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User avatar #1031 - fuckberries (12/03/2011) [-]
hello and thanks for the random friend request.
User avatar #1032 to #1056 - nicecontentbro (12/03/2011) [-]
wasn't random. I got banned. Made a new profile. XD
User avatar #1033 to #1057 - fuckberries (12/03/2011) [-]
oh? lol what was your old account?
User avatar #1034 to #1058 - nicecontentbro (12/03/2011) [-]
User avatar #1035 to #1059 - fuckberries (12/03/2011) [-]
oh snizap! whats up buddy?
User avatar #1036 to #1060 - nicecontentbro (12/03/2011) [-]
not much. was lurking my old profile and realized I never added you with my new account. XD
User avatar #1037 to #1061 - fuckberries (12/03/2011) [-]
lol its all good. how you been?
User avatar #1038 to #1062 - nicecontentbro (12/03/2011) [-]
blegh. Moved in with my dad, step-mom is a crazy ass she-hulk. Probably gonna get fired from work soon cause they keep putting me on cashier even though I'm terrible at it and keep handing back too much money in change. Pretty ****** , I would say.

But how are you?
User avatar #1039 to #1063 - fuckberries (12/03/2011) [-]
uhh... alright.. finally got a job.. as a cashier.
User avatar #1040 to #1064 - nicecontentbro (12/03/2011) [-]
LOL. Good luck. Yeah, I'm gonna talk to my manager and ask if there's any way they can have me do something besides being a cashier. XD
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