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I play the trumpet, I collect swords, and I absolutely love Hello Kitty and Pokemon!

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#20 - idea 12/05/2015 on Could it work? +18
#62 - Ayyy, that event was on my campus Security was ******… 12/05/2015 on Feel the Burn (Hillerpies) +1
#52 - That sounds like a very interesting movie idea  [+] (5 new replies) 12/05/2015 on Memed on +20
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#57 - notjustalurker (12/05/2015) [-]
"Rob Schneider is a thumblr whitekninght. Only problem is: he is about to become a 4chan memelord!
And he derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb"
Rated PG 13
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#55 - beersack (12/05/2015) [-]
He's a 4chan meme lord she's a tumblerina, in what rolling Stones calls "the feel good comedy of the year," Jack Black and Melissa McCarthy, in Whale Watching, coming this Valentines Day
#58 - anon (12/05/2015) [-]
poster quote line: "It's a meme you dip!"
#93 - beersack (12/05/2015) [-]
You genius holy shit
#56 - anon (12/05/2015) [-]
Fucking spectacular mate, that's perfect.
#51 - "Babe this isn't soy" "and you don't exist" 12/05/2015 on Get it yourself 0
#132 - I've never met somebody who has hypno. 12/05/2015 on Fantastic 0
#73 - He actually did it, that absolute madman 12/05/2015 on Who's Your Daddy Steam... +5
#48 - There is no way this isn't from porn. 12/04/2015 on how to make a nintendo Mii +4
#3 - Centipede. 12/04/2015 on (untitled) -2
#12 - ***** WHAT THE **** YOU DOIN 12/04/2015 on The Oatmeal comic +3
#43 - Make your dick smell like italy 12/04/2015 on (untitled) +7
#188 - Too bad she didn't achieve it in her lifetime … 12/04/2015 on Short lived +2
#77 - Not a cat 12/03/2015 on flip flops are alternative... +10
#40 - Imagine needing to wander around a store as your mom's shoppin… 12/03/2015 on racism 0
#129 - They're much less human cuz they're rabbits  [+] (1 new reply) 12/03/2015 on dogs +10
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#132 - mutzaki (12/03/2015) [-]
That was cute.
#127 - They have been since Mr. Meaty aired. 12/03/2015 on dogs +9
#71 - I used to be a sceney weenie, you little rabbit ^-^  [+] (1 new reply) 12/03/2015 on moldybreadcrumb's profile 0
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#72 - sackit (12/03/2015) [-]
In that case i`m a dire-rabbit from that movie
#73 - If that was true we wouldn't have a word for "victory".  [+] (21 new replies) 12/03/2015 on Languages +65
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#131 - razerdude (12/03/2015) [-]
its true because we have surender
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#122 - moldybreadcrumb (12/03/2015) [-]
#88 - rockerforlife (12/03/2015) [-]
Ironic because France has the most military victories out of any country.

According to historian Niall Ferguson, of the 125 major European wars fought since 1495, the French have participated in fifty – more than both Austria (forty-seven) and England (forty-three). And they’ve achieved an impressive batting average: out of 168 battles fought since 387 BC, they have won 109, lost forty-nine and drawn ten.
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#104 - alcantara (12/03/2015) [-]
The problem with statistical analysis of history like that, is the equation of very different states due to a shared georaphical area, history, and to some degree culture; what we also need to remember, for the comparitive part, is that "Britain" is relatively new, whereas England as an independent state was both very active beforehand and sent armies to battles in an unofficial capacity - England, and then Britain, have a long history of fighting in almost any European war against the French, with that trend switching to against the Germans when Germany overtook France as the main continental power.

But to come back to the main point; France gained a lot of victories during the Napoleonic era, but what we find is that in modern history they have been decimated in wars - an equivalent example would be the strength of Italy during the Roman years, only for Fascist Italy to struggle everywhere they went to the point even their allies called them cowards.
User avatar
#113 - rockerforlife (12/03/2015) [-]
Yes but my point is that the meme of France as cowards and losers is outdated and completely juxtaposed by their massive military victories.

To paint them as a nation known for surrendering doesn't do them justice and is a pretty bleak joke.
#130 - anon (12/03/2015) [-]
No one cares whether or not a meme is based on facts or not as long as everyone understands the meme
#97 - thrifty (12/03/2015) [-]
What about the ones they didn't fight even fight....

You know like that World War 2 thing.
#128 - happyzzzz (12/03/2015) [-]
what is the source for that?
User avatar
#133 - thrifty (12/03/2015) [-]
For the song?

It's Charles Manson, shooped into The Big Laugh - Jürgen Schlachter.
#99 - rockerforlife (12/03/2015) [-]
Bitch the Nazi war machine was the scariest motherfucking nation of its day. Can you fucking imagine having that shit ON YOUR BORDERS right after it RAPED like 3 nations, ignoring like 5 treaties? That's fucking TERRIFYING.

France had two choices: either be DECIMATED and have their innocents WIPED OUT by the Nazi war machine
give in for a few years, fight them from inside, until your allies can save you.

It pretty much had no fucking choice if it didn't want all its people to die. In fact, if you look at the countries around Germany.
>Poland got raped as fuck
>GB was fairly far away (and Germans hadn't built up their navy or flight power yet)
>who the fuck wants switzerland
>Italy was fascist allied with Germany
>Brussels/Luxembourg/Netherlands RAPED
>Spain's a fascist useless hellhole
>Eastern europe is pretty much taken over/USSR's business
>that leaves France, not only the biggest bone to pick that the Germans had, but also RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO THEM.

They picked the smart choice. And now 60 years later, historically illiterate teenagers on the internet laugh about how France surrendered to the Nazis.

We can laugh at them all they want, but if ANY other powerful country had the Nazis bordering them, they would've surrendered too.
#134 - thrifty (12/03/2015) [-]
Well you called me historically illiterate but thumbed me up.

They may have picked the smart choice but it doesn't excuse the way in which the seceded from the union with the UK right after they'd agreed to it with Churchill.
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#139 - rockerforlife (12/04/2015) [-]
I respect your viewpoint.

Also I love that video.

Tell me more.
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#119 - turkeycop (12/03/2015) [-]
I would like to point out that during the 10 years leading up to and the years during the second world war that the Italian military was terrible. They lost to the Ethiopians, couldn't take Greece, and lost most of the battles they had against the Third French Republic; even though they out numbered them during the battles.
#110 - tilias (12/03/2015) [-]
Get your facts straight!

France was the second most powerful nation of the world at this time. (second to Britain) But France was, like Britain, arrogant and confident about their military might.

Britain and France declared war to the German Reich at september 3rd 1939.French forces attacked the German Reich at september 9th 1939 and captured 12 villages and cities until their advance was stopped by the Wehrmacht at the defensive Westwall.
After that, France and Britain began to amass their forces at the german/french borders to crush the Westwall.
The german reich tried to negotiate peace with britain and france in october 1939, which they refused (06.10.1939) and continued to amass their forces.

After that, the German Reich attacked France trough Belgium at may 10th 1940 to avoid the French/British armys.

The Wehrmacht was fighting a furious "Blitzkrieg" based on Guderian's ideas of highly mobile formations in combined arms, which were never seen before in this scale. Also Rommel and his ghost division.

French generals were arrogant enough to dismiss reports about regiments and army groups defeted by the wehrmacht, as a hoax.

To make things more impressive: The wehrmacht was fighting with light Panzer I - III tanks, since the Tiger wasn't in service until 1942, so no "Wunderwaffen"

France was forced to surrender at June 22nd 1940, after a month of fierce fighting. now you know, where the "french surrender" meme come from ;-)

This period of european history (1918-1940) is highly interesting and sadly nobody seems to care how WW2 could have happened. It's only "lol Nazis bashed everyone!!!!1111lololol"
#114 - thrifty (12/03/2015) [-]
Awesome post.

I was mainly taking the piss above in >>#97 , my Grandad fought in WW2 in Egypt I think and he was bitter as fuck against the French since we (UK) almost had a dual nationality with them until they capitulated against what they'd told Churchill they were doing. Literally the day after IIRC.
User avatar
#112 - rockerforlife (12/03/2015) [-]
Wow! I'm adding you.

Very interesting but you only proved my point that the Nazis were fucking terrifying.
User avatar
#109 - alcantara (12/03/2015) [-]
Russia didn't surrender, Poland fought having overestimated their force and underestimated the German force. Moral posturing of the French surrender is laughable given the atrocities of the occupation, and indeed the outright cooperation of much of France. It was cowardice, excusable only due to the fact that it was the British who committed them to the war. It was strategic and military incompetence, they still believed in trench warfare, they put all their eggs in one basket with the Maginot Line, they failed to consider Germany once more using Belgium to strike. And this resistence, laughable, a majority of it was spent on their backs pleasuring Nazi Officers, and what little contribution was made is amplified post-war to try and restore a degree of honour to Germany's whore.

I'll wait for you to call me an uneducated teen; not as if I've studied this or anyhing, totally don't have a piece of worthless paper to back that up, no sir.
User avatar
#117 - rockerforlife (12/03/2015) [-]
Yes but I wouldn't call the French cowards. The Nazis were still terrifying and France was a cultural capital of the world around this point and a hugely urbanized and industrialized center. France didn't outright cooperate though, that's like saying all the American slaves were happily in bondage and never rebelled.

I will attest to their military incompetence and the laughable Maginot line, even their arrogance. (but I mean this is 20th century Europe we're talking about here, coming straight out of the age of nationalism). Outright denying French resistance is just wrong, because again, my point, Nazis were fucking terrifying. And they were right there to bully the French into anything. www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/resistance-movements/the-french-resistance/

All I'm saying is the meme is outdated and cowardice is not the word, fellow history major, except you probably graduated and I haven't
User avatar
#129 - alcantara (12/03/2015) [-]
To draw from your source, 150 acts of sabotage in 1943-44... I mean, the Germans probably had higher numbers than that, when you include the likes of Oscar Schindler purposefully producing unusable equiptment from the materials entering their factories.
#81 - thrifty (12/03/2015) [-]
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#80 - cuntism (12/03/2015) [-]
#293 - Picture 12/03/2015 on Abort the babies +1
#27 - Picture 12/03/2015 on Almost +5
#7 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 12/03/2015 on Eyebrow game too strong +20
#18 - darealmcfanyt Comment deleted by moldybreadcrumb
#22 - vexaton Comment deleted by moldybreadcrumb
#23 - darealmcfanyt Comment deleted by moldybreadcrumb
#76 - Well there goes any possibility in a porn career  [+] (1 new reply) 12/03/2015 on kek +2
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#81 - fatminion (12/03/2015) [-]
actually, she might have a career for that very reason. I mean, John Bobbit got his start in porn after his dick was cut off [and put back on again]. Probably they'll do something like, "hey bitch, I'm gonna fuck you so hard in the ass! Wait, what? Damn, girl, you ain't got no ass. Looks like it's you who will fuck me in my ass" (bow chicka bow-wow)
#75 - Let's just say her very "powerful speech" is going t… 12/03/2015 on kek +52
#26 - ****** just can't make up their mind about their roof's angle 12/03/2015 on Roar of time +1
#183 - I sincerely hoped you typed that as a rhyme 12/03/2015 on putting it out there +2
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#73 - nickypickle (02/18/2016) [-]
so, are you also a person who enjoys cave story and cave story accessories
#74 to #73 - moldybreadcrumb (02/18/2016) [-]
Yesyesyes, cave story makes me extra moist
#68 - sackit (12/02/2015) [-]
Rawrrrr xD
#69 to #68 - moldybreadcrumb (12/03/2015) [-]
Rawr means i love you in dinosaur
#70 to #69 - sackit (12/03/2015) [-]
How did you know :,(
#71 to #70 - moldybreadcrumb (12/03/2015) [-]
I used to be a sceney weenie, you little rabbit ^-^
#72 to #71 - sackit (12/03/2015) [-]
In that case i`m a dire-rabbit from that movie
#53 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
Hi! few things to start off with =] 1. yes I added you because you're a female funnyjunker, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian. 3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen.
#54 to #53 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]
Ayyy whats up my fellow whore
Do you not live in England?
#55 to #54 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
#56 to #55 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]
Do you know someone named Katie Bitch?
Yeah, her last name's bitch. It's actually bitch. But that's besides the point.
Well if you do, youuuuu should totes begotes tell her i said hi.

Also, do you like mac n cheese?
#57 to #56 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
I know someone called Katie that's a bitch
But no
I mean
I know England small but we don't all know each other lmao

Nah I hate pasta and anything pasta oriented
#58 to #57 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]


#59 to #58 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
It just tastes like it isn't cooked and has the consistency of worms
I like milk and cheese tho
I've never tried pb&j, I don't think we have many American foodstuffs here
#61 to #59 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]
Oh! I also forgot to ask, what exactly were your intentions through Friending me here?
I understand that there's always a tendency for males to Friend females, but why is that the case?
I'm just curious here, I've always wondered why that's the case.
#64 to #61 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
#65 to #64 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
ok well that doesnt work
#63 to #61 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
>>53, it was literally just to make this cringe joke
no other reason
also fancied a chat with someone i didnt know
#66 to #63 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]
I didn't even know i had 53 comments on my profile
Ayy i am gonna go to bed now as it is 12:00 here (wait...isn't it 5am where you are?). Either way i may be on tomorrow. I mineaswell switch my thingything to show people when i'm online. Feel free to message me whenever i am. If i don't respond i'm in class,
#67 to #66 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
yeah i should probably sleep too
im like always on so i'll drop a message some time tomorrow evening
anyways, sleep well
#60 to #59 - moldybreadcrumb (12/01/2015) [-]
Now by pasta we're talkin' bout penne here, none of that ******** spaghetti stuff
and **** sauce, sauce is demon incarnate
what we's got here is genuine homemade ziti penne tossed in a mixture of cream, butter, and a ******** of cheese all mixed into one caloric-monstrosity that can be slapped with the label food.
And a bit of pepper.

But still no bueno?

Ayy, what'm i saying here, i don't eat fish n' chips so i guess it's all even as it is, eh?
#62 to #60 - optimussum (12/01/2015) [-]
probably because i hate tomatoes and pasta seems to always have tomatoes on.
i did have some that was made by these italian couchsurfers that were staying at my mates house and it was 10/10

yeah i can get why people wouldnt like fish and chips, its not exactly bursting with flavour
#51 - mrfloop (07/08/2015) [-]
#52 to #51 - moldybreadcrumb (07/08/2015) [-]
#38 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
#39 to #38 - moldybreadcrumb (05/10/2015) [-]
#40 to #39 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
#41 to #40 - moldybreadcrumb (05/10/2015) [-]
#42 to #41 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
#43 to #42 - moldybreadcrumb (05/10/2015) [-]
#44 to #43 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
ok bby lubu nite<3333
#45 to #44 - moldybreadcrumb (05/10/2015) [-]
#46 to #45 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
#47 to #46 - moldybreadcrumb (05/10/2015) [-]
I dont <3 you, i <4 you!!!
#48 to #47 - flugeljester (05/10/2015) [-]
#49 to #48 - moldybreadcrumb (05/11/2015) [-]
#50 to #49 - flugeljester (05/11/2015) [-]
bae pls
#37 - misskayla (03/24/2015) [-]
#26 - snickeratit (02/14/2015) [-]
Hi, how's it going?
#29 to #26 - moldybreadcrumb (02/15/2015) [-]
i had a date for valentine's day!
#30 to #29 - moldybreadcrumb (02/15/2015) [-]
It was...my mom, and dad, and sister...
#31 to #30 - moldybreadcrumb (02/15/2015) [-]
I apologize for the late reply and all, i was actually stuck running around alot today
My sister lives a great deal away from us so we had to go pick her up before going out to eat. And of course, the northeast is getting another blizzard, so we had to prepare for that.
How was your day?
#32 to #31 - snickeratit (02/15/2015) [-]
Ha! That;s okay, I wasn't really taking the whole valentine's thing seriously, just thought it was a nice excuse to get to know a fellow Fjer.

My day was cool, just watched some movies at home. Alone.

#33 to #32 - moldybreadcrumb (02/15/2015) [-]
Oh, sounds fun. I don't know which one's more depressing, going out to eat with one's parents or watching movies alone. I mean, one, you get free food but you're with your parents, but the other one's watching movi---oooo what movies?
#34 to #33 - snickeratit (02/15/2015) [-]
Well, I rewatched a lot of the Starwars movies, and then I watched an older-ish movie my dad recommended to me a bit ago called Roxanne. Pretty good watch. I usually get surprised when an old movies is really good. For no reason at all, really, because I've seen a lot of amazing old movies, it's just some weird subconcious standard that makes me set a low expectation. I don't really know.
#37 to #34 - moldybreadcrumb (05/01/2015) [-]
Done with school now, i can live again or whatever one would call this.
I'm the same way with old movies. I think it's just a difference in society, if that makes any sense. I guess porn's the best analogy (sadly). Like, back in the 80's, there was bush and creepy mustaches everywhere; nowdays, not many people are into that, similar to how nowdays not many people are into the common tropes from 80's movies. For me, i think it's the visual and audio differences. I don't like the "vintage" sound of the voices, and the "vintage" sound of crappily-recorded music.
Actually, looking back on it, i don't think i've liked any film made prior to the mid-eighties...star wars was ok and all, but i'm all for remaking classic films, as long as directors do it for the sake of preserving, instead of adding to - which, sadly, they all seem too keen on doing. E.G, every ******* remake ever.
So, how've you been? I'm just getting around to replying to like everybody i didn't reply to (a total of you and one other person sums up who i have as "pen pal" type buddies), i've been going through kinda a rough time in the past 5 months or so and i'm just coming out of a rut, so i figured i'd get back on the ball of talking to people.
#27 to #26 - tridaak (02/14/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
#28 to #27 - snickeratit (02/14/2015) [-]
#22 - canyou (01/28/2015) [-]
Hey by the way I'm secretly purplejacket. I'm not ignoring you I just don't feel like switching accounts. Please please PLEASE don't share that with anyone
#23 to #22 - moldybreadcrumb (01/28/2015) [-]
The thing on the board?
#24 to #23 - canyou (01/28/2015) [-]
Yeah the guy from meetme. I didn't want you thinking I was ignoring you. I use that account to thumb up my main accounts comments on frontpage, but since it's several years old I also use it just so I don't have to be canyou for a while. lol
#25 to #24 - moldybreadcrumb (01/28/2015) [-]
Oh, it's ok! I won't tell anyone.
#20 - lightingmike (12/05/2014) [-]
I like fish.
#21 to #20 - moldybreadcrumb (12/05/2014) [-]
I consider myself great at catching fish, but I need a coelecanth for my niece by tomorrow! Can you catch one for me, mayor? pleaseee?
#10 - mysticpichu (01/06/2014) [-]
have this random guy I do not know
#11 to #10 - moldybreadcrumb (01/06/2014) [-]
Oh, are you the person who drew this?
#12 to #11 - mysticpichu (01/06/2014) [-]
no I just removed the background. makes for a better profile pic it was mine ages ago
no I just removed the background. makes for a better profile pic it was mine ages ago
#13 to #12 - moldybreadcrumb (01/06/2014) [-]
Aah. In that case, thank you!
Also, here's a wooper.
#14 to #13 - mysticpichu (01/06/2014) [-]
ew. I just realised I'm using the santa version
#15 to #14 - moldybreadcrumb (01/06/2014) [-]
Is that bad?
#16 to #15 - mysticpichu (01/06/2014) [-]
#17 to #16 - moldybreadcrumb (01/06/2014) [-]
b-b-b-but why?
b-b-b-but why?
#18 to #17 - mysticpichu (01/06/2014) [-]
#19 to #18 - moldybreadcrumb (01/06/2014) [-]
Every day's a christmas-y day
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