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#385 - wrong. Cops really can't do much in this situation. B… 05/29/2015 on Justice 0
#234 - Just look at his speed in the video. Hell look at his other vi…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/29/2015 on Justice -3
User avatar #255 - fatminion (05/29/2015) [-]

"slamming all day up and down the road" doesn't give you the right to cross into another lane in a fucking NO-PASSING ZONE! If you don't like loud motorcycles on your street then complain to the cops or something and have them set up a speed trap. DO NOT try to "scare" motorcyclists by veering into their lane. You endanger their lives and yours.
#385 - moggz (05/29/2015) [-]

Cops really can't do much in this situation. But they are already endangering their own lives. and the lives of my children or others. Now listen . i know you see a motorcycle and think they are cool. and you see the older man in a white truck and think of him as an authority figure so he must be in the wrong. But listen you edgy autistic piece of shit. The solid truth is when you have some guy doing stupid shit like this down your road. its only a matter of time before they cause an accident. What the guy in the truck did was try to make him have an accident in which no one else was harmed. so stop being a little edgy highschool kid and grow the fuck up. punk ass bitches like these motor cycle faggots need to learn they are not hotshit. I mean ffs look at his videos on youtube. Hell his name is THE JAKESTER. Are you fucking kidding me. we need to kill this little shit off before he breeds.
User avatar #292 - satanisthesavior (05/29/2015) [-]
I agree. Motorcyclists are not easy to scare (being such crazy motherfuckers already).

Obviously, you should skip directly to running them over.
#3 - To be honest. i actually kinda like the fillers. they give a l…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/27/2015 on Every Fucking Anime +1
User avatar #5 - emperorstew (05/29/2015) [-]
Dont get me wrong those fillers were epic. The fight against Shira and Lee was mad crazy, but compared to 8 gates guy vs madara, the opportunity cost is just way too high there. Such epicness pushed aside for backstory, while enjoyable, its still backstory..... nice pic btw
#659 - remember. not all muslims are dicks. its mainly the sharia law… 05/24/2015 on ROBOT SCREENING THREAD +1
#18 - Since she was trained by lady tsunade. She is now basically ts… 05/17/2015 on when she say she pregs 0
#16 - Since she got trained by lady tsunade. She is basically lady t… 05/17/2015 on when she say she pregs 0
#27 - On the math ones about solving problems. They want you to solv…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/14/2015 on The United States, Everybody -1
#32 - Absolute Madman (05/14/2015) [-]
Nah, bugger off. The american education system is absolute shit at it's best.

We're talking about an education system that attempted to fail me in Speech for having a non-american accent, in a few different English and Reading courses because I didn't spell 'the proper way'(Using Colour, and Flavour, and Tyre and Centre were against the rules, or so they claimed. Their decision was overturned.)

This school system allowed teachers to encourage making fun of the way I talked, and even allowed a few teachers to encourage physical harm against me.

This is the school system that barred me for the library and hit me with three days ISS for punching their 'star varsity football(American)' player in the face for throwing my elementary school aged sister into a wall for telling him to leave me alone when he was mouthing off.

This is the system you're defending. One where it does matter if you're smarter than usual, or a bit different, because that's not what they want. They want a system where no one is allowed to be a variable, where no one can be unique. They want to cut you down to the same shape as everyone else, and tell you that your place in life is to be another face in the crowd, unswerving in the path they deem fit for you.

And if you happen to not fit that mould, or refuse to be cut down, either because you won't dumb yourself down, or because you can't change where you were born and how you speak, then they will attempt to destroy your chance at a future.

All because it's easier for them to be lazy and flunk someone as opposed to accepting that not everyone is the same, and people aren't just another unit in a single faceless system.
#5 - What anime is this and can i watch it on netflix? or is there …  [+] (1 new reply) 05/10/2015 on headshot 0
User avatar #6 - wcpapier (05/10/2015) [-]

i dont think its on netflix so you either have to find a streaming site or download it
#3 - so ...cap and spidies enhanced abilties. x2.....and cap with a… 05/04/2015 on fusion +2
#29 - Comment deleted 05/01/2015 on Back where he belongs -1

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