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Man, fuck feminists.

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#11 - I don't know why but I noticed that Solaire in the bottom two … 4 hours ago on Some relaxing Pixel art part 5 0
#19 - By that logic, LITERAL ******* GOD probably wouldn't give a **…  [+] (4 new replies) 5 hours ago on Never forget the pokemon +2
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#20 - leonhardt (4 hours ago) [-]
Yeah it gets weird with legendaries
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#24 - mayorspookums (51 minutes ago) [-]
Aren't legendary's impossible to catch in the Pokemon universe?
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#25 - andytang (48 minutes ago) [-]
there was that one dude who beat the shit out of ash with a latios and a darkrai in a tournament
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#26 - mayorspookums (45 minutes ago) [-]
That's what don't understand, are there more then one legendary? I know Lugia and latios and latias can reproduce, but how do you catch darkrai. I think Arceus is the one that is impossible to catch.
#3 - Good thing it's just a greentext and not a meme then. 5 hours ago on IT +3
#72133 - pls no girls have cooties 5 hours ago on Cancer 0
#37 - Have you played 5e? Think there's any way to do that sort of t…  [+] (1 new reply) 6 hours ago on Would you D&D with me? I'd... 0
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#46 - skyrimdovah (3 hours ago) [-]
Haven't played 5e, cause I've heard the general consensus say "Anything after 3.5 is not D&D". And I wouldn't advise doing anything that makes you like this, cause either the DM will allow it, and your adventuring mates will hate you for taking all the XP, or the DM will find a way to kill you, laying waste to your hours of work.

If you want my advice, pick a theme for a character, and stick to it. That's basically how I made my Greater-Greatsword fighter. I decided I wanted my next character to be a wielder of Colossal weapons, I put time in looking at feats, items, other shit to make it most effective.
#30 - If you ever need help with ANYTHING on DS3, let me know since … 6 hours ago on Dark souls Comp #2 0
#29 - That's how it was with almost everyone. 6 hours ago on Dark souls Comp #2 0
#31 - I know pretty much nothing about Marie Antoinette, but recentl…  [+] (1 new reply) 8 hours ago on Random Facts #5 0
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#34 - dislikinator (7 hours ago) [-]
imma unload some french onto you.

'Antoinette': Antonia is Antoinette's second name. Antoine is a french masculine name (french for Anton) and Antonia is the feminine form, but doesn't appear in French. 'ette' is the french feminine diminutive.
'Antoinette' means 'Little Antonia' and it seems like an attempt of making a French feminine form of the name.

Knowing 'ette', Marionette would make you think 'Little Mario', and you would be almost right. It's actually from Marion, a different diminutive (in modern french masculine, in old french it could be either) from the word Marie, French for the Latin Maria or English Mary.
Marionette is a double diminutive. It doesn't make her smaller, but it means that the original diminutive became a word seperate from the original meaning so they had to make a new word for that. Happens a lot in any language. Especially English is filled with this kind of words, mainly because there isn't really a real diminutive case left aside from mini- so all other words that were usually used with the diminutive became a word on their own And that was about right because the Marion was a semi-automaton in church that would make the child crèches after church more lively and interesting to children. These were smaller than humans, but still way bigger than marionettes so when they started to make puppets that 'moved in a human-like fashion (joints and shit)', they inspired it on those automatons and named them 'small marions' because the first marionette play that took off was 'the three maries'. If the last supper was the first one to take off, it would probably be called something like 'judonette' of 'Jesonette'
However, the sources aren't too clear. Marionettes were peasant's entertainment so they weren't used in scripts until actually really quite late.
And Mary, in all forms, is and always has been a very popular name. Even my mom's first name and dad's second name are derivatives of that. As a girl in Antoinette's day and age, you basically had a 1 in 3 chance you were gonna be called 'mary'.
#6 - Literally the only good thing about Hardline.  [+] (3 new replies) 10 hours ago on Reload Animations +34
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#22 - natobro (1 hour ago) [-]
I though the faster time-to-kill was another good thing Hardline had going for it. (Until recently).
#8 - anon (9 hours ago) [-]
And bashing in pigs heads with bats, n the couch, but not much else Y U BLOK BRO ;-;
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#20 - elsanna (1 hour ago) [-]
>bashing in pigs heads with bats

The world may never know.
#57 - They're both fantastic in their own ways. Also, how ******…  [+] (5 new replies) 10 hours ago on defend this +3
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#60 - captainprincess (9 hours ago) [-]
They're not even different characters I didn't think
tara's version is after harley had a bit of growing up and realized she probably shouldnt keep forgiving the psychotic man who beats and then ignores her so often
#113 - funnyhat (3 hours ago) [-]
"tara's version"?
Tara Strong has been voicing Harley Quinn since ever
User avatar
#114 - captainprincess (3 hours ago) [-]
not in the old animated series that a good deal of us know her from
i.e the version people are pining over when they declare how they dislike tara's version

so no
not since ever
just for a long time
#115 - funnyhat (3 hours ago) [-]
oh, wow, i just checked - i thought Tara voiced her then, seems i was wrong
User avatar
#117 - captainprincess (3 hours ago) [-]
if anything that just means tara did a good job replicating the same voice and personality
to you anyway