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FJ's really fucking autistic, but I've been here too long to leave so fuck it.

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#13 - I was bullied for about a year in high school. Eventually I en…  [+] (2 replies) 09/19/2016 on bullies 0
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#15 - linxus (09/19/2016) [-]
did you two fuck?
#16 - morphodite (09/19/2016) [-]
Nah, he wasn't my type. I mean I'm not gay or anything, but if I'm gonna get fucked by a dude I'd like to have a lot in common with him.
#14 - I overcame this with apathy. I don't give a **** about relatio…  [+] (3 replies) 09/19/2016 on me irl +11
#17 - postingfromwork (09/19/2016) [-]
It doesn't matter if you're single or not.
Women are only ever interested in what can satisfy their highest priority requirement.

When they're poor, they'll cling to you for financial support.
When they're sad, they'll pine for your attention.
If they need a hot guy to bang them senseless, they'll drop everything else.

No remorse, no respite, no loyalty.
As soon as you fulfill one her needs, a new one will arise and she will find another guy to fulfill it.
#15 - anon (09/19/2016) [-]
I find it hard to believe that anyone wants to be single, but if it is actually the case then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Live and let live brother
#16 - morphodite (09/19/2016) [-]
I mean there are plenty of benefits to being single. I think the biggest one for me is not having to explain what you're thinking or doing, and not having to worry about being judged for things. I can just be me 24/7. Even if you don't mind too much, there are always parts of yourself that you can't express when you're around other people. They can be big or small, but they're always there. I don't mind turning off parts of my personality while hanging out with a friend for a day, but living with and being in a relationship with someone is an entirely different experience. You can only truly be yourself at all times when you're single.
#109 - Manga finished like 2 years ago. Anime's still running, but it…  [+] (1 reply) 09/17/2016 on Naruto tweets +1
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#110 - lawlight (09/17/2016) [-]
wow they sure as hell are trying there best to keep it running with fillers i suppose