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#5 - deafnomad (12/19/2011) [-]
Guess who's your very own secret santa, why yes it's me, i see you are female, like MCR (as do i) but are american...... hmmm are you aware of enter shikari? if not here is a song that will get you into a brilliant band who tour al over the shop ( ps im english) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wngyXhTx4pc if you like, add me as a friendo, ps, if you know letlive here is a picture with me an the frontman, ps im the blonde one
#6 to #5 - deafnomad (12/19/2011) [-]
#7 to #6 - deafnomad (12/19/2011) [-]
also thumbs as an xmas pressie, if fj will let me thumb for once ¬_¬
#8 to #7 - msmousekat (12/19/2011) [-]
No, I was not aware of that band. But now I am, and I must say, THEY'RE ******* AWESOME.