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#17 - Picture 04/11/2015 on The Murder After +1
#13 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 04/11/2015 on The Murder After +1
#16 - ExorArgus (04/11/2015) [-]
Except that most people don't know how get blood out. i lost count how many times I've explained it.
#17 - nightmaren (04/11/2015) [-]
#87 - I was prepared to come down here into the comments and give a …  [+] (1 reply) 04/11/2015 on Tumblr Time 0
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#90 - odstnsg (04/11/2015) [-]
i think most people know that tumblr isnt just a place for shitlords who think that what she did is ok
and in the comments to that story there are already "enough" people that say, she is fucking nuts ant what she did is wrong
#61 - I love posts like these because the comments are filled with p…  [+] (3 replies) 04/10/2015 on Tumblr gets offended by a... -2
#67 - anon (04/10/2015) [-]
I have a tumblr.
My girlfriend has a tumblr. (inb4 hurr durr you don't have a girlfriend
Some of my best friends have tumblrs
And while not everyone there is obsessed with social justice and is completely stupid
You can't ignore that there's a lot of them that are.
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#69 - nightmaren (04/10/2015) [-]
There's difference between social justice and retarded social justice. The problem with this site and its userbase is how you all get so hostile at the simple mention of feminism and social justice, which is dangerous. On this site there are a lot of posts involving loud angry feminist extremists with shitty arguments, which do exist , but those are the only posts on the site that you see about feminism.
Feminism has merit as a belief, but as soon as any of you hear anybody considers themselves a feminist you all go into a frenzy, and you immediately assume they're a fucking idiot, despite the fact that none of you actually know anything about the majority of feminism. You know about fat women with bright red hair who scream at men for breathing the same oxygen around them, but that's pretty much it. Whenever you see someone who considers themselves a feminist you group you automatically group them with the extremist ones. You're like atheists who believe all religious people are idiots.You're all opposed to the extremist, unreasonable SJWs, which is fair, I am too, but the people you all like to laugh at and make fun of hardly even exist on tumblr.
"social justice" as a whole makes sense to me, and has merit as a set of beliefs, and the fact that you're all so adamantly against them, despite clearly not knowing what it's about because you saw some Funnyjunk posts about angry feminists, is kind of scary.
#64 - anon (04/10/2015) [-]
kinda like they do with 4chan etc?

good to know we're all on the same page