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#25 - "Guck born outlawed" 03/25/2016 on FUGINGG AMEBICA :DDDDDDDD +7
#7 - Only related thing I have 03/19/2016 on Pixar you cheeky bugger +4
#154 - Appreciate it bud 02/18/2016 on mojotion's profile 0
#93 - Honestly at this point I'm happy when people do what normal pe… 02/17/2016 on This is why we can't have... +3
#76 - Are we gonna ignore that the first person's response was compl…  [+] (19 new replies) 02/17/2016 on This is why we can't have... +12
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#81 - sugoi (02/17/2016) [-]
Yes, do you want to give him a pat on the back for doing what normal people are supposed to do?
#115 - anon (02/17/2016) [-]
Yes. Because what incentive is there for being a decent person anymore? People you correct tard out on you. People like you and most of FJ will ignore or criticize or go /pol/ on you. People like Tumblrinas will attack you for everything anyway.

So yeah. Pats on the back for being a decent human being sound like a really frickin' good idea to me.
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#131 - leonhardt (02/17/2016) [-]
You might need counseling if you're that desperate for affirmation from total strangers.
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#122 - sugoi (02/17/2016) [-]
You don't need incentive to be a decent person.
The fuck is wrong with you? Are you one of those retards that thinks everyone is inherently evil 24/7 and if it wasn't for incentives to be good everyone would be total mass killing assholes?

People can be decent people because they fucking want to. Jesus christ how retarded do you have to be to think those kind of things.
#172 - Fgner (02/17/2016) [-]
That's not quite what he meant, I don't think. He's just saying that everyone is so quick to jump down everyone's throats and chimp out over people's mistakes or bad behavior like you just did , but we rarely ever reward good behavior anymore.

Social pressure along with being rewarded is a huge part of how our brains function. When was the last time you helped change a tire? If the person thanked you greatly and was appreciative, you would feel social reward and your brain would say "oh - helping is great!" If the person just said "cool, bye", your brain says "well... shit. That was a waste of time and I don't even feel good about it now." You did the right thing and you should feel good, but it's hard because your brain got no reward. To your primitive brain, that was a waste of time, energy, and opportunity. And though you may want to be a good person, your brain's constantly adapting structure is ultimately the one in charge.

It feels really good to be complimented, to be told you're doing a good job, to feel special and appreciated. Even if it's just something small like - "I'm proud you handled it so maturely", can reinforce good behavior and it will give them a bit of a glow for the rest of the day. So no, it's not strictly necessary to be decent and have common sense, but the likelihood greatly increases when you are properly treated and your general level of happiness will go up as well.

As an addendum, lately if you do good you get criticized, if not worse; but if you do nothing, you still may, but you're less likely to get called out on it. We're also seeing a lot of acting out and shitty behavior leading to fame and riches looking at you Jersey Shore . Do you honestly believe this has no effect on how we treat each other at all? Especially with how the children we're currently bringing up are treating each other?

In my opinion, I don't think good behavior is simply to be accepted and ignored, but praised. It gives our brains the rewards they crave for the behavior we desire and makes people happy in the process. There is literally no downside, even if a bunch of people just go around doing good shit for the chemical release, at least they're not "pranking" for attention like right now.
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#182 - sugoi (02/17/2016) [-]
There is a difference between good behavior and normal behavior.

You're an idiot you really are, you're changing your argument into one that I would agree with, an argument completely different and unrelated to both the content and the anon I'm replying to.

Here's a compliment, you're really good at being an idiot, misunderstanding everything, and then shoving yourself into a conversation to try and make yourself feel smart.

And don't try to disguise this retarded comment under the good intentions of "but im just sayin, I'm just explainin!"
#185 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
Damn, you must make a lot of friends being such an asshole to everyone.

On one hand you're saying "nobody should ever be complimented for adequacy, we're all inherently fine" and on the other hand you're slurring profanities and treating everyone like trash just because they dare to disagree. You are your own counter-argument.

Mature manners, having appropriate reactions to things, taking responsibilities for your own misunderstandings - aren't those good things? But shouldn't they also be the norm everywhere? And what if we all stopped to change tires. Where do you cross the line from normal to good behavior? And why not compliment normal behavior anyway - especially with poor behavior right next to it? Even if it's not strictly beneficial, it still reinforces that normal behavior, makes them happy, makes you happy, etc. My entire point still stands.
User avatar
#186 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
I'm only an asshole to retards like you.

You're an idiot, that is why I am throwing profanity at you. You are an idiot, a complete retard in fact, that's bad, so now I'm calling you out and insulting you, that's punishment.

You see how that doesn't contradict what I said at all? You haven't done anything good worth praising and you certainly haven't been acting like an upstanding person for me to ignore so really I'm acting exactly how I said I would, which you'd notice if you weren't so gosh darn retarded.

Are you still not getting it through your thick skull? Shit man who needs kevlar when they can use your skull? If you want an explanation for this how about reading the old comments since I've already fucking addressed that I have no fucking issue with people acting properly, simply that praising them for not doing anything worth praising, doing something that should be the norm, is fucking stupid. It's like a goddamn nanny state and we have enough of that as it is with the retarded "at least you tried" awards.

#188 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
Ah yes, nothing but strings of insults and swearing since you have no real argument for your case, nor can you poke holes in mine. This is not the person Mr. Rogers raised you to be.

> That's punishment.
You haven't even threatened my life a single time. You can do better, I really do believe in you.

> You see how that doesn't contradict what I said at all?
Absolutely not, see two points below.

> Shit man who needs kevlar when they can use your skull?
Sorry - they tested it. It wasn't mass-producible and was hard to fit on all the babies they're sending to fight in Ukraine. We tried, none-the-less.

> I have no fucking issue with people acting properly
I mean, you're throwing shit after two completely non-aggressive, coherent comments; it seems you do.

> praising them for not doing anything worth praising, doing something that should be the norm, is fucking stupid
Why? You haven't actually addressed the "why it's stupid" part? What negative effects does it have? It takes no time, costs nothing, and makes them happy at the very least.

> nanny state
I had no idea we brought government into this.

> "at least you tried" awards
There aren't awards here. We're just talking about being kind to fellow human beings and giving props for being good, rational adults with their feet on the ground. Like I said, it makes people happy, promotes behavior we like (including just the normal, average joe kind), and has 0 consequences what-so-ever.

Nice trolling, though, 8/8, g8 b8 m8.
User avatar
#189 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
Ah see that's where you're retarded, you're so blinded by the big mean words that you completely ignore me debunking your argument.

I'm sorry do I have to threaten someones life for it to be a punishment? See this is why I call you a retard.

Refer to first sentence.

You have not been acting properly at all, you've been retarded since the beginning, you are under the assumption that you have been acting properly which you have not, I'ts not your fault you're retarded but you need to take responsibility.

I did address it, do you not know what a nanny state is? I gave you a comparison, nice reply to it though "hurr why bring government into this?" because it's a fucking comparison. In case it wasn't obvious since you know, you're retarded and you've just completely ignored the point as I already knew you would since, again, refer to the first sentence, I'm saying we shouldn't coddle people for doing the right thing, they should know what is right and wrong, once they go beyond then they get awards and compliments, all that jazz. Being normal is not special or worth praise.

You are fucking retarded, please don't breed.
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#192 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
To get back on track though I'll check that notification in a moment , let's try a series of direct questions. And, to humor the audience, let's try to answer them concisely and without no-no words.

1) Do you disagree that praise and complements provide happiness to an individual? Barring outside forces such as depression, of course.

2) Do you disagree that they reinforce behavior that led to that chemical release?

3) Do you believe that there are negatives associated with doing so at times that don't reinforce either good or bad behavior - net neutrals?

4) Why do you disagree that we should provide praise and compliments for being a desirable citizen? This does not imply being exemplary or especially good - just the desired societal norm. More specifically, why do you feel it does more bad than good to be kind to someone who may not necessarily deserve it?

5) Do you also disagree that we shouldn't praise average-quality services/work? If it meets the standards you wanted, should you ignore them or compliment it? Doesn't this praise promote, at minimum, the same quality in the future?

6) Do you simply dislike overusing praise as a tool, thinking praise to neutral behavior will make the praise to good behavior less genuine?

7) Subsequently, would you agree with neutral praise if there was a difference in the quality/quantity of it?
User avatar
#194 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
1) no

2) The fuck you on about, are you being stupid again? compliments have no direct correlation the release of dopamine, maybe you should specify your goddamn questions and stop using reverse questioning with the "disagree" crap. Second question and already being a retard again.

3) Yes

4) Refer to #131 and #122, anyone that NEEDS compliments to be a desirable citizen needs to be checked into a psychiatric ward before they snap.

5) Yes, praise elicits lower quality work in the future.

6) No

7) No
#197 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
2) Sh, this is nice-time, settle down. It's a fairly simple question. Humans are social animals, there is a direct correlation between positive social interactions, such as approval from your peers, and a release of the good-stuff (there's a fair bit more than just dopamine involved in the reward pathway - in fact dopamine is the "bad one" of the bunch. Serotonin, GABA and oxytocin are all much healthier, less addictive kicks and are directly caused by social interaction rather than, say, intoxication and food) .

3) Would you like to elaborate?

4) You might need counseling if you're that desperate for affirmation from total strangers. and You don't need incentive to be a decent person. ? The first boils down to an ad hominem to back up a simple "no". It doesn't even make sense, they didn't ask for the affirmation, we were just saying that we should take notice of their good (or in your eyes, normal) behavior in the face of the bad behavior from their friend. The second has no bearing what-so-ever on the conversation, it's tangential. Obviously we don't need approval to be decent human beings, but it has the potential to make us improve the standards, confirm normal behavior, and, if nothing else, will make people happy.

5) No - the leverage of reward for good work elicits lower quality. If you do something explicitly for the praise or the prize, you're right. But if the praise or prize are unexpected and you get it afterwards, the quality will be exactly the same as before. This is why promising gold stars don't work well with children, but it's a different argument. BUT, I completely understand your logic here and I still see how it can be applied if it was the normal thing to provide praise for average work - it would be societally expected to get that undeserved reward. Now we're getting somewhere!
User avatar
#200 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
2) You asked about compliments leading to a chemical release, way to completely change the question, see I would be nice if you weren't so retarded all the time. Off to a bad start already.

3) Hey billy pick up that ball, ok, good job billy, ok. Nothing happens, in fact now the kid knows he'll get complimented for everything so they're meaningless. This isn't rocket science, if I compliment you all the time then you know I compliment all the time and my compliments are worthless.

4) It makes sense, you're purposely being obtuse, ignoring what I've been saying since the fucking beginning, and being a retard. No we're not, you're fucking making up scenarios like a retard would, when did we EVER say any bullshit about good behavior among bad behavior? the fuck are you on about? You're purposely moving the goal posts and shifting your argument. You keep convincing me again and again you're retarded. Of course the argument is tangential if you keep fucking changing the discussion you idiot.

5) No, people will understand that their "normal" standard of work is worth praise and reaches the standards the boss expects, meaning they can put even less effort into it and get away with it and why not? They're being paid cash not compliments, the compliments are just a measure of the quality of their work.
#190 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
"nan┬Ěny state
noun: nanny state; plural noun: nanny states
The government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with personal choice."

Hm... you're right, I totally should have understood the comparison. After all, the colloquial (and only) use of the term has absolutely no relevance to the discussion at hand! God, my stupid ass just can't handle it. I should have realized that being kind to people and complimenting them for normal behavior was overbearing and infringed on our personal choices!

> you completely ignore me debunking your argument.
Sorry - big mean words in the way, can I get a tl;dr reason without any of those? Then my retarded ass may be able to understand. Sorry.

> you've been retarded since the beginning
Well most retardation starts at conception, so you aren't wrong!

> It's not your fault you're retarded but you need to take responsibility.
Legally, one may argue that a mentally handicap individual of my severity is unable to care for themselves and is thus the state's responsibility.
User avatar
#191 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
You're an idiot, I just don't get how someone is this retarded, at this point I'm inclined to believe you have a legitimate mental disorder and should seek help.

Welp you've gone off the deep end and there's no argument in your comment so seeya mate, go get help.
#193 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
I should have known it! You using a word completely inappropriately and me asking for you to repeat, in layman's terms, a basic argument, makes me retarded!
User avatar
#195 - sugoi (02/18/2016) [-]
Posting a definition doesn't make you smarter, it makes you a retard because not only does it show you didn't know the meaning but you still don't get that I'm using it a comparison and not a literal copy of the current situation at hand.

You are retarded and your overuse of retarded pictures just adds fuel to your retarded flame.
User avatar
#93 - mojotion (02/17/2016) [-]
Honestly at this point I'm happy when people do what normal people are supposed to instead of throwing a tantrum
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#1316312 - SirSheepy (10/01/2015) [-]
someone does, yeah
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#153 - Fgner (02/18/2016) [-]
I appreciate the positive attitude. Keep being you, buddy.
#154 to #153 - mojotion (02/18/2016) [-]
Appreciate it bud
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Uh, I think I need to catch up to your level.....
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Step up your comment level kid
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