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  • Views: 10706
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    Uploaded: 07/30/12
    Flies. Freaking Flies. Flies. Freaking Flies.
  • Views: 1503
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    Uploaded: 08/22/12
    Expendables 3 Expendables 3
  • Views: 671
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    Uploaded: 02/03/12
  • Views: 877
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    Uploaded: 02/03/12
  • Views: 6520
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    Uploaded: 09/26/12
    Hockey/referee lockout Hockey/referee lockout
  • Views: 12208
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    Uploaded: 07/13/12
    Dirty jokes, Dirty jokes,
  • Views: 1576
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    Uploaded: 03/05/13
    Flopping around Flopping around

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#7 - Similar thing happened to me. I've been going back a… 01/01/2016 on here comes the new year 0
#226 - I can relate so hard. TL;AINTGONNAWRITEIT M… 12/17/2015 on How to get the girl 0
#84 - Thats where the problem lies. You probably are inexperienced w… 06/01/2015 on dog groomer stories 0
#81 - It's not about opinion or not... It's about common sense... Ar…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/01/2015 on dog groomer stories 0
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#82 - syntheticdoll (06/01/2015) [-]
You're using a wrong example, about a dog it's not obious he's gonna bite. Would you go under a car if the owner said none of the parts will fall out and hit you in the head?
#84 - mrbip (06/01/2015) [-]
Thats where the problem lies. You probably are inexperienced with dog behavior.

Unlike a cat (I love cats, but they're unpredictable as shit.), a dog is predictable. I don't think a dog has ever turned on someone without warning.

Tucked in tail, ears tucked back, big "sad" eyes, snarling, growling, panting, yawning, etc. All signs of a dog being scared, which usually means he's going to turn aggressive.
#65 - That is because you are imagining everything outside of our pl… 02/20/2015 on Universe +1
#64 - I'm not trying to disprove anything here, but you would probab…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/20/2015 on Universe 0
#86 - anon (02/20/2015) [-]
I'd recommend reading about the Fermi paradox but there are three basic categories about why we haven't seen any intelligent life. They are:
1. Life is Rare(it sounds like you are in this boat)
2. We're the First
3. We're Fucked
If life is simply rare than that is the greatest news ever for humanity. That means that we are truly in an extremely rare situation. This also means that life is extremely rare and that there is no Intelligent life in our galaxy besides us.

If we are first then holy shit did we get lucky, this means that life is common but we are one of the earliest intelligent life forms to come into existence. This would also mean that the universe is starting to become very different.

Finally if neither of those cases are true then we are totally fucked. Either we are going to kill our selves off or we are going to get killed. It could be that an apex species already exists and kills all intelligent life they find(this is probable based on how Humans are on Earth and the fact that a small spaceship excelled towards the speed of light would be an unstoppable planet destroyer) or maybe it is the nature of intelligent life to try to make machines which result in self destruction.
#63 - Obviously the odds of creating life are near uncalculable. An … 02/20/2015 on Universe +1
#104 - I'd go gay for him. And I love titties and ass. 05/22/2014 on Rock 'n' Roll Facts +3
#89 - In fact, yes. A coors light is a fat american beer. … 04/14/2014 on Being an "adult" 0
#18 - Most people can remember a maximum of 7 numers, +-2. … 04/14/2014 on clever business card 0