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#635389 - Megados op af  [+] (1 reply) 03/24/2015 on Pokemon 0
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#635391 - aceshot (03/24/2015) [-]
the kid played like an idiot, had he not been stupid and realized that +1 crunch wouldve OHKO'd Cofagrigus. Instead he tried to be greedy, even though it was obvious he was gonna get wisped after the sub was broken, idiot should've just attacked.
#635327 - Picture 03/23/2015 on Pokemon +3
#635309 - Why someone would not want to use gts is beyond me.  [+] (1 reply) 03/22/2015 on Pokemon +1
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#635310 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
"hurr i don't know what the 'make an offer' button is durr"
#635307 - Fair enough  [+] (3 replies) 03/22/2015 on Pokemon +1
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#635308 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
well correction: some people have been trying here, but they're all tards that never heard of a little thing called the GTS
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#635309 - mrnotfunny (03/22/2015) [-]
Why someone would not want to use gts is beyond me.
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#635310 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
"hurr i don't know what the 'make an offer' button is durr"
#1131948 - Anyone know what happened to Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Red…  [+] (5 replies) 03/22/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... 0
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#1131950 - andyyy (03/22/2015) [-]
Apparently they're still working on it
But I can't imagine it taking too much longer
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#1131958 - badsamaritan (03/22/2015) [-]
isnt 3.0 + 1.0 coming out this year anyway?
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#1131962 - andyyy (03/22/2015) [-]
idk probably
unless it gets delayed again
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#1131968 - badsamaritan (03/22/2015) [-]
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#1131970 - andyyy (03/22/2015) [-]
It's probably coming out late fall or early winter which means most of us won't get to see it till 2016 unless Funi does a theater release
#635305 - Anyone here collected all 721 pokemon. Im not just talking hav…  [+] (10 replies) 03/22/2015 on Pokemon +1
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#635356 - scytherkris (03/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, took me a couple of hours.
#635335 - unitedabominations (03/23/2015) [-]
Yup. On 3 different games.
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#635316 - farokhmanesh (03/22/2015) [-]
Yes. I even have a Hoopa.
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#635315 - aceshot (03/22/2015) [-]
implying that hoopa or volcanion are even obtainable without injection and trading. There have been no events for them yet.
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#635312 - alicorn (03/22/2015) [-]
I have all the final stages of every pokemon, event legends etc, just too lazy for spending a day to GTS the other nfe shit i need
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#635306 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
nah I'm not autistic.
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#635307 - mrnotfunny (03/22/2015) [-]
Fair enough
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#635308 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
well correction: some people have been trying here, but they're all tards that never heard of a little thing called the GTS
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#635309 - mrnotfunny (03/22/2015) [-]
Why someone would not want to use gts is beyond me.
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#635310 - makotoitou (03/22/2015) [-]
"hurr i don't know what the 'make an offer' button is durr"
#634991 - critique my team please Tyranitar @ Tyranitarite …  [+] (20 replies) 03/15/2015 on Pokemon 0
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#635041 - kanyeezy (03/16/2015) [-]
It's not that good tbh, some general points:

TTar superpower is kinda meh

Azumarills Spd EVs should be invested in speed instead

Heatran pls no

Eh I've always liked Conkeldurr, but those ev's are pretty bad, just focus on HP and Attack

Emopleon's EV's arent the best there, and there are better pokemon you could use in its place

Porygon-Z has a pretty shit moveset, Hyper Beams is going to fuck you over so many times, a better moveset is Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Tri Attack and then if you want Dark Pulse
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#635012 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
>superpower is meh

>nice smogon

>you should actually try and smogon harder here

>conkeldurr is just meh in general

>If that's what you're going for that's fine I guess but it ain't good

>Hyper Beam pls no
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#635016 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
>conk is meh
uwot? I mean it's far from top tier but conk is pretty respectable and is power.
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#635022 - shedinja (03/16/2015) [-]
Tanto does have a point, conk isn't shit but he has to rely on vest for bulk or burn to get shit done
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#635025 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
Conk can do fine considering he threatens your opponent by being on team preview. Can't loosely fire off WoWs or else Conk gets set up. Can't spam Knock Off or else Conk can freely switch in, eat it up, and force a switch. Aside from Fairies not much really changed since gen5 so he's still able to do the same things.
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#635019 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
IMO it's the worst if not second to worst fighting type in OU. It's good, it's got bulk and power, but it's just nothing special which is what it takes for a fighting type in OU.
>Mega Gallade hits faster and harder with a wider movepool (although you may argue that Conk's movepool is plenty big enough, you have more options with mega cape man)
>Mega Lopunny hits almost as hard and is 3 times as fast plus scrappy is nice especially with that fake out on first time of mega evolving
>Breloom has spore and homosexuality
>Keldeo is a nice special attacker but actually I'd rank Conkelldur above it, which is why I said conk is maybe the second to worst.

Honestly as much as I hate it, I might even take Meinshao over conk if I had to choose a mono-fighter. And obviously I'd take megacham over him but I won't even try and persuade you there
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#635024 - shedinja (03/16/2015) [-]
You had me until "keldeo is the worst". fuck specs mlp
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#635026 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
Idk. Thanks to my Megacham and battletoad I never have issues
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#635029 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
99% sure Keldeo outspeeds and blows up Mega NippleKnees
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#635042 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
Only if it's carrying hydro pump
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#635031 - yusay (03/16/2015) [-]
252 SpA Choice Specs Keldeo Hydro Pump vs. 16 HP / 0 SpD Mega Medicham: 306-361 (115.4 - 136.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252 SpA Keldeo Scald vs. 16 HP / 0 SpD Mega Medicham: 150-177 (56.6 - 66.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

2HKO's on switch and OHKO's with Specs.
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#635032 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
Yeah I was pretty sure Keldeo rekt unless Medicham now does some different set to avoid being an inferior Gallade. I remember talk of bulky MMedi so it can use Recover but wasn't sure if that actually took off.
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#635043 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
I've heard of substitute megacham but never bulky recover
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#635021 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
Apples to Oranges. The megas are fast but take up the mega slot and lack bulk. Breloom does have spore but lacks bulk and grass is both a blessing and a curse. Keldeo is completely different. Conk is different in that he has bulk over speed and isn't a mega.

>Keldeo is worse fighting type in OU
Are you serious?
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#635023 - supertanto (03/16/2015) [-]
Well for a fighting type I'd take fast and hard over bulk.

And yeah bruh I don't see keldeo's use really. It was good on drizzle teams but like
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#635027 - makotoitou (03/16/2015) [-]
Just give it a choice item and go to town.
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#634995 - shedinja (03/15/2015) [-]
Why magma storm and eruption on hell frog? If you want to use eruption it always needs scarf, otherwise do fire blast which is superior to magma storm
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#634992 - makotoitou (03/15/2015) [-]
does Superpower hit anything in particular? I would almost change it for DDance, HP EVs to speed, and overall just shift it to mega DDance.
Pretty sure those 16 EVs should be speed, not spDef since it might speed creep something, but besides that it's pretty standard.
Please no. Eurptiontran is only good if it can move first (Trick Room, shitton of TWave, Tailwind maybe..?) and it's outclassed by Fire Blast if it gets hit. Magma Storm's trapping is the only positive over Fire Blast, but that's a gimmick at best. Given a fun gimmick, but I'm not really seeing it unless you build around it.
Not sure what's going on with those EVs. Unless it does something specific, I'd just do Att/SpDef. I'd also do Mach Punch > Poison Jab
unless you're Wailord or Blissey, NEVER do that EV spread. It is always better to do HP+a defense (in this case, Def since you got 2 vests). Besides that it's an alright set, but Empoleon is kinda niche and doesn't form much of a core with anything besides that lolTran
No. Hyper Beam is as fun as a bus full of cheerleaders, but the cooldown is too big of a drawback. Change it out for Ice Beam. Thunderbolt>Thunder since you got no rain. Not sure what Dark Pulse hits, but I'll trust you on it.
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#634993 - shedinja (03/15/2015) [-]
Pulse on Z is probably for ghosts
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#634994 - makotoitou (03/15/2015) [-]
Most ghosts carry Focus Blast or are named MSableye tho.
#1176085 - Just picked up CS:GO, pretty different from any other fps I've…  [+] (9 replies) 02/27/2015 on Video Games 0
#1176099 - desacabose (02/27/2015) [-]
pretty different from any other fps I've played
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#1176103 - adunsaveme (02/27/2015) [-]
it's different because you don't aim down the sights

god don't you know anything wow
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#1176104 - desacabose (02/27/2015) [-]
I know what you did last winter
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#1176106 - adunsaveme (02/27/2015) [-]
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#1176107 - adunsaveme (02/27/2015) [-]
oh it worked
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#1176090 - kothaex (02/27/2015) [-]
watch TheWarOwl on youtube

if you want to shoot, stand still. one bullet. kill self if you fail
i'm serious
do it
#1176088 - anon (02/27/2015) [-]
Play better games.
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#1176087 - ScottP (02/27/2015) [-]
From what I've seen of my friend playing, you have to learn how to control your recoil and gunfire rather than hold down the button.
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#1176086 - bubdude (02/27/2015) [-]
point at them and hope to hit. im not very good at counter strike