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latest user's comments

#14 - All mainstream media in my country, as well as CNN claim that …  [+] (108 replies) 09/27/2016 on Comedic Gold +49
#198 - anon (09/28/2016) [-]
Hillary dominated the last hour. She tried to bait trump multiple times and he fell for it every time. She also talked more from a point of experience whereas Trump fumbled with his words quite a few times. Strictly looking at policy and responses, Trump was annihilated. Trump also couldn't follow the rules of the debate and rarely answered the damn question and instead deflected blame at Hillary. I don't support either candidate but Trump clearly got his ass handed to him. After watching it actually caused me to lean more towards Hillary.
#197 - toohntown (09/28/2016) [-]
It was expected for Trump to lose the first debate we'll see how he moves into the next one.
User avatar
#196 - solidusisballadis (09/28/2016) [-]
The debate was basically "Trump vs The Moderator vs Trump's ego" , Hillary tried to act like a normal human being but failed, instead forcing a serial killer smile throughout the debate. So you can say that either Trump 'won' because no one cares about Clinton, or that neither won because no ones mind was signifigantly changed
#188 - checkemninja (09/28/2016) [-]
Trump lost,but it wasn't his fault completely.Moderator was pretty fucking biased and hillary didn't get any hard questions or get interrupted.
User avatar
#163 - muffintime (09/28/2016) [-]
I'd say Hillary was more composed and you can tell she had more experience then trump. But Trump wasn't destroyed, you could just tell his lack of experience in debates
#153 - installation (09/28/2016) [-]
USA here, Hillary didn't destroy Donald. Donald Trumped himself.
User avatar
#150 - advice (09/28/2016) [-]
Technically hillary did win. She didn't have a stroke, seizure, or coughing fit. She didn't have to answer any questions about Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Supressing rape victims during her law days, and she got to spout off about muh wage gap without being questioned. All-in-all a pretty solid win for her.
#133 - eddawg has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#108 - kanyesfishsticks (09/27/2016) [-]
He looked pretty stupid last night
User avatar
#102 - mindyourownbusines (09/27/2016) [-]
Both did pretty "meh," but Trump seemed better to me.

Hillary came across as calculating as ever with her catch phrases and talking points, but she didn't say anything new, seem any more genuine, or address her weak points. She didn't hit any highs, just rolled along and hit the points you'd expect from the questions.

Trump did his standard shtick with talking off the top of his head and hitting his key ideas - regulatory reform, trade reform, and immigration. The moderator got him on the defensive talking about his tax returns and birtherism - but I thought he handled them as well as he ever did, mostly changing the subject to his opponent's perceived weaknesses (the email scandal, Hillary's birtherism, and "moving forward to important issues").

If you watched any of the primary debates - Hillary was par for the course, Trump was par for the course (albeit more coherent).
User avatar
#184 - yojo (09/28/2016) [-]
Ok this really shows how blinded people can be by their loyalties. I haven't seen anyone that isn't an avid Trump supporter who has said Hillary didn't win the debate
User avatar
#209 - mindyourownbusines (09/28/2016) [-]
Now you have!
User avatar
#275 - yojo (09/28/2016) [-]
lol no dude, reread my comment
User avatar
#276 - mindyourownbusines (09/28/2016) [-]
Using the no true Scotsman fallacy, you defined anyone praising Trump's performance in the debate as "avid Trump supporters," attempting to invalidate my opinion.

I have been posting against Trump for months on here - you can go back and see many such comments - but I formed my own honest opinion. And in that opinion, Hillary came across as smug and calculating, she sounded well rehearsed but lacked passion, and she seemed flustered by Trump.

Trump appeared his usual self - slightly random and brash, but staying on the same points. Both got their talking points out, but Trump seemed more compelling and the better debater - keeping Hillary off her game and bringing her faults to light.

If you're too blinded by your loyalties to Hillary to accept there are various opinions and one can hold a different one without being "an avid supporter" of your opposition.
User avatar
#279 - yojo (09/28/2016) [-]
Oh, well my bad, I just kinda assumed since that's what I saw and what most people I know saw. But sure, can't see through everyone's eyes.
I don't support Hillary btw, don't like either. I just thought she did way better. But obviously she prepared and Trump didn't.
User avatar
#277 - smug (09/28/2016) [-]
10/10 clever username, but im still replying
User avatar
#99 - douthit (09/27/2016) [-]
Neither one did bad, although I'm biased toward Trump. He hit her on some things that she had no response for. And he responded to nearly every one of her accusations, mostly claiming they weren't true, or that she was leaving out important details.
User avatar
#111 - elcreepo (09/27/2016) [-]
Yeah but when he claimed half of it wasn't true he stuttered and flinched.

Also to flat out deny something he did indeed say on twitter...

Hilary took some hard hits herself but as soon as that came up, it was over.

Meanwhile Jill was trying to avoid the police and Johnson didn't even pop his head up
User avatar
#140 - EnemySpy (09/27/2016) [-]
Johnson was actually very active over twitter during the debate. He could still potentially get into the second debate.
User avatar
#210 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
For some reason I like him but I do wish he was more publicly visible. Twitter's one thing but the debate itself.. even a little media story is more than a tweet only a few thousand people will see.

Just to make a cameo would have gained some interest and people googling his name.
User avatar
#124 - douthit (09/27/2016) [-]
What did he deny that he said on Twitter?
User avatar
#207 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
That global warming is a chinese conspiracy.

It's all even the most impartial news organizations are talking about, since that was the pivotal moment that began his landslide in the debate. And the more you think about it, the more his ideas really point to him being a genuine idiot.

I can't believe he's still a serious candidate or that Hilary's not been put in prison for her own stack of bullshit
User avatar
#251 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
So you're biased against Trump, and therefore think he's stupid and should drop out. Got it.
User avatar
#255 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
No, I'm biased against BOTH cannidates.

Trump is a moron, anyone who isn't biased to like him could see that.
Hilary is a manipulative and cutthroat bitch, anyone who isn't biased to like her could see that.

It's called looking at both sides objectively.
User avatar
#258 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
I don't think anyone worth $10B is a moron.
User avatar
#269 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
Forbes says hes only worth 3.7 billion. they've been tracking his wealth for over 30 years. unless he pulled an additional 7 billion out of Vladimir Putins ass, hes been lying to you (big surprise).
User avatar
#285 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
Even if that's true, why do you care? Why should I care if it's "only" $3.7B? This is a petty, insignificant thing to argue.
User avatar
#270 - putins (09/28/2016) [-]
User avatar
#271 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
i didnt mean your ass. sry.
#272 - putins (09/28/2016) [-]
User avatar
#260 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
Adam Ruins Everything  Why Building a Border Wall Makes No Sense Except a good deal of his wealth came from his family and the rest came from inundating the market with a ton of business ventures, many of which failed, in an effort to find what fits.

Also, just because you have money doesn't mean you aren't an idiot in other areas where money isn't as pertinent- such as foreign policy or in this case, global warming.

He knows nothing about politics, nothing about the country, and nothing about the people. He's basically doing it for himself and nobody else.

His wall idea's going to be a huge failure not to mention an expensive one, people actually looked into the possibility and found that it's a VERY bad idea because MOST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS COME ON PLANES LEGALLY AND THEN LET THEIR WORK VISAS EXPIRE. But the wall will keep them from leaving- in fact, Bush and Clinton made the immigration problem worse by using border control. Many people who study immigration found that before both these presidencies, there was a cycle keeping the number of illegals down in the us. Most Mexicans would come, work, then return. But the border control keeps em in, so they decide just to settle here. And finally, immigration from mexico has reached an all time low because the area is stabilizing, yet immigration courts are throwing out actual citizens of the US just to keep up appearances. Watch the video and you'll see. he has no idea how to handle china, he gives Hilary ammo expecting her to be fair and honest... he's a moron.
#268 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
Trump says he got a loan of $1M, which he multiplied by 10,000 to become the $10B he's worth today.

You said he created businesses, some of which failed, attempting to find out what customers like. You mean "business"? Or "capitalism"? Or "the market"?

You've got a strange way of wording things. Talking about how he can be an idiot in other areas. Who talks like this? And to say he's 100% ignorant regarding politics, America, and Americans is plain bias. What you mean is that you don't like him, and you're upset.
#131 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
That global warming is a Chinese fabrication
User avatar
#252 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
TBH, I see plenty of Trump tweets that are photoshopped. Do you have a link to this? And anyway, lots of people think the idea of manmade global warming is just an avenue for the left to implement many things on their agenda. I mean, I think it's no concidence that if you accept the idea of manmade global warming, the ideas put forth as necessary and prudent are many of the same as the political left has been pushing. Higher corporate taxes, stronger corporate regulation, subsidized "green" energy, restricting or shutting down coal mining, higher mandatory MPG rates for vehicles, etc. The left wants to impose all this on our own economy through the gun of government, while China grows. It's not hard to at least understand the skepticism.
User avatar
#256 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
Trump deleted it but it was the real thing and one news station accessed it just as Trump deleted it, and also as soon as you're taking his side it reveals your bias.
User avatar
#257 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
You didn't address anything I said about it, though.
User avatar
#261 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
Because you're defending stupidity and I'm just not willing to engage.

The whole idea that global warming is a myth to push an agenda when unbiased studies are finding it's a very real problem is just the west's resistance to change.

Who gives a fuck about the economy when the shortage of coal and other fossil fuels will pretty much plunge us back into the dark ages? Not to mention, there might not even BE a hospitable planet in 200 years.

The only reason rightwing lunatics don't want to see governments and citizens address global warming is because it will hurt their wallets, personally. And if you don't think that's true look at all the towns who are literally trying to FORCE people to use gas and coal by making it ridiculously expensive to go solar, even as the cost of solar machinery is going waaay down.

As for China, America and other countries have criticized it for not helping fix the problem. It's not growing into a superpower, either, it's just modernizing without letting America do what it did to India. And who even cares if they do become the 'superpower' of the economic world? It doesn't matter ultimately as long as they have no interest in attacking us, and China lacks severely in what we have.
User avatar
#266 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
Calling things you support and believe in "unbiased" doesn't make it so. Research on things with as far-reaching implications as global warming are going to be biased, because there's so much at stake economically and politically, and from every economic actor and every political faction.

It seems to be that global warming alarmists have an incredibly high burden of proof. It must be shown that it's happening, that it's manmade, that it's harmful, that it can be reversed, and that it's a net gain to do what's necessary to reverse it.
User avatar
#274 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
The science is in. open your eyes.
User avatar
#286 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
Nice evidence. Tell me again that you're right.
User avatar
#273 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
all of those things HAVE been proven you fucking hick. open your eyes. if you dont think climate change is real, go to LA some time, and try breathing the smog there. look at any recent photo of any Chinese metropolitan area.
#287 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
People who are right usually don't have to call others names in petty efforts to discredit or embarrass them. And telling me that you're right doesn't make it so.

Nobody said climates don't change. You're inserting a strawman fallacy in place of an argument. The belief in actual, harmful, manmade, reversible global warming is used as an alarmist excuse to enact leftist political and economic policies. And the idea that all these standards have been irrefutably proven, and that these ideas are immune to the natural tendencies that incentives have upon people is too ridiculous to take seriously.

And the bit about LA's and China's smog problems is as pointless as telling libertarians to move to Somalia, or telling Brexit opponents to move to Germany, or telling anti-gun advocates to move to California. These aren't arguments, but rather silly distractions.
#98 - ffinfinity (09/27/2016) [-]
Dammit I really hate Hillary but after seeing the debate I can see that Trump did in fact keep rambling and interrupting a lot. However I will say that much of Hillary's questions were very easy compared to trumps. No mention of many of her scandals which did not surprise me.
User avatar
#69 - fables (09/27/2016) [-]
hillary didn't even have to try, she was smiling so hard the whole time because his actions were comical. she knew she was winning and he was too stupid to see it, so he kept making a fool of himself.
#262 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
And it made her look even more ruthless and cutthroat. She'd sell her own mother if it meant she'd win, some of her hits were really just under the belt and meant to throw Trump off.

This election is depressing. One's a moron and the other is power crazy.

Jill's making it funny though. Don't vote for her though she's probably psychotic
#61 - infinitereaper (09/27/2016) [-]
#161 - dvmaster (09/28/2016) [-]
"Posting this image will surely prove my nonexistent point". Thinks FunnyJunker as he Spams this image for the seventh time today
User avatar
#118 - defhood (09/27/2016) [-]
you keep posting that image like it somehow proves your point. it really just illustrates how deeply uncomfortable the american people are with a trump presidency.
User avatar
#132 - huntergriff (09/27/2016) [-]
>you keep posting that image like it somehow proves your point. it really just illustrates how deeply uncomfortable the media is with a trump presidency.

User avatar
#208 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
#213 - huntergriff (09/28/2016) [-]
I bet you believe everything CNN tells you, don't you?
User avatar
#263 - elcreepo (09/28/2016) [-]
I'll bite

Who's gunning for who here?
User avatar
#218 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
what? youve got no comback? did i strike a chord?
#220 - huntergriff (09/28/2016) [-]
See >>#219, fuccboi.
User avatar
#215 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
bet you're a white, non college educated male with some pretty debatable opinions on back people >.>
#253 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
What's wrong with white people?
What's wrong with males?
What's wrong with not going to college?

Shut the fuck up, communist.
User avatar
#264 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
LOL im not a communist, TRUMP is a communist. how do you think hes going ot force american business to come back to the US? Free Trade? that's not what HES saying. hes going to use his position in government to FORCE companies to come back by implementing draconian Protectionist Trade policies (similar to Maoist China, and the USSR) that will just encourage international corporations to close up shop in the US and move somewhere where the government wont try to dictate at what prices and to whom they sell their products. You're all getting cucked.
User avatar
#267 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
That's not what he's said at all. He's said many times that he wants to let companies return all their assets to the US, and pay a lower tax rate than they otherwise would.
User avatar
#283 - defhood (09/29/2016) [-]
If youre hazy on why free trade is both good and necessary, Here are two links from "The West Wing" that address it in a more dramatized light, as well as a scholarly paper from George Mason University. This is not a fringe theory. Its arithmetic.



User avatar
#288 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
I'm for free trade. Donald Trump said he wants to give people and companies incentive to create manufacturing in the US by allowing them to return their wealth to the country with a lower tax penalty. Those two statements aren't mutually exclusive.
#282 - defhood has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#280 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
Donald Trump is Anti Free Trade. Hes put forward a 35% import tax on mexico, a 45% import tax on china, and 20% tax on ALL imported goods. hes going to try to destroy the world economy, and set back chinese US relations 50 years.
User avatar
#290 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
I don't know of any politician who supports free trade. Why all the hate for Trump?
User avatar
#284 - defhood (09/29/2016) [-]
User avatar
#289 - douthit (09/30/2016) [-]
Instead of prefacing your argument with a non-rebuttal, you could just give links to the things you allege that he's said.
#265 - defhood has deleted their comment.
#219 - huntergriff (09/28/2016) [-]
Nope. I'm Puerto Rican, I went to college until I had to stop going to help my grandparents and my mother, thanks to the fact that in late 2013 and early 2014 shit started going down with my family, due to various illnesses between my grandmother, my mom, and my grandfather taking root, as for black people, I have no qualms with them, however I have a huge dislike for people looking for shit to get offended over so they can loot and riot, be them white, black, asian, hispanic, orange, green, yellow, red, etc.
User avatar
#222 - defhood (09/28/2016) [-]
>Puerto rican isnt an ethnicity
>going to a community college for a couple terms doesn't make you college educated, you have to actually get the degree
>trying to discredit legitimate protests over police shootings of unarmd black citizens by implying that the only thing protesters want to do is loot
>not racist???
User avatar
#254 - douthit (09/28/2016) [-]
So it's not about learning, it's about getting the piece of paper. Gotcha.

The riots in Charlotte were because a black cop shot a black man who was holding a gun and wouldn't drop it.

Looting, attacking reporters, attacking white people just for being white, and stopping traffic isn't a legitimate protest. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfxCDnARNOI
#224 - huntergriff (09/28/2016) [-]
>Puerto rican isnt an ethnicity

I'm pretty sure it's considered hispanic.Regardless, I consider myself hispanic.

>going to a community college for a couple terms doesn't make you college educated, you have to actually get the degree

And I was close to getting that degree. However circumstances forced me to stop going.

>trying to discredit legitimate protests over police shootings of unarmd black citizens by implying that the only thing protesters want to do is loot

Literally not what I said or implied at all, why are you putting words in my mouth? All I said was I don't like looters and rioters, I never once implied these protestors were there just to loot and riot. The moment you start looting and rioting, you are no longer a protester, you are an asshole regardless of your race, and you deserve to get shot with a beanbag.

>not racist???

I was always taught not to hate people because of their skin color, but to hate them for their actions. If that somehow makes me a racist, then so be it.

Also, what is with you people and race? Jesus, if you people stopped focusing on that trivial bullshit, we'd all get a lot more shit done. Your race is not your identity, your individuality is. All you're doing by focusing on race is driving a wedge between humanity.
#122 - infinitereaper (09/27/2016) [-]
User avatar
#58 - Metallicock (09/27/2016) [-]
Hillary won, but she did not beat Trump. Trump beat him self by losing his composure and rambling.

I was hoping it wouldn't happen that way, but Hillary was bound to win in a debate. She's been doing this for way longer.
#54 - seryn (09/27/2016) [-]
Trump was winning early on, he was at his peak when he started attacking her on her former support for NAFTA and the TPP. She was clearly struggling to get back in during that exchange.

But then the second act came, and then she took over from there on out. Trump took her bait and started rambling and getting onto strange topics, his mention of Rosie O'Donnell was out of left field to me. Hillary had some zingers as well. I think what looked bad for Trump was when she threw jabs at him personally and he tried interrupting her to make his point, it just looks bad to try and do that and of course the lies he told.

Hillary was far more prepared for this debate than he was, he'll have to do better second time around.
#147 - tethesis (09/27/2016) [-]
I noticed after Hillary started to struggle first with her Emails, then with TPP and NAFTA, that the proctor started gearing it to questions you would normally find in tabloid shit. Like asking about previous tweets and nonsense issues like that. I find it VERY hard to believe that the people who can't find employment,which is MANY and when i say employment i dont mean a minimum wage job or government job, which are the only Obama for the most part has created. , are more concerned with Trump OR Hillary's latest tweet or their opinions than how they are going to bring jobs back into America. That was one point i really agreed with trump on. Taxing companies especially small companies like Hillary wants even MORE will just drive the few remaining out of business.
User avatar
#51 - Fgner (09/27/2016) [-]
As someone who despises the fuck out of Hillary, Trump got completely BTFO. He barely laid a hand on her, but she acted completely composed the entire time. He barely brought up any of her bad points, but said stupid shit like being happy about a market collapsing because it's good business or that he's smart for abusing loopholes to not pay taxes.
User avatar
#75 - lonerifter (09/27/2016) [-]
That's how Trump's been all year. A reactionary, it's just now it's one v. one and he can't leave for an hour and a half.

I'm honestly not shocked. Hate Hilary all you want, but Trump has neither the temperament or knowledge to be a leader.
User avatar
#42 - Mortuus (09/27/2016) [-]
Trump took all of Clinton's bait. She poked and prodded until his notoriously thin skin couldn't take it and he just started rambling. Most of his comments weren't complete thoughts.
User avatar
#22 - cheeseboyofdoom (09/27/2016) [-]
He kinda talked himself into a hole
User avatar
#20 - larrisawsome (09/27/2016) [-]
while the debate was't great, trump really lost when went into a rambling tantrum and denied things he said on the record.
User avatar
#16 - MikedelScorcho (09/27/2016) [-]
Hillary won overall, I think. She was better composed, gave more specific answers, and even threw a few zingers Trump's way. Trump performed pretty well, but he rambled at times, dodging the question, and made a habit of flatly denying accusations of things he has said that Clinton made that there is video and/or textual proof of all over the internet, which I thought made him look bad. She didn't collapse like everyone was hoping, didn't cough, and only started to look overwhelmed early in the debate when Trump was on the attack. He eased off the gas after the 4th question or so, and thats when she started to flourish and he started to fade a little. In the next debate, if he's going to win, he has to stay on the attack and really go after her.
User avatar
#30 - wedgehead (09/27/2016) [-]
User avatar
#34 - MikedelScorcho (09/27/2016) [-]
Well, when you put it that way
User avatar
#248 - wedgehead (09/28/2016) [-]
Out of pure curiosity, do you and the guys whob redthumbed me side with Trump or did you actually not get the joke?
User avatar
#249 - MikedelScorcho (09/28/2016) [-]
Neither, on my end, but I didn't thumb you down. What is the joke?
User avatar
#259 - wedgehead (09/28/2016) [-]
I was joking about how Trumps yelled "WRONG" into Clintons speaking time a ridiculous amount of times.
Judging by the thumbs I suppose people actually took my comment literal.
User avatar
#31 - wedgehead (09/27/2016) [-]
beLIEVE me
User avatar
#21 - draeman (09/27/2016) [-]
wtf? you cant say that shit on fj
User avatar
#25 - larrisawsome (09/27/2016) [-]
you can now... just look at the comments. /New+presidential+debate+live/youtube/6041661/
#15 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
Trump didn't do great, "wasnt destroyed" cnn sucks hillary off on the daily.
User avatar
#110 - elcreepo (09/27/2016) [-]
Nigga he walked facefirst into half the wall of shit she tipped towards him

I mean she brought up the whole "Global warning is a chinese conspiracy" comment and he fucking flinched

"-chokes- I did not say that I did not say that i didn't say it"

She fucking wiped the floor with his mop after that
#32 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
Trump was destroyed. Did you watch the debate? Because I did. To say that he wasn't an embarrassment is just shilling and sad. Hr claimed he had so much stamina but clearly ran out of stamina halfway through. Her email scandal has been beaten to death. All she can say is I made a mistake. What more can she do at this point. If the benghazzi hearing found no wrong doing, if the 8 hr grilling didn't find anything nothing will. Everyone can continue to circle jerk for trump all day long, but it is clear to me he doesn't take his position seriously. What does he think that other countries will just listen to him if he shouts? Lmao he sucked dick at that debate. Even his surrogates Rudy gulliani said he fucked up. Trump university is a huge scandal, him funneling his income through his charity is illegal and just got found out yesterday, he lies every few mintues. It's unbeliveable, he tells lies, the biggest most beautiful lies, you faggot eat it up. Believe me, trump is an idiot who took your donations to wipe his own ass with.
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#151 - lobstersamurai (09/28/2016) [-]
But don't lots of businesses setup their own charities that donate money back to them essentially?
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#145 - paranoidmuffin (09/27/2016) [-]
CTR wastes no time I see
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#56 - pixlexia (09/27/2016) [-]
I was watching poltiifact during the debate and I gotta to say, it was astonishing to see the contrast between trump and hillary. For someone who's accused of lying a lot was mostly truthful last night, while trump, well... he was being trump. mostly false or completely false all night.
#139 - stilch (09/27/2016) [-]
2/3 I know I fucked it up
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#247 - MikedelScorcho (09/28/2016) [-]
Ok, I'm just zeroing in on the first one I see, because it's late and I'm going to bed soon, and because it seems to me like it's the most egregious example that you stated of PolitiFact supposedly labeling his statement categorically untrue yet admitting at the same time that he was right.
He was wrong. The only credible source for crime statistics are the Uniform Crime Reports made by the FBI each year, because they are the agency that each police department sends data to directly and which compiles said data and analyzes it. I am not aware of any other recipient of such a large body of data on homicides.
According to the Uniform Crime Reports for 2015, and this trend is true for at least the previous 4 years, the statement that 81% of white victims of homicide are killed by black people is absolutely untrue. White people kill white people by an enormous margin when compared to the races of other offenders.
This leads me to believe that someone edited in the explanation underneath the meter that PolitiFact made to make it seem like Trump's figure was accurate, yet PolitiFact was being petty and political and refusing to give him credit due to an inherent bias against him.
I don't think that is the case but I want to look into it more tomorrow.
#141 - stilch (09/27/2016) [-]
3/4 YES, I know that I REALLY fucked it up. >>#138,
#143 - stilch (09/27/2016) [-]
Moral of the story, Politifact is not to be trusted. Ever. Especially in politics. Which is ironic, given their name.
#138 - stilch (09/27/2016) [-]
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#176 - thatobrienguy (09/28/2016) [-]
I have no comment about the accuracy of either statement, I just want to point out that it seems Sanders was talking about unemployment by race and age group, which can potentially have numbers that high. Trump was I believe referring to the national unemployment rate. which is higher that 5.6 depending on how you count it iirc the government doesn't count discouraged workers and a bunch of other stuff that would increase that number quite a bit
#117 - inept (09/27/2016) [-]
I was disappointed with Trumps performance last night, but politifact has been shown to have a clear bias and have been corrected several times..
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#114 - commontroll (09/27/2016) [-]
Ehhhhh, Politifact has been pretty critical with their ratings toward conservative politicians compared to liberal ones. Nearly identical statements for one is pants on fire or mostly false, while the other side's answer that is a few percentage points different will be mostly true or true according to them.
#152 - maxbomb (09/28/2016) [-]
Maybe that is because conservatives live in a fantasy world that distorts their view of reality?
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#155 - commontroll (09/28/2016) [-]
Look at #139 #138 #141 and #143 and tell me which view is distorted.
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#156 - commontroll (09/28/2016) [-]
Also, fucked up the little links to the other comments because I always forget how to do that, but look up.
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#103 - diliges (09/27/2016) [-]
She wasn't mostly truthful, she stood on stage telling people to go to her website for a fact checker while lying blatantly thirty seconds afterwards three times.
#105 - Jowi (09/27/2016) [-]
She made 4 "errors of fact" whereas he mad like 24 I think
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#109 - diliges (09/27/2016) [-]
Ah I see. That sucks. I was also pretty sad for lester about how much they stepped all over him with the interruptions or continuing past their given time. You could tell he got tired of their shit half way through and just kept talking even when they interrupted him.
#66 - Wow, Poo Land Lawn? Also, they apologize for that cuc…  [+] (1 reply) 09/25/2016 on Trumper Comp55 +4
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#144 - talldumbdork (09/25/2016) [-]
That was actually a really smart and quick acrion, they immediately terminated the employee. I respect them for doing that.
#40 - Must be jews' work. 09/25/2016 on Art +5