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#25 - INB4 banned  [+] (8 replies) 03/19/2014 on Curvy Women 0
#26 - klutzyspy (03/19/2014) [-]
oh god you're right..

Admin, this is why i have adblock on. When you chose advertisers over users, im not going to support.
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#96 - tridaak (03/20/2014) [-]
I'm pretty sure he disabled it for logged in users, since he doesn't make much from us.
Most revenue comes from people that don't come on here all the time (unique views), and without ads, he wouldn't have enough to run the site. Unless you know some magical way to get money, I don't see what's wrong with what admin is doing.
So, if he were to choose 'users over advertisers', the site would have to shut down eventually.
#526 - klutzyspy (03/20/2014) [-]
well first he whines he cant get anyone to run adds here if there are cartoon lines resembling tits.

The he whines how many servers he needs to handle the huge amount of traffic.

Traffic = money.
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#527 - tridaak (03/20/2014) [-]
That's because most views come from the users, so most of the bandwidth is coming from the minority.
And traffic only = money if he was a way of making money off of it (like ads).
#528 - klutzyspy (03/20/2014) [-]
and ads exist.
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#529 - tridaak (03/20/2014) [-]
Then tell me exactly what do you propose? You seem quite against it all, but do you have any better solution?
#39 - gregduro (03/19/2014) [-]
you have adblock on because you will get banned? really? can't you just alwasy have adblock on like i do
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#49 - hashtronaut (03/19/2014) [-]
he meant that as in "fuck your server bills"
#38 - ummm....... k?  [+] (1 reply) 03/13/2014 on mrsonicrainboom's profile 0
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#39 - roll (03/13/2014) [-]