.

Google is collectively hitler confirmed.
#204 - jasohazard (09/25/2016) [-]
I will be a dark time but we can play this against the sjws. Think of all the swj videos on youtube... have you ever seen a calm and collected sjw? They all swear and use unflattering word toward the people they dislike. We could collectively bait them out, flag their videos for language and flag their comments once you tell them you flagged their content and they go ape shit. Of course I recommend making a new throwaway account.
#6 - is that tada banri  [+] (1 reply) 09/19/2016 on A couple more +5
#7 - goldendarknessx (09/19/2016) [-]
Sure is.
#53 - neat, thanks a bunch my dude, any idea where I could read the …  [+] (1 reply) 09/15/2016 on sir 0
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#54 - comicfun (09/15/2016) [-]

I go here for my online comics, not sure if the have Back In Black 2007 amazing Spider-Man issues #539-543
#51 - Is Clones the name of the comic he was describing? About Kingp…  [+] (3 replies) 09/15/2016 on sir 0
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#52 - comicfun (09/15/2016) [-]
That was Back In Black.
Peter had revieled his identity to the world, Kingpin tried to kill him but the shooter hit Aunt May instead.
After getting Aunt May to the hospital Peter tracks down the shooter, maliciously, and is informed Kingpin paid him.
Kingpin knows Spider-man is coming so pays all the guards to look the other way and release all prisoners from their cells so they can watch the fight.
Spider-man arrives, meets Kingpin in his trademark white suit and, after listening to Kingpin's speech, Peter takes off the mask and top half of his suit, saying he's fighting as Peter.
He then fights Kingpin and WRECKS. HIS. SHIT.
Peter threatens Kingpin saying he'll fill his lungs and throat in less than two seconds, and watch him suffocate. But Peter says he knows he won't come after him or his family again, because people like Fisk need their rep, and he just lost it in front of every prisoner in the wing, and word will spread.

Peter then heads back to Aunt May, and One More Day bullshit happens
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#53 - niimajneb (09/15/2016) [-]
neat, thanks a bunch my dude, any idea where I could read the comic online?
User avatar
#54 - comicfun (09/15/2016) [-]

I go here for my online comics, not sure if the have Back In Black 2007 amazing Spider-Man issues #539-543
#56 - It's that black dude in the beginning having an orgasm.  [+] (1 reply) 09/14/2016 on poor guy 0
#61 - Coomanperson (09/14/2016) [-]
Ah so that's the original, good to know. I think
#17 - <3  [+] (1 reply) 09/12/2016 on Leap of faith +1
#18 - thycupcake (09/12/2016) [-]