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#52 - Never forget, the best weapon of them all since the USAS 12G F…  [+] (1 reply) 09/20/2016 on "World War 1 seen through... +6
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#75 - heartlessrobot (09/21/2016) [-]
Or the bayonet.
Best way to get kills as the medic, since the rifles kinda blew.
And the grenade attachments were useless, needed a gas one.
#37 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/29/2016 on Hours of entertainment. +5
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#45 - Tyranitar (08/29/2016) [-]
Somebody needs to make that creature on Spore for me now.
#10 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/16/2016 on /pol/ was right again +14
#26 - ripinkill (08/17/2016) [-]
video has been terminated.
#12 - Snipers: This guy sucks in particular  [+] (15 replies) 08/12/2016 on This succs If you know what... +106
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#60 - ruba (08/13/2016) [-]
Fun fact.

A little over half of all recruits can be trained to be good enough shots to be snipers.

It is just that very few people have it in them to shoot to kill and actually think your kills out instead of doing it on twitch reflex and becoming a PTSD-ridden alcoholic later.
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#79 - thechosentroll (08/13/2016) [-]
Well, I mean you basically have to either be a psychopath or desensitized to the idea of killing to the point where you're practically a psychopath, in order to be a good sniper without turning into a broken mess. Psychopaths are more common than people think, but nowhere near common and few people have the mental resilience for the second option.
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#72 - nickelakon (08/13/2016) [-]
I know this is true
My senior DS in basic said that he was such a bad shot that his DS shot his target to qual him. However he ended up in sniper school and they taught him how to shoot and he quickly became one of the best.
I remember seeing him in his ASUs before graduation
All the metals and pins, and his blue infantry cord... definitely wasn't prepared for how much stuff he had.
#22 - theydontlikeu (08/13/2016) [-]
drill sergeants: You suck!
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#35 - metalguitarest (08/13/2016) [-]
That picture is a Drill INSTRUCTOR. Get your shit straight
#42 - theydontlikeu (08/13/2016) [-]
sir, google assured me that this is a drill sergeant,
#63 - jagdfuchs (08/13/2016) [-]
Go to a Marine training base. Find a drill instructor. I dare you to call him a drill sergeant. Bonus points for drill sarge and escape the encounter.
#65 - theydontlikeu (08/13/2016) [-]
i pick truth instead.
#66 - jagdfuchs (08/13/2016) [-]
Good choice suh!
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#55 - metalguitarest (08/13/2016) [-]
I'm a Marine, we don't call them Drill Sergeants that's army shit. We call them Drill Instructors. So Google is full of shit
#61 - theydontlikeu (08/13/2016) [-]
do they teach you how to kill both enemies and jokes in the marines?
#76 - anon (08/13/2016) [-]
We joke with each other but not with civilians. It's so we stay out of trouble.
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#70 - metalguitarest (08/13/2016) [-]
Yes, our chain of command makes sure to take any happiness you may have from you and gun it down like a gay child in the south
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#38 - puut (08/13/2016) [-]
No, shhhh. Let him call a drill instructor a drill sergeant. I wanna see what happens.
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#17 - bemmo (08/13/2016) [-]
*It's about to suck for this guy in particular
These things are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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