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    Still gunna buy it. Still gunna buy it.
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    Watching the game today. Watching the game today.
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    Lego Savior Lego Savior
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    Hockey fight Hockey fight
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    I know I can do simple math FJ... I know I can do simple math FJ...
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#139 - What about this? This is specifically in reply t… 05/09/2015 on true? 0
#95 - I guess it was easier to invent the elevator. 04/16/2015 on ....perfect 0
#1206937 - Didn't save up your crates?  [+] (1 new reply) 04/12/2015 on Video Games Board - console... 0
User avatar #1206938 - lolgonewrong (04/12/2015) [-]
I forgot fishing existed until you mentioned it.
#1 - Comment deleted 04/06/2015 on WELL SHIT 0
#4 - Most of California's water goes to farming.  [+] (40 new replies) 03/22/2015 on 1 year of water left +767
#636 - animebio (03/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, maybe its not that good idea to make farms on desert.
#392 - MANana has deleted their comment.
#406 - gohex (03/23/2015) [-]
User avatar #246 - sockprague (03/23/2015) [-]
I read somewhere If everyone used environmentally conscious methods of private water usage in their homes in California, it will in no way counteract the water used in almond farming. And they can't stop growing almonds, one thing worse than California's drought, is it's economy.
#299 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
California: Land of activated almonds.
#152 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
About 3/4 of the water worldwide goes to farming, yet somehow I'm destroying the world if I take an extra 5 minutes in the shower.

This man most likely can't equal more than 1% of all water consumed yearly in the state. But hey, he has a name and a face, so we're going to hate and blame him.
#510 - shiftur (03/23/2015) [-]
it takes 140 liters of water to make 1 cup of coffee? man, i've been wasting too much water
#412 - historyxplain has deleted their comment.
User avatar #234 - enkmaster (03/23/2015) [-]
I would hate him because he's a profit-before-people piece of shit.

It isnt hard to hate someone when they legitimately do terrible things in the name of money knowing full well what they're doing and who they're hurting.
User avatar #630 - durkadurka (03/23/2015) [-]
Bruh, you're gonna end up hating everybody with an attitude like that. We are all constantly acting in our self interests, putting ourselves first. It's natural and this is why we laud those who act selflessly. You're holding this guy to a higher standard than the rest of us and are hating him because of it. That's kinda fucked up.

And besides, you're being a bit melodramatic; A state that in its natural state was largely dry, is going through a drought. People aren't dying of thirst in the streets.
User avatar #627 - joshlol (03/23/2015) [-]
welcome to humanity
User avatar #552 - lieutenantderp (03/23/2015) [-]
what if I tell you it's his right?
#622 - shadowgandalf (03/23/2015) [-]
What if i tell you that self defense is also a right?
User avatar #663 - lieutenantderp (03/24/2015) [-]
self defense from what? how is that relevant?
#681 - shadowgandalf (03/24/2015) [-]
Water is needed for people to survive.
If someone hog all the avaible water for himself, then he is essentially killing the rest.

Water is a natural resource everyone living thing needs to survive on this planet. So just like air, it is *not* something that anyone should be able to own.
User avatar #683 - lieutenantderp (03/25/2015) [-]
Food is also needed for people to survive, so is housing, and electricity. Are any of those free? Right now water is a utility, everyone pays for it. All these idiots are bitching about private ownership and they don't realize they're paying the government which is essentially the same thing if not worse.
#684 - shadowgandalf (03/25/2015) [-]
>Food is also needed for people to survive, so is housing, and electricity.

Neither housing nor electricity is needed to survive. In most areas of the world you need shelter, but that can be freely made anywhere.

Electricity albeit very usefull, is not needed at all for survival. It only enhances your life quality(a lot).

Food is also free, if you go and gather/cultivate/hunt it yourself.

>All these idiots are bitching about private ownership and they don't realize they're paying the government which is essentially the same thing if not worse.

It's neither better nor worse. But seriously, the only reason we have not made ownership of water against the law, is to stop idiots from using more than their fair share.

But you still didn't adress my point. You said that it was his right to take ownership of life-essential resources.
My point against that was: Since water is life-essential then taking ownership of it can be seen as attempted murder against everyone who can't afford it(or the infrastructure needed).
This means that these people can now invoke their right to defend their lives, by taking whatever ammount of water they need from him.

User avatar #685 - lieutenantderp (03/26/2015) [-]
okay, so you a lake for example. I'm pretty sure you have the right to keep the water of that lake as your own, and prevent others from taking any of it. And by your logic people can just rob people who own any amount of "life-essential" resources because the owners are "denying" others the right to freely take from them.
#686 - shadowgandalf (03/26/2015) [-]
Well yeah thats obvious isn't it?

What is higher priority? The right to own stuff, or the right to live?
User avatar #687 - lieutenantderp (03/27/2015) [-]
the right to own stuff has a higher priority than the right to steal stuff imo
#688 - shadowgandalf (03/27/2015) [-]
Yes, but that wasn' the question

Right to live, or right to own. Which do you place higher?
User avatar #689 - lieutenantderp (03/27/2015) [-]
you didn't say the right to live. you said the right to take stuff from others that allow you to live. that's not the right to life. Either scenario I think the right to live and own is the same.
#682 - shadowgandalf (03/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #568 - incognitoad (03/23/2015) [-]
And it's equally anyones right to hate someone for whatever reason they want, good or bad. Personally I think >>#552,'s reason is quite good.
User avatar #133 - nigeltheoutlaw (03/23/2015) [-]
Something like half goes to agriculture and industry. Nestle is still fucked in the head.
#47 - realmatureguyhere (03/22/2015) [-]
How environmentally friendly is it to go vegetarian/vegan?

Would the water you save from not eating meat be offset by the water from eating additional fruits/vegetables/nuts?

Legitimately curious
User avatar #485 - nustix (03/23/2015) [-]
It's more environmentally friendly to be vegetarian but not necessary it's mostly because the meat industry is fucked up feeding animals high grade food they don't need. so being vegetarian is good but it shouldn't be necessary. I don't understand why people hate vegetarians they just try to make a difference.
User avatar #50 - plazmaflare (03/22/2015) [-]
The meat takes up more water. Because it still counts the water that I would have used to grow the plants used to feed the animal plus the water the animal needs to drink.
#125 - UnoSkullmanx (03/23/2015) [-]
But then again, animals fertilizes the farmland which promoted more plant growth. Pure farming kills the land over time and makes it useless.
User avatar #137 - plazmaflare (03/23/2015) [-]
Actually there is a method called rotation cropping, which is more beneficial. You can look it up for a better understanding, but the basics of it is that I can plant one crop that will primarily consume a nutrient like Ammonia in the soil, yes? So then after those crops are harvested we plant legumes, which help put ammonia back into the soil through taking nitrogen from the air.

Now if we just have one plant that consumes Ammonia and a cow, the cow does pee and poop back ammonia back into the soil, but it's only returning the small portion of what it eaten. Im not sure if i explained this well, if you have any questions, please ask. It's been a while since I've learned this, or even thought about it.
User avatar #120 - heartlessrobot (03/23/2015) [-]
But remember, plant to animal ratio with nutrients and calories, you need like, 10x as much plant matter to make it equal.
User avatar #446 - kanadetenshi (03/23/2015) [-]
That's extremely false. I hardly have been eating more than when i ate meat and i've only felt healthier.
#566 - jjoorriissjjuuhh (03/23/2015) [-]
#254 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
you are correct. also a lack of creatine can lead to cognitive deficits in vegetarians. Nutritionally meat is invaluable and being eclectic in diet is extrememly advantagous. Ecofags, or rather vegetarians, may help the environment, but they certainly dont help themselves. (also if any vegs are reading this just supplement creatine and enjoy the brainpower boost side effect free)
User avatar #28 - sandpounder (03/22/2015) [-]
that makes sense since California produces about 80-90% of fruits and vegetables grown in America
#310 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
California makes $37.5 billion annually.
Consumers spend $547 billion for food originating on U.S. farms and ranches.

So that's roughly 7%.
#356 - impossibleisnothin (03/23/2015) [-]
shutup anon theres markup. Stores and shipping things have to make profit for themselves as well
#354 - sandpounder (03/23/2015) [-]
#288 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
Too bad they only produce about 20%.
#3 - mmmm hockey content. 03/21/2015 on Hockey Comp +4
#7 - Are you sure it isn't an Oarfish? 03/15/2015 on Real Sea Monster 0
#45 - Well, it isn't my representation that is the problem. It's ev… 03/15/2015 on Us Congress 0
#38 - Picture 03/11/2015 on Drawing on gifs +28
#132 - Picture 03/11/2015 on That feel 0

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