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#131 - I thought Wolverine couldn't age though.  [+] (2 replies) 02/11/2016 on Old Man Logan (2016) 2 0
#167 - EpicTie (02/11/2016) [-]
From what I understand, he does. Just at a very slow rate because of his healing factor.
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#154 - albeit (02/11/2016) [-]
It seems like his healing factor began to slow down over time, likely how he began to age again.
#10 - Nothing wrong with that as long as they aren't a bitch about it.  [+] (15 replies) 01/25/2016 on Double Standards My Friends +3
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#14 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
To put it into perspective: weight is something you can control, height is not. Thus if height is the most important factor you are by definition a superficial bitch. Also maybe crazy...
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#30 - Faz (01/25/2016) [-]
Attraction has been and will always be superficial, getting upset at someone because of what they find attractive (so long as it isn't kids) is fucking retarded.
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#31 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
There's a superficial component, I can accept that. But when your only criterion for a mate is 6ft+ you're retarded.
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#32 - Faz (01/25/2016) [-]
Its not at all since attraction is largely instinctive and has been for millions of years, animals attract mates purely based on whos the brightest or who has the biggest horns, it has been happening throughout our ancestors for millions of years and love and romance which is incredibly new comparatively isn't going to make those millions of years of being superficial just go away, wanting the tallest or strongest mate is instinctively programmed into women, some women don't care and some women really do care and thats totally normal and totally acceptable. The same way some guys really care about wide hips (me being one) and some guys wanting a little stick figure on their arm.

People are different but blaming someone for superficial attraction is literally one of the stupidest things you can ever do since its one of the major things which helped our species to where we are now.
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#33 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
Ok then, I'll allow this to occur if society admits that women are the more superficial gender. I mean let's all just be honest here, there is a man who will fuck anything.
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#34 - Faz (01/25/2016) [-]
Again lets look at it on the evolutionary standpoint:

Women's objective: Find the optimum male with the best genes so that offspring are most likely to survive

Men's objective: Literally fuck everything and make everything have your babies.

So yeah you are right, women are the more superficial gender due to evolution and be thankful they are since if they weren't we could be a lot more fucked up looking than we are now.
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#37 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
Well no, biologically women had no say in reproduction until very recently. Humans do not naturally have complex courting rituals (pre-societally speaking). Of course in the modern world women are effectively in charge, so that's very interesting.
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#39 - Faz (01/25/2016) [-]
We didn't have complex courting rituals due to living in packs, pack animals don't use mating rituals but instead have an alpha which is always the biggest and strongest, back then love wasn't even a concept and the only measure of a mans worth was how well he could protect and provide, the biggest and strongest being again the best at this usually.

Almost all common attractions can be traced back to instinctual feelings, apart from foot fetish, that shits just straight weird.
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#40 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
Actually fetishes come from a form of confusion, you conflate something that is sexy with something that isn't inherently sexy.
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#23 - sarevok (01/25/2016) [-]

It could be top of your list but ultimately your list doesn't really matter all that much to you. I would love a woman with a pretty face, decent sized tits and a firm arse but instead all I get is your mother. >;]
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#24 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]

Seriously though, for all people say personality trumps everything.
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#25 - sarevok (01/25/2016) [-]
I disagree. I'd love to be that person but the best person in the world could lighten my darkest days yet I'd still fall to lust. Such is how I am made.
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#26 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
You are probably going to be very unhappy in old age. Beauty is fleeting, stupid fucking puns are forever.
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#27 - sarevok (01/25/2016) [-]
I haven't really felt love like other people seem to, regarding relationships. I don't really know why but I don't really seem to become lonely either, I already have a medium with which to share my innermost feelings and get a decently honest opinion back about, maybe.
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#28 - platinumaltaria (01/25/2016) [-]
I'd trade not caring for caring any day.
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