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#8 - madb (08/19/2016) [-]
no one reads that stuff for the dialogue.
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#10 - loganofbuals (08/17/2016) [-]
But he was running! And this takes place in the 90's. SO he was therefore Running in the 90's! Doohohohoho! Ain't humor just the best!
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#33 - syntheticdoll (08/16/2016) [-]
The problem is usually the virus getting out of containment and the streets would be flooding with so much zombies you could never quarantine. Also they tend to attack, murder and eat people so the natural response is killing them. Another thing is the virus probably causes permanent brain damage which you can't really cure.
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#34 - syntheticdoll (08/16/2016) [-]
There's also a problem with feeding them dead people. You see people have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. They can't take away your organs to save a life if you don't want to and who would want to be fed to zombies? Even if some did, think of how long the organ donor list is, the zombie feeding list will be just as long not even mentioning they probably have to eat every day.
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#32 - krasnogvardiech (08/16/2016) [-]
I won't try to specify any modus operandi or general policy until the capabilities of the disease are known, but I'll go with your specified details - Disease is presumably transmitted solely through direct flesh contact, and suggested medical course of action is keeping the subject in a condition that may be cured (because by no means is cannibalistic frenzy that any kind of 'alive' if a sane being with alternate food sources and in control of themselves is brought to the state by a disease) until a cure can be found.

To answer your question, fuck no I would not feed people's flesh to anyone, diseased or otherwise. If it's truly the only way though, then I'd look for substitutes or get a batch-cloning process going, or tailor a strain of bacteria to convert biowaste into material for a 3D printer for human flesh or somesuch.

But here's an analysis you neither asked for or needed. Each scenario, barring out-of-context problems or unforeseen events and/or circumstances, may generally be determined by the starting conditions. Medical supply level here is assumed to be general education and capability to detect, identify, analyze and treat the strain.

Disease is assumed to require contact of diseased corpus to the blood system of the new subject. Not airborne, not waterborne, not insect or animal transmitted.
Disease is assumed to alter the body by way of progressively lowering cognitive function and muscle integrity, and to induce notable craving for human flesh.
Disease is assumed to be self-eradicated by the subject ingesting flesh within the subject's corpus, only to re-establish itself in a viral form.
Assumed that if the infected subject is deprived of required substance, the infected subject loses mobility and function and the disease waits in dormancy.

1. Outbreak begins in area with low population density and low medical supply level - examples are the Siberian plains, the Middle eastern deserts or Oceania. Disease spreads to few and is relatively self-contained due to transmitting subjects dying off, with lack of subjects to transmit to. Best situation if keeping casualties down is the aim, undesirable for long-term progress.

2. Outbreak begins in high-density area and low supply level such as Bangladesh or Rio del Janeiro or Mogadishu. Spreads quickly and becomes difficult to monitor, let alone contain, with the disease spreading rapidly and if a cordon isn't enforced around the area to deny access to the entire city, foot traffic means the infected can quickly traverse the area and escape, greatly increasing chance of further outbreak. Worst outcome overall, aside from enforcing a total area denial zone around the city there is near no way to contain the disease.

3. Outbreak begins in low-density area with high supply level, such as Switzerland or the American midwest. This is the best scenario for both containment and fast treatment, as low population and high medicinal capability mean that the disease can both be contained easily (barring the unforeseen) and the research for the cure can begin with little issues.

4. Begins in high-density, high-supply area such as Tokyo, San Francisco or Singapore. The best trigger for fast treatment, as containment efforts would likely be accelerated due to the high risk of the disease spreading, and a cure would be fast-tracked out of necessity.

Four simple circumstances, easily predictable effects. In the end, though, when the lethality and virility of the disease far outweigh our means to contain and/or cure it, and when leaving the issue alone isn't an option, the course of action to ensure survival against an extinction-level event such as a walking dead apocalypse is to make sure it doesn't spread to any subjects clean of it. If that means killing the infected before they can get me, so be it.

God above, I hope and wish it won't come to that. But neither will I hesitate in defence of my family, home and livelihood.
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#47 - Deathmaster (08/16/2016) [-]
Woah did you type all that?
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#52 - krasnogvardiech (08/16/2016) [-]
Eyup. I was bored.
#30 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
This is why everyone hates liberals.
Fuck off you smug cunt.
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#27 - icedmantwo (08/16/2016) [-]
First thing first, self defence. If you are in danger, you should be able to defend yourself. In the grander scheme of things, curing people is of course a great idea, but once again, you can't do that if are dead and therefore you should be able to defend yourself.
#23 - anonoon (08/16/2016) [-]
**anonoon used "*roll picture*"**
**anonoon rolled image**I'll leave the saving to the doctors and egg-head scientist-is. In the meantime, I'll slaughter the zombie as taught by years of zombie gaming and show watching.
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