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#55 - I love how everyone wouldn't stop talking about 2012 a year ag…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/24/2012 on Dear 2012 +2
User avatar #56 - roflcopterkklol (11/24/2012) [-]
Worlds not ending. calander starts again and a new age begins is the basic version.
#23 - nope he's alive, and so is doc 11/22/2012 on Emotional Game Modes 0
#115 - oh never mind...... I guess no one of picked up on my sarcasm…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/21/2012 on Holy Shit! -1
User avatar #128 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
I thought it was all asians look the same. I can tell black people apart.
#104 - sorry everyone what I meant to say was " HOLY ****…  [+] (3 new replies) 11/21/2012 on Holy Shit! 0
#105 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
No, that's Morgan Freeman.
User avatar #115 - mrnecro (11/21/2012) [-]
oh never mind...... I guess no one of picked up on my sarcasm
I was making an "all black people look alike joke", for the lols of course
User avatar #128 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
I thought it was all asians look the same. I can tell black people apart.
#35 - cardinals? Fitzgerald? That was awesome!  [+] (8 new replies) 11/21/2012 on Holy Shit! +1
User avatar #41 - clubsandwich (11/21/2012) [-]
That's not fitzgerald
#45 - jengafag (11/21/2012) [-]
blacks can be irish too... stop being racist.
User avatar #48 - clubsandwich (11/21/2012) [-]
haha but no actually that's not Larry Fitzgerald
#63 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
Fitzgerald doesn't play defense.
User avatar #104 - mrnecro (11/21/2012) [-]
sorry everyone what I meant to say was " HOLY SHIT IS THAT SAMUAL L JACKSON!"
#105 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
No, that's Morgan Freeman.
User avatar #115 - mrnecro (11/21/2012) [-]
oh never mind...... I guess no one of picked up on my sarcasm
I was making an "all black people look alike joke", for the lols of course
User avatar #128 - blarghagh (11/21/2012) [-]
I thought it was all asians look the same. I can tell black people apart.
#383 - **** LASO! 11/20/2012 on Herlo 4 0
#378 - Here is my one word response.................. … 11/20/2012 on Herlo 4 0
#367 - almost looks like Serious Sam 11/20/2012 on Herlo 4 0
#359 - mother ******* plasma cutter! 11/20/2012 on Herlo 4 0
#18 - Hitomi Tanaka 11/17/2012 on OO 0
#78 - Man I din't even try :( 11/17/2012 on No Fap November +8
#70 - I live in Surprise bro, all I hear everyday is kids that don't… 11/16/2012 on Republicunt +1
#2 - Yeah, yeah it is, but I mostly referring to the over shield fr…  [+] (2 new replies) 11/16/2012 on Seriously WTF!! +1
#4 - lonemercenary has deleted their comment.
#6 - CrazyPsycho (11/26/2012) [-]
that thing has saved my ass more times than i'd like to admit
#52 - I believe it's a show called Misfits 11/15/2012 on True Story +1
#41 - I am sad now. dick 10/31/2012 on Handssss Free +1
#97 - am i the only one that thought those were boobs  [+] (1 new reply) 10/30/2012 on Monsters Inc. +5
User avatar #109 - unnameable (10/30/2012) [-]
You are not alone, my friend...

I feel dirty
#244 - Halo 4 is going to be so awesome. 10/29/2012 on Video Game Logic +1
#191 - Call of Duty hasn't been releasing drastic improvements like t… 10/27/2012 on Call of Dubstep Zombies... 0
#268 - Holy **** this is my bros comment 10/26/2012 on ( X ) Facebook -4
#178 - What did he get in the mail?! 10/22/2012 on Wait..wait +1
#109 - Was I the only one here that saw the Templar Insignia on his clothing 10/18/2012 on AC3 0
#77 - Picture 10/17/2012 on AC3 +3
#71 - I know; my mistake  [+] (2 new replies) 10/17/2012 on AC3 +1
#73 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
It's cool, brah.
#77 - mrnecro (10/17/2012) [-]
#65 - You wanna know something sad but interesting. In the short…  [+] (42 new replies) 10/17/2012 on AC3 0
#102 - Silverboss (10/18/2012) [-]
um..no..the creator of ember stated that the young man was there to represent ezio when he was younger,thus the young man's stubbornness. Ezio had a heart attack at that moment. "The young man quickly grabbed Ezio's hand and told Ezio to have courage. He told Ezio to "get some rest," and then left. Ezio looked back at him angrily, but calmed down just as quickly. Breathing heavily, Ezio looked over at Sofia and Flavia, smiling, before resting his head against the back of the bench, and passing away peacefully"
User avatar #109 - mrnecro (10/18/2012) [-]
Was I the only one here that saw the Templar Insignia on his clothing
#103 - Silverboss (10/18/2012) [-]
(forgot to write this)
he left sofia and his daughter to go sit down on the bench because he said he wasn't feeling well. he then had the heart attack
User avatar #70 - Crusader (10/17/2012) [-]
No he's not.
Where did you get that information?
He went to Florence to the same market square that his family was executed in because he knew that his time was near, he just passed away of old age, it's not uncommon for someone to know that they are about to die, and want to be somewhere they love.
User avatar #76 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
He may not have been poisoned, but there was a young Templar next to him when he died.
User avatar #78 - Crusader (10/17/2012) [-]
No, that dude was just an asshole.
He was there as a reference to Ezio himself when he was younger, and some even believe it was an illegitimate child, though the latter is unlikely, as Ezio would have been with Claudia, or living in Rome when the man was conceived
User avatar #178 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
Not Claudia, Sophia.
Him being with Claudia is just too weird.
User avatar #81 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
Dude, I know for a fact that he was a Templar. He has a Templar Cross on his wrist, you can see it if you're careful when he walks by to sit down. I have a screencap if you want to see it.
#123 - breakfastlunch (10/18/2012) [-]
I have it on my computer. Just watched it again and didn't see any Templar cross. He seems a bit suspicious and odd, but I agree with Crusader that what I got from it was that he was supposed to remind us of Ezio when he was young (in the beginning of AC2).
User avatar #129 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
I can't think of a single scene from Assassin's Creed II where Ezio acts even remotely like that, can you? How about I give you the exact time? I zoomed in on his right wrist at 18:09, just as he's walking by. Also, Ezio was looking away when he said "I don't think Firenze is your problem.", then he starts coughing again. Plus, doesn't it seem a little odd that he didn't seem the least bit concerned that a man was dying in front of him?
User avatar #136 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
Well, in the beginning of AC2, Ezio is an arrogant playboy that wants to see the world.
User avatar #137 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
It never says he is arrogant nor that he wants to see the world. Where are you getting that from?
User avatar #142 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
I don't know, maybe getting into fights in the street, running away from guards, having sex with a girl and then getting chased out of the house while laughing, typically believing he is above people.
Also, he mentions that he wants to see Rome and such when he meets Leonardo.
User avatar #143 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Okay, seeing Rome I get, but c'mon, street fights? Sex and running from her father? That's not arrogant, I've done those too!
User avatar #144 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
No, the arrogance comes from believing that he has the right to do those.
User avatar #146 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Again, that's not arrogance.
Besides, that's the Creed's maxim:
Nothing is true; everything is permitted.
User avatar #147 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
   [ar-uh-guhns] Show IPA
offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

That sounds like what he showed.

The assassin's have that in order to gain the greatest good for the greatest number, not as Ezio beleives, which is personally, that is how Altair got demoted, by twisting it to fit the situation.
User avatar #151 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Okay, so first you say that arrogance comes from his belief that he can do what he wants, now you're giving me the definition that it's overbearing pride? Ezio isn't arrogant. Cesare Borgia, now he's arrogant, Ezio is confident.
Remember: Confidence is knowing you are going to win. Arrogance is saying you are going to win.
User avatar #171 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
Overbearing pride makes him believe he is going to win, it's like saying, homicide is the murder of another human, but someone committed murder because he stabbed someone.
But other than that, he was arrogant as a teen, there is no doubt.
User avatar #172 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
No, he was a regular teenager, you're exaggerating.
User avatar #174 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
And regular teenagers are arrogant, we think we are invincible, hence why most drunk driving accident, car accidents in general, fights, crimes, are usually involve teenagers.
User avatar #196 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Dude, is English not your first language? Because you keep using the word 'manipulate', and I don't think you understand what it means.
Ezio wasn't a Templar in his youth, therefore invalidating your entire claim.
User avatar #198 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
   [muh-nip-yuh-leyt] Show IPA
verb (used with object), ma·nip·u·lat·ed, ma·nip·u·lat·ing.
to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner: to manipulate people's feelings.

Meaning that Ezio's family being tricked into looking like rebels, and therefore being executed, is manipulation on the part of the templars in order to frame them.
Hence, his family is manipulated, but you are still moving away from the main point, where the young man at the end of embers is a reference to Ezio in his youth.
User avatar #192 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
He wasn't manipulated, his family was accused with no contrary evidence, therefore executed, and he wasn't a tool, he was a driving force behind the Assassin's comeback.
User avatar #193 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
He was used as a messenger and learned assassin skills, he and his family was manipulated into being executed, by who? The templars.
But still, this has moved away from the main point, where you are incorrect, that the young man at the end of embers is representative of Ezio's youth.
User avatar #188 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Yes, I can, very easily. I reject your reality and substitute my own, besides, Ezio wasn't a dirty, no-good, bottom-feedin' Templar.
User avatar #189 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
No, but he was manipulated by them (as I said before) and a tool of the Assassin's (I doubt that he just learned to climb buildings without someone showing him)

But still, the creators even said it, that makes it irrefutable.
User avatar #181 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
He never said or implied he hated Firenze, and he never complained about the women, because Ezio had Cristina. The only things they have in common are that they were both young at one point, and they both live in Firenze.
User avatar #183 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
Both are arrogant, and both are focused on women.

But you can't deny that the people that made Embers even said that he was a reference to Ezio's youth.
User avatar #179 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
It wasn't because of him being rich, and he wasn't arrogant enough to be like that, Ezio was NOTHING like that Templar bastard.
User avatar #180 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
They were both Arrogant
Both about the same age
Both focused on woman

The creators even said "It was supposed to show what Ezio started out as, and the person he ended up becoming"
User avatar #175 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
Now you're just generalizing it. Yeah he thought he was invincible, but that does not make him arrogant, at least not enough to be a defining trait of his youth.
User avatar #177 - Crusader (10/18/2012) [-]
Because he had such overbearing pride and self-importance, due to him being rich, he thought he was invincible, and therefore, him believing that he is invincible is a symptom of his arrogance.
Which he was in his youth, because he lost that trait once he became an Assassin, therefore the young man's arrogance in Ember's was reminiscent of Ezio's own arrogance as a young man.
User avatar #133 - breakfastlunch (10/18/2012) [-]
I still didn't see it.

Ezio was not such an ass when he was young, but his interests consisted of: women, women, and women. This young man thinks the city he lives in is awful, and just wants to leave because he doesn't appreciate what he has. He's not exactly like Ezio, but he reminds Ezio of his younger days in the city.
User avatar #140 - antisocialtwilight (10/18/2012) [-]
"I have plenty of outlets."
"I meant besides vaginas!"

I still think he's nothing like Ezio, and that he's a Templar. He may not have been responsible, he may have been.
User avatar #83 - Crusader (10/17/2012) [-]
Still, the man did not kill him, he was still a reference to Ezio in his youth, because Ezio's family was manipulated by the Templars, and Ezio supported them through the church before becoming an assassin, though your original point still stands invalid, the young man did not poison Ezio.
User avatar #85 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
His family wasn't manipulated by the Templars, they were murdered by them. I said that he wasn't poisoned. He's not a reference to his youth, he was a testament to the fact that the Templars are still alive.
User avatar #87 - Crusader (10/17/2012) [-]
Yes, his family was manipulated, his family was set up by the templars in an attempt to remove any assassin foothold in Florence, in an attempt to kill the Medici's so the Pazzi could gain control.
Therefore, his family was set up, manipulated, and the man is still a reference to Ezio's youth in what he said and how he acted.
User avatar #68 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
It was Firenze.
Ezio died in his home.
Requiescat in pace.
User avatar #71 - mrnecro (10/17/2012) [-]
I know; my mistake
#73 - antisocialtwilight (10/17/2012) [-]
It's cool, brah.
#77 - mrnecro (10/17/2012) [-]
#56 - More like Viagra Falls Get it...... 10/17/2012 on 4chan is a place of normal... +2
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