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latest user's comments

#54 - Posh Green wanker wrecks Labour old wanker in …  [+] (1 reply) 09/18/2016 on Britbong politics +3
User avatar
#66 - Sethorein (09/18/2016) [-]
The Green sounds like such a sweet little thing. Not an ounce of intimidation to his voice.
#1 - I worked in a cinema up until recently and it used to bother m…  [+] (34 replies) 08/15/2016 on Credits +275
User avatar
#73 - kanyesfishsticks (08/17/2016) [-]
They buy it to piss you off.
User avatar
#69 - dabombmanater (08/16/2016) [-]
Doesnt it usually come at a certain size with the combo? Its probably just a matter of not thinking to ask to have the drink downsized.
User avatar
#63 - frutus (08/16/2016) [-]
I don't think the people that complain about the price are the same people that leave half their drinks.

But I could be wrong.
#11 - thepizzadevourer (08/16/2016) [-]
People don't want to have to pee halfway through the film.
User avatar
#67 - jopesane (08/16/2016) [-]
It's not coke that's in the mug
#29 - erble (08/16/2016) [-]
Then don't buy a large coke, or take the leftovers home.
This is in no way a response to his point.
#28 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
people need some self control

they get their get drinks and food and shove it all down their throats before the previews are done

the fuck is wrong with people
#58 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
Part of the experience man. I know it would be better to slow down on it. But I don't want to be eating during the best parts. Imma finish my food during the parts I don't give a fuck about. As for the drink, I just love feeling physical pain trying to get up at the end of the movie.
#17 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
pee into the cup and then when the betas come for free food, they get lemon coca cola
User avatar
#47 - yologdog (08/16/2016) [-]
But I'm not Chinese so I know not to do that.
#51 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
Fuck you jap dog
Korean dog
Viet dog
Fuck you China is better and more powerful than any of you filthy gook pale jap mother fuck
User avatar
#52 - yologdog (08/16/2016) [-]
Me Chinee!
Me no know!
Me go peepee in your coke!
User avatar
#61 - ipartywithpedobear (08/16/2016) [-]
I grew up with it as
"Me Chinese, me pl r ay joke", so that way it rhymed
#10 - muken (08/16/2016) [-]
If I brought my own snacks, I pick up after myself. If I overpaid for popcorn by thousands of percent, you can bet I'm going to assume cleanup service is included in that cost.
User avatar
#33 - shorea (08/16/2016) [-]
no, but did you even read what he said? The popcorn/nacho mess is understandable, but you cry that the Coke is so expensive and then leave half of it. what's the point?
User avatar
#19 - fatalmaster (08/16/2016) [-]
I spit out the corn that wasn't popped because I don't feel like breaking my teeth. I can't help the fact you didn't give me the best popcorn you could offer.
#9 - muken has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#7 - landartheconqueror (08/16/2016) [-]
as someone who worked in a theatre for 2 years, i know exactly how you feel
#15 - Glitched (08/16/2016) [-]
As someone who leaves trash in theaters i don't know how you could sympathize.

I pay a 400%-600% mark up for items. The least the theater can do for ass raping people is clean up after them.

With that said, people would still leave trash if it was sold at cost.
I wouldn't though.
User avatar
#71 - landartheconqueror (08/16/2016) [-]
bruh, there's no reason you can't be polite and take out your trash. if you don't like how much it costs, don't buy it, or just sneak in your own food. don't need to be an ass hat
#68 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
don't buy something if you think it overpriced
don't leave trash
there you go, how hard is it?
#59 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
If you look at the drinks it is much more than a 600% markup. The other items probably are, but the drinks shouldn't cost more than 20 cents to make.
#50 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
then don't pay for the items? you don't have to pay for it you fucking retard, the theatre doesnt owe you anything, food is their main source of income
User avatar
#23 - bemmo (08/16/2016) [-]
As someone who has never worked in a cinema, if you're paying 400-600% mark-up on these items then why not take the things with you to actually finish them?
#46 - archiethesailor (08/16/2016) [-]
As someone who understands nothing, this has been a very interesting conversation.
#22 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
As someone that understands how the film industry rapes the theaters i feel oblidged to explain just why the prices are so horrendous.
You see for every ticket sold the theaters have to give between 50 and 60% directly to the producer, there was even a boycott by theaters against Avengers 2 because the producers tried to get 65%.
The remainder is spend on equipment and bills.
So the only profit a theater is ever gonna make is with the drinks and snacks which also has to pay for employees salary.
#24 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
I must mention that the mentioned boycott was in Germany.
User avatar
#6 - balanced (08/16/2016) [-]
For some reason the movie theater near me is like 4.50 for a small 4.75 for a medium and 5.00 for a large. A small is like 8 ounces and a large is like half a gallon. I have no idea why they do it like that. You pretty much have to get the large too because small and medium are flimsy paper cups and large is plastic.
#60 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
They do it because that 25 cent increase alone is enough to pay for the creation of a full large drink. So they lose nothing in profits by only increasing the price by 25 cents, and you still buy it because otherwise you feel like you are wasting your money on the smaller option.
User avatar
#8 - iamnotpolarpulse (08/16/2016) [-]
they do that so people buy the large its a scam
User avatar
#41 - wrpen (08/16/2016) [-]
Dude, I don't know about you, but 5 bucks for a large at a theater is like buying the Hope Diamond for 19.99.
User avatar
#4 - buckymcbadbait (08/16/2016) [-]
it's called strategy you wouldn't understand
User avatar
#2 - quesocnkane (08/15/2016) [-]
Same man. I used to work at a movie theater, and I had the same thought.

The day I quit I was offered a machining job making 4x as much. I was planning on being polie and giving my 2 weeks like a normal person, but my manager ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to help me clean up 2 HUGE piles of ICEE Blue puke from 2 faggot little kids.

Inb4 the manager is your superior, they dont need to help. FUCK THAT. As much fun cleaning up ICEE colored puke 5 times in a week, it loses its novelty really fucking fast.

It was on that day I understood why a good leader will "never make their [subordinates] do something they themselves wouldnt also do themselves."
#3 - mollyddog (08/15/2016) [-]
I found that in my job too.

The brass had no interest in helping out when the place was packed. Only one manager ever came down to help and she was promoted from the retail ranks only recently.

It was the day I had to use the "poo cannon" on one of the gents' toilets that I said to myself, "stuff minimum wage, I'm better than this" and quit
#6 - But it steals energy from the nearest Sun. Which is a star. …  [+] (12 replies) 12/26/2015 on Star Destroyed -1
User avatar
#15 - darmenias (12/26/2015) [-]
No, no, those big ships aren't the planetary thing in the most recent movie. There's a distinction and it's pretty big.
User avatar
#13 - huntergriff (12/26/2015) [-]
no...that's starkiller.
#27 - thempc (12/26/2015) [-]
this is also starkiller didn't disney decanonize him though?
#43 - lexoheight (12/26/2015) [-]
Yep. Everything but the movies pre-Disney is no longer canon this applies selectively because fuck you
#101 - howaboutnsfw (12/26/2015) [-]
While they're at it can they decanonize the prequels too. Lets be honest, you guys wouldn't miss them.
User avatar
#54 - paraxo (12/26/2015) [-]
He has no effect on the main story at all though really
The two starkiller games are just an "Oh hey, this happened between ___ and ___, but everything as you know it is the same".
User avatar
#11 - platinumaltaria (12/26/2015) [-]
There is only one Sun, our local star. All others have other names.
User avatar
#10 - vorarephilia (12/26/2015) [-]
A star is a sun to the planets orbiting it. No planets mean it isn't a sun.

squares and rectangles thing
User avatar
#12 - platinumaltaria (12/26/2015) [-]
Nope, the "Sun" is a name, other stars are just that. The same way that other planets have moons, but ours is simply "the Moon".
User avatar
#8 - ohemgeezus (12/26/2015) [-]
How does a star destroyer steal energy from a sun?
#9 - mollyddog (12/26/2015) [-]
Ah I meant Starkiller.

I don't Star Wars well.

I'll just go...
User avatar
#7 - crazyguyindahood (12/26/2015) [-]
sun/sol whatever is the name of our star, btw you missed
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