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#26 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
Because its stolen from me. Just like everything that fa­ggot posts....
youre not very smart are you? oh well....
User avatar #27 to #26 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
User avatar #28 to #27 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
Your comment asking why that comic has -16....

I cant reply there because Im blocked by that fa­g
User avatar #29 to #28 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
Ah, gotcha. retoastingretoaster used to steal all my OC and then block me.

Why would you call me an idiot, how was I supposed to know that it's your OC?
User avatar #30 to #29 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
....because youre asking why it has - 16 pinkies when you have seen in on front page...
and youre warning that fa­ggot and now he will delete it.
#31 to #30 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
I asked if it was on the front page, I didn't say I saw it on the front page.
#32 to #31 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
You actually thought it was the same post???   
Oh lawd. what are you?  12?'   
You actually thought it was the same post???

Oh lawd. what are you? 12?'


#34 to #33 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
you're 12 or you have a severe lack of intelligence...

anyway its hopeless....

#35 to #34 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
> I see content with -14 pinkies
> I ask ifOH PEEstole it off the front page, because I don't understand why it has so many pinkies down, because it was kind of funny
> You call me an idiot because he stole it from you
> I had no way of knowing that he stole it from you
> You give me **** for asking why it has so many pinkies down if I've seen it on the front page, and then say some other **** that makes no sense to me
>I haven't seen it on the front page
> You give me **** and call me retarded for you not making any sense

User avatar #36 to #35 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
"I haven't seen it on the front page"

comment:"Is this on the front page right now or something? I don't see why it has -14 pinkies, it was actually kind of funny IMO. "

ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME?????

Seriously, stop talking...
User avatar #70 to #36 - mapleknight (08/31/2012) [-]
>Seriously, stop talking
>on his ******* profile
what are you, 12?
User avatar #37 to #36 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
If I haven't seen it on the front page, and I ask if it's on the front page, that's not unreasonable.

If you could just chill the **** out and explain to me what the **** you're talking about, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
User avatar #38 to #37 - diamondhead (01/22/2012) [-]
Forget it....

I'll not even try
#41 to #38 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
I'm missing something here, I don't get what I did that was so stupid
User avatar #39 to #38 - nightmaren (01/22/2012) [-]
No, seriously, explain to me what I did wrong.
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