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#34 - smashingprodigy (09/27/2012) [-]
13 friends after being on the advice board? Mission a success?
#35 to #34 - mllerayael (10/02/2012) [-]
yep very happy lol
#36 to #35 - smashingprodigy (10/02/2012) [-]
Some people believe that 13 is a bad luck number. You sure that's a success? lol
#37 to #36 - mllerayael (10/02/2012) [-]
my wee brother was born friday 13th XD its pretty lucky for me :)
#38 to #37 - smashingprodigy (10/02/2012) [-]
That's great! I was born on the 26th, so I have twice the luck, but truly it depends on the time of day, haha.
#41 to #38 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
urgh i broke a mirror not long ago and im not superstitious but my luck has really gone down hill maybe there is something in it after all lol
#49 to #41 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
Hope it hasn't been too bad! Things will turn for the better!
#50 to #49 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
let me just put it this way i thought the worst point was when i was stranded in france till i was in a car crash lol owell its got to look up at some point
#51 to #50 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
I'm sorry to hear that! But you turned out ok, right? That's what matters! If you know that you're at your lowest point, then know that there's nowhere to look but up!
#52 to #51 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
yea was extremely lucky not to get hurt when the car flipped so theres always a good side to things :) hows your october break going?
#64 to #52 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
Sorry, didn't see this response. And that's amazing for you to come out unscathed! Wow.

What is this october break you speak of? lol I only had two days off from my university during this month.
#65 to #64 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
yea same at my uni till they didnt pay me so i couldnt get back ended up in france for three weeks lol owell did you have a good long weekend/few days then?
#68 to #65 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
I wouldn't mind three weeks in France, but of course under those circumstances, it wouldn't be as appealing. I'm learning French on my own, so it'd be a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and improve on my language skills.

I did have a good weekend, my family and I went to a hot air balloon festival where they had live music and food and all that good stuff. We witnessed 50 hot air balloons go up into the air. I got photos of it. I promised a FJ friend those photos, but I can't find my camera's usb cord. :(
#69 to #68 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
wow that must of been beautiful to see most camera theres days have a mini usb cord they usually turn up about the house since most mp3s use them too and if you need any help with french i did my secondary education there so im pretty good at it :)
#70 to #69 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
That'd be great! I really appreciate it! Since Spanish is my native language, I have been learning French at a much faster pace.

My camera, unfortunately, does not share the same cable as others. :( It's a slightly different size so it doesn't exactly fit. I'm sure it's somewhere in my sister's room, so it shouldn't take too long to find it. As for the balloon festival, it was a beautiful sight! Especially at night, when they all come back and all the lights on the ground are reflecting off the balloons.
#71 to #70 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
well maybe you could help me then iv been trying to pick spanish back up over the last few months but... well tbh im pretty lazy and usually end up on here just listening to a spanish audiobook lol
wow its probably not the same thing but i cant help but picture the lanterns from tangled lol would be so amazing to see iv never seen more than two or three balloons in the air at once and i never been in one, although i dont know if i ever would want to lol
#72 to #71 - smashingprodigy (10/25/2012) [-]
I'd be glad to help! If you know French, Spanish should be easy for you. I have to warn you though, even though I've thought about being a teacher in the past, I don't exactly make a good tutor. But I will put forth the effort since you've offered to help me!

The lanterns from Tangled is almost exactly what they looked like at night! The price to get in one was a little too steep for us, but we were ok with just looking up at them. One day I will be able to go up in one.
#87 to #72 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
man its like 4 30 here i better go to bed i got classes all day tomorrow and somehow i gota write 1000 words in politics before three (i am the master of procrastination lol) so im gna go sleep and if that fails come back instead of studying like i should lol
probs talk tomorrow if your on :)
#88 to #87 - smashingprodigy (11/01/2012) [-]
Yeah, I'll be on. And go now! You need your rest! lol Talk to you tomorrow and good night!
#89 to #88 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
lol nanyt talk tomorrow then :)
#73 to #72 - mllerayael (10/25/2012) [-]
see i remember doing spanish at school on france and i picked it up really fast i think probably cause i was good at grammar more that anything to do with language skill but now from never using it or hearing it iv forgotten pretty much all i learned.
my friend in the south of france`s dad own a balloon you`ve made me think about going and asking him to go up one day :) yea even without going up i can imagine it must have been a hell of a sight. cheers XD
#74 to #73 - smashingprodigy (10/26/2012) [-]
To be honest, since moving further north in the U.S, I have forgotten some of my Spanish words. I constantly speak it with my parents, but I've always spoken English when with my best friends or at school. And definitely get into one! You should tell me how it feels if you do go up! Heck, since I promised myself I'd visit France one day, I might as well go, too!
#85 to #74 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
meh was in love with him for three years and i was friendzoned after 6 months of meeting him so not overly well but always remember him with fondness so not badly either :)
duno i was to put it simply an early developper and he was 14 (you can repeat years really easily in france) so i thought it was the end of the world lol
#86 to #85 - smashingprodigy
(11/01/2012) [-]
D'aww. Looking back on the memories is great. :)

And I can see how it would be the end of the world... well, more like a pause, but I see. lol
#83 to #74 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
iv had quite alot of language related hilarious moments in my life the most embarrassing of which was when i was 11 and spoke for the first time to someone in my class in french, so of course i tried to talk to the boy i was hopelessly head over heels for and all i tried to say that i was too warm and ask him to open a window but as soon as i said Je suis chaude he started pissing hisself and i was like what whats wrong with je suis chaude i must have said it like five times before he finally controled himself enough to tell me i was telling him i was horny
i wanted to die lol
#84 to #83 - smashingprodigy
(11/01/2012) [-]
Ok, I have to admit I laughed even harder at this one! lol How did it go with him after that?

One thing you should be happy about is that you said it at a very young age and not in your later teens. That would have gone 10 times worse.
#81 to #74 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
lmao I remember one class i was in taught by a french woman (who for some reason sucked at spelling she used to get so pissed when i corrected her god i hated that woman ) who taught the whole class how to say neck but since she didnt bother with pronunciation i got to listen to the whole class say ass over and over again lol
I think the most epic class i had was an english lesson in france with a french woman who had lived in england for 2 years she couldnt understand why i started pissing myself laughing and made me stand up and explain what was so funny so i translated what she had said to the class:
tomorrow i will do the cocking, hovering and after wars shell enjoy a glase of o-range juice
as soon as she said cocking i actually snorted lol i just couldnt help it
#82 to #81 - smashingprodigy
(11/01/2012) [-]
I had to compose myself after reading your sentence! lol Oh, man. I have to admit I snorted as well when saying it out loud! haha I guess unsuitable teachers provide the best and funniest moments.

My class always laughed when my French teacher pronounced "third" as "turd." And she always made the laughter worse by telling everyone she did not understand why it was so funny. Dear god, your moment takes the cake! Took me a while to get my laughter under control.
#79 to #74 - mllerayael (11/01/2012) [-]
tbh even i have difficulty understanding some of the locals lol because its so far south theres a bit of spanish in the accent (which may make it easier for you but harder for me lol) but yea thing is you can learn as much as you want in school its all pretty much useless in practice unless you go somewhere as touristic as paris because of slang (that and iv only met one single good language teacher in all of the many schools i went to most gave up years ago and dont even bother correcting your pronunciation at all which leads to some pretty hilarious consequences :D)
#80 to #79 - smashingprodigy
(11/01/2012) [-]
I may have trouble with the accent depending on how quickly they speak. I may have lived in Florida for 15 years, but I still have not gotten used to the speed at which some of the locals speak. I also have cousins in California that speak unusually quick so it's hard for me to understand when I visit every once in a few years. My two French teachers from high school were very helpful and were fluent in the language. My second level of French was taught by a woman from Switzerland who was very nice. Unfortunately, since a lot of the students in that class forgot their material during the Summer and basically botched a lot of the pronunciations, we had to restart from the beginning, but at a quick pace. And I understand what you mean by pronunciations... this story is more of a misunderstanding issue, however. During presentations, many students said "Je suis excité." It's a good thing I did my research before doing mine.
#77 to #74 - mllerayael (10/31/2012) [-]
well maybe montpellier or toulouse but i spent five years living next to a city called carcassonne and if you want to go somewhere less touristic than paris i would defo recommend there in may or late august 9cause there are alot of tourists that go there since its beyond stunning.
for some reason it wouldnt let me reply to your other comment i think fj thinks we talk too much lol
well my aunt lives on a piece of land next to a town called bugarach and if you dont mind living a bit on the rough side she basically loves having people to stay all she asks for is a bit of help with the garden or building the ruin on her land you should see all the ppl that go through her place theres folks from all over the world last i heard there was a family from germany and a guy from arizona :) and no need to know much french since nearly everyone in the area speaks english (thank god for me when i first moved over lol)
#78 to #77 - smashingprodigy
(11/01/2012) [-]
That all does sound very cool. While Paris is a definite destination of mine, I'd love to vacation through some of the smaller cities. And I looked up the cities you told me about and they were exactly the types of places I was looking for; however, I doubt the photos online can even compare to how amazing the locations look in person. Any type of experience in a foreign country, no matter how small is sure to be an adventure. I still would like to catch up on my French though. Communicating with the locals I'm sure is much more fun than speaking it to another student in class.
#75 to #74 - mllerayael (10/27/2012) [-]
same when i was in france i always spoke english with my friends makes some people think i do it for privacy since me and my mates all speak english and french but its honestly cause speaking to them in french is really weird lol you should france is beautiful XD i love it there so much im going to move back next year :)
#76 to #75 - smashingprodigy
(10/27/2012) [-]
I understand what you mean about speaking a different language to your friends. It feels very strange, and we mostly spoke English because our parents don't really understand a lot of what we say. :D

Once my French is good enough and I have the money, I will visit! Hopefully, within my early 20s. I'm sure the La Tour Eiffel and the Musée du Louvre are some of the most common tourist attractions (since IT IS Paris), but I'd really like to expand into some of the more commercially discrete locations. Unfortunately, I don't know about any. And that's amazing, going back to France! What city will you be living in?