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#17 - About 1/4 down the page when hes asled about working…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/25/2016 on Harry Potter and the Blonde... +6
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#21 - tittylovin (02/25/2016) [-]
Neat, thanks.
#47 - Comment deleted 02/24/2016 on These weapons look familiar... 0
#34 - The original "queen of /b/" Was… 02/22/2016 on anon goes too far +7
#4 - Work in an animal shelter; We got a dog a week ago that was r…  [+] (10 new replies) 02/19/2016 on Crazy Movie Facts +116
#29 - bigjd (02/20/2016) [-]
tofu lion So it's true.
#17 - EdwardNigma (02/20/2016) [-]
Make the owners a 0.
#51 - megatronusoftarn (02/20/2016) [-]
No, we need to make them a -1.
#75 - anon (02/20/2016) [-]
there is nothing deader than dead (0)

but lets make -2 xDDDDddDDD!!!1111
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#13 - distortedflare (02/20/2016) [-]
Because the place a heavier importance on their ideology and message than the health and well being of the animal.
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#8 - iqequalzero (02/19/2016) [-]
Be advised.
#7 - anon (02/19/2016) [-]
Well to be fair you can feed a dog on a vegetarian diet. It just takes a lot of work to make sure they're getting the proper nutrients. Which the moronic former-owner of the dog in your image obviously did not do.

How is the dog doing anyway? Are they any better? Are they gonna make it?
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#71 - truezen (02/20/2016) [-]
not sure why you're being thumbed down for stating a fact
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#49 - sachonebeef (02/20/2016) [-]
Thumb him down all you like, the simple fact is that this anon is right. Personally, I believe you shouldn't feed a dog a vegetarian diet, but the fact of the matter is that they can get the some of the nutrients they need from the diet along with supplements for things impossible to get it planty shite.

Animals like ferrets and cats are obligate carnivores and should be fed pretty much only meaty stuff and will die no matter what if you try make them go veggie. Look it up or don't, fuck I don't even know why I'm trying to justify it. Your minds are already made up despite a lack of knowledge.
#6 - containlettersonly (02/19/2016) [-]
I thought it was a malnourished alpaca at first...
#87 - This is what Boxxy does now... 02/17/2016 on Rape-publicans 0
#27 - I was already wasted and in bed by 2am (when you streamed) 02/16/2016 on Drunk Stream? Drunk stream. 0
#30 - Every ******* time 02/08/2016 on i wish that i could do this +17
#22 - Wish that was my local store. Went to buy pants yeste… 02/07/2016 on Elven Sneakers 0
#32 - I wish it snowed like it did two years ago, when it was like 5…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/07/2016 on winter 0
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#63 - roannoke (02/07/2016) [-]
Well supposedly its rolling in tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
#106 - Now, I dont know **** about mortars, been out for a long time …  [+] (3 new replies) 02/07/2016 on Work stories from a medic comp 0
#147 - anon (02/07/2016) [-]
the thing that arms traditional mortar rounds is the actual act of firing I THINK (and could be totally wrong) but the ignition of the propellant arms the war head itself.
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#137 - TopDawg (02/07/2016) [-]
A thing that's known to go boom landed in front of you but didn't go boom. You run away in hopes that if it does go boom you don't go with it. If anything its good practice, if a mortar shell misfires and sputters out a few feet away from you, you should probably get the hell away and continue valuing your life.
#107 - innocentbabies (02/07/2016) [-]
I don't honestly know, but in general, flaming explosives, even if they shouldn't explode, are best to give a fairly wide berth. Especially one that also includes some kind of sensitive fuse, even if theoretically inert.