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    evolution evolution
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    Saw this in the store Saw this in the store
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    Teaching High School Girls Teaching High School Girls
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    Chinglish Chinglish
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#102 - first I can't tell if your calling my comment or the comment i… 07/11/2016 on She fights for your life 0
#85 - Wtf does female genital mutilation in Somalia have to do with …  [+] (2 new replies) 06/27/2016 on She fights for your life -1
#100 - oneshotclutch (06/30/2016) [-]
**oneshotclutch used "*roll picture*"**
**oneshotclutch rolled image**even if this comment was ironic it is still moronic, it is showing the different problems that women stand up to in different countries and proving that 3rd wave feminists are basically stupid fools, are you really this stupid
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#102 - newsmyrna (07/11/2016) [-]
first I can't tell if your calling my comment or the comment in the picture ironic and moronic, but that's beside the point, because neither comments are ironic. It's up to your opinion which comments you feel are moronic. Anyway you say that different problems women face in different countries proves 3rd wave feminist are fools. I'm not arguing for or against feminism in any of its forms, I am merely say these two things have nothing to do with each other. and to say that one problem in a shitty part of the world has anything to do with the way a completely unrelated person thinks in another part of the world makes no sense. That is like me saying 95% of people in Somalia are going to bed without dinner tonight, but that's ok because you can go on the internet and bitch about the stupid ideals of confused people you never met so you can feel better about yourself and keep your moral high ground while containing some nipple that i feel like mentioning for whatever reason. See how this type of argument works it's a logical fallacy and it's meant to rile idiots like you into making connections that aren't there.
#12 - I would definitely watch this guy report the weather daily 03/11/2016 on Turn up the heat +2
#129 - The Statue of Liberty was finished in October of 1886. In the … 03/10/2016 on Why immigration doesn't work 0
#127 - weapon carry permits ensure that the average person has to lea… 03/10/2016 on Why immigration doesn't work -1
#255 - Picture  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2016 on Average Bernie Voter comp +1
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#274 - donatelo (03/10/2016) [-]
i suppose i could have been more descriptive.
#60 - Malicious Mark 01/27/2016 on Australia is a fun place +4
#21 - I bet that is the bobsled track in Sarajevo for the 1984 winte…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/10/2016 on wheeeee 0
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#24 - PopcornViking (01/10/2016) [-]
yea im pretty sure it is
#42 - I remember watching some ****** 90's afterschool special about… 01/06/2016 on 5/7 Netflix Movies That... 0
#60 - USA would have to have an epic economical collapse for it to b…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/10/2015 on Welcome to Canada +10
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#104 - TomPorowski (12/10/2015) [-]
Yes, half of the nation's population suddenly vacating would probably do that.

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