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#96 - smashingprodigy (11/07/2012) [-]
Imagine this. A volcano.

A volcano is about to erupt. Tension, pressure, and vibrations. That's all that's felt by a small town.




BOOM! An earthquake of the highest possible magnitude!



Clothes everywhere!

I have just described my room.
#125 to #96 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
i actually forgot how awesome the young ones was Im going to have to download them all now :) lol
#126 to #125 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
Is it a program that was only aired on your side of the planet? I remember hearing the title before, but can't recall the premise or any of the episodes being aired here.
#129 to #126 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
probably wasnt it has quite alot of sarcasm in it )i mean british sarcasm before it hit america) so its not really the kind of thing they would show over there i dont think
but yea its that tv series :)
#130 to #129 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
I might give it a try since I don't usually watch programs like that. Crap, I barely watch any at all.
#132 to #130 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
**** man its 25 past five here thinks its bed time for me nanyt prodigy :) good talkin to you as always and probs see you virtually tomorrow probably :) if i dream of buttocks tonyt you shall be hearing about it lol
#135 to #132 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
I would absolutely love for you to tell me about any dreams you have about buttocks! I shall do the same if it occurs. And I look forward to our next random conversation! Good night! :D
#138 to #135 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
well i did dream of buttocks its quite strange I almost always dream about the last thing i was talking to someone about lol and might i add you came fourth in the buttock competition so well done congratulations lol
#141 to #138 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
4th? That's not right.

But 4 is my lucky number, so I guess I'm alright with that... May I ask how many people partook in this competition? I swear I also had a dream about buttocks, but can't remember what it was exactly.
#145 to #141 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
thats not right? lol :D
#148 to #145 - smashingprodigy (11/10/2012) [-]
Top 3 at least lol. jk
#153 to #148 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
there was pretty heavy comptition lol
#144 to #141 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
4`s my lucky number too :) and out of ten so well done dream you XD lol
yea course you cant remember :P lol
#147 to #144 - smashingprodigy (11/10/2012) [-]
I really can't! It was concerning buttocks, too! Can't really remember if it was a good one either. It also concerned trains and I remember our conversation about that.
#152 to #147 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
trains..............I honestly cant remember that bit :S lol
dont know adventure time and have never watched breaking bad? are they good?
#156 to #152 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
You don't remember that bit? It was about being cornered against a sweaty guy's ass. It's ok though because I'd want to forget about being pressed up against his ass, too. lol

Absolutely in love with both programs. Adventure Time appeals to the child at heart (partially because of how cute all the characters are) and Breaking Bad is for adults (like I said, I don't consider myself an adult) and I love how realistic and dark the program is. Both are fun to watch and are excellently written.
#159 to #156 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
oh yes i remember now lol my memory is like an aqaintence it can be nice but most of the time its off doing other things lol
(i have to admit im curious about the comment below :P)
#162 to #159 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
So your mind has a mind of its own? Huh.

And what comment are you speaking about? The one I deleted? I might've misspelled something or it might've sounded stupid. :P
#165 to #162 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
yea seems like it pretty often :) lol
lol sounded stupid? tsk tsk im used to one of my mates just randomly singing about how awesome peanuts are i doubt much could sound that stupid to me :)
#168 to #165 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
'Twas most likely a misspelling.

I can relate to your roommate. I do the same thing. Often my stories begin with a dragon kidnapping someone of snatching something completely out of the blue.
#170 to #168 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
lol judging by the way you can turn a phrase you would probably make an awesome story teller XD
#171 to #170 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
My imagination is wild at night. It's always when I'm sleepy when I tell the best, most retarded stories. It loses its comedic effect if you were to read it. You actually have to hear me speak because my impersonations and child-like way of telling it is lost when converted to text format.
#140 to #138 - smashingprodigy
has deleted their comment [-]
#131 to #130 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
my god i just realised you have never heard of :
two packet of lager and a packet of crips?
#134 to #131 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
Is this another language you're speaking? Haha, no, never heard of it/them/whatever that is.
#154 to #134 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
just noticed i wrote a packet of lager and a packet of crips lmao I should really proof read i meant 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps (god that should not have been so hard lol)
#157 to #154 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
I looked it up. I noticed the mistake, but I understood what you meant :)
#160 to #157 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
good good lol i am a bit of a lazy typer so i dont really proof read or type properly ever (unless for uni which is annoying)
#161 to #160 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
Typing properly can be annoying when coding a program or creating a database (I'm in the I.T. major), so one little mistake can throw off the entire thing. >:(

I've gotten really used to it, but a syntax error is damn annoying when it won't let you know where your mistake is.
#164 to #161 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
see i used to type really well but its that way that iv just gotten so used to doing several things at once that do things pretty fast its quite typical for me to be talking to several people at once while researching something for uni and taking notes on a lecture im listening to (like now lol except its a sociology essay im trying to do for tomorrow)
I wouldnt say iv got a short attention span but its pretty difficult to do to just one thing
god an I.T major? that must have been hard how long did it take you to do?
#167 to #164 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
It's more with databases that I have a problem with. Usually with programming you have an interface that'll compile the code and tell you what's wrong with it. I use notepad for databases, so imagine sitting in the dark staring at a bright white screen for 20 minutes while scrolling down the entire page just to find a misplaced semi-colon or a misspelled word. That is not fun. The whole process of creating the database is not bad.

I also like to multitask. I'm not fond of just doing one thing at a time because it bores me, so I am usually listening to music, conversing on FJ, and designing a database or program. When it comes to a class setting, I'm different. I usually pay attention to the lectures while daydreaming from time to time.
#169 to #167 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
god that would be awful there`s no way i could do it not a chance lol
nope in class im just the same i`m usually doodling and passing notes to a few mates lol made me pick up a weird way of remembering things though I can tie any subject the lecturer was on about to a specific doodle and thats how i study i always have to have an extra piece of papers at exams cause instead of remembering the answers i memorise the doodles and remember the answers that way works pretty well :)
#172 to #169 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
I doodle so much in my statistics class that I actually created a deviantart account dedicated to it. So far I only have one up, but that class is so ridiculously boring that the subject might as well be Daydreaming 101. That's pretty amazing for you to actually associate your doodles to an actual lecture. The only way I can do it by looking at the notes I made my cartoon on.
#173 to #172 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
that`s what economics used to be like because i had done it all a few years before and still remembered it fine well i stopped attending after a few weeks and my seminar tutor hated me for it i used to go in and just be like what exersizes at home? and sit down and answer everything easily drove her up the wall XD
don`t know how it happened my memory really is something i will never understand i gave up ages ago lol
a deviantart account? link-> lets see then :)
#174 to #173 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
Wow, I was right, that really is amazing! lol I could stop going to classes and still come up with a 90 or higher, but sadly they implemented a rule where if you have a class 3 times a week, you can only miss it 6 times out of the semester. Is it required to have a tutor over there?

And here you go :)
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#176 to #174 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
love the wee future you XD
#177 to #176 - smashingprodigy (11/12/2012) [-]
Thank you! :) I have the template if you'd liked to make your own. People were making their own on Social some time ago, so I decided to add mine.
#190 to #177 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
man it was really weird to see him doing anything other than malcom specially since he`s trying to do serious like in contagion lol
i just sigh in disappointment and wish my laptop was a sexy younger model lol
#191 to #190 - smashingprodigy
(11/12/2012) [-]
I get what you mean, it's a big change. He started this program a year after Malcolm ended.

My laptop is considered an infant. Less than 2 years, but since laptops can't exactly crawl, you know...
#188 to #177 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
lol god i hate that so much
#189 to #188 - smashingprodigy
(11/12/2012) [-]
My reaction to it.   
That's Breaking Bad, by the way. The actor is the guy who played Malcolm's dad in Malcolm in the Middle.
My reaction to it.

That's Breaking Bad, by the way. The actor is the guy who played Malcolm's dad in Malcolm in the Middle.
#184 to #177 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
busy? lol no idea how you manage it my hand just decides to twitch at random moments if i even try lol
#185 to #184 - smashingprodigy
(11/12/2012) [-]
It's even worse when the mothereffin touchpad decides to make the cursor go all over the screen!
#180 to #177 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
tbh i really really suck at drawing anything on a laptop i stick to paper so i dont get mad with my laptop for my own suckiness lol
#182 to #180 - smashingprodigy
(11/12/2012) [-]
I actually did that on my laptop. Would've been much quicker on my desktop, but it was busy at the moment.
#175 to #174 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
we have lectures and seminars , the people who hold the seminars are tutors and we all have a personal tutor but its not in the sense that they help us with classes or that its more just if we have problems keeping up or problems at home and all that we have to tell them so they can tell us who to contact and stuff like that yea we have that here i just got a mate to sign me in lol as far as the uni knows i had pretty damn good attendance lol
#178 to #175 - smashingprodigy (11/12/2012) [-]
lol I see. My school just has tutoring sessions. If you want to come, good! You don't want to come? Good!
#179 to #178 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
lucky you :) we only get tutoring sessions if we set one up and its really difficult and long to set one up so no one ever bothers lol
#181 to #179 - smashingprodigy
(11/12/2012) [-]
That's when the internet becomes your best friend :)
#136 to #134 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
aw thats a classic though america is missing out
#139 to #136 - smashingprodigy (11/09/2012) [-]
No matter how many good shows there are out there, America doesn't care. They're all obsessed with reality shows that have no major story, no major plot, and no characters you can associate yourself with.

:( At least I know that program exists now.
#183 to #139 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
yep the internet is my best friends my laptop however is not and just decides to do what it likes lol
if it wasnt for google scholar i think i would have never made it to second year lol
#186 to #183 - smashingprodigy (11/12/2012) [-]
The internet is my friend for physics. I love the internet so much, that I considered marrying it.... but then I realized it was into some sick ****.

And google scholar? Never heard of it.
#187 to #186 - mllerayael (11/12/2012) [-]
lol tell me about it i loved it for so long but now its more like a ********* lol
really? google scholar is a search engine for specifically media that is considered to be.....scholarly i guess lol its where i get all of my references i mean all of them i never went to the library once lol
#143 to #139 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
true but they do have some amazing programs too like family guy and such most of my favourite series come from america since its so rare for britain to make good shows
plus everything gets released earlier over there :)
#150 to #143 - smashingprodigy (11/10/2012) [-]
I do enjoy family guy, but lately their humor has gotten a little stale, so I stopped watching a few months ago. I will pick it back up though since I still like it. My dad watches almost religiously. Whenever a new episode comes out, he pauses his movie just so he can watch those 30 minutes of family guy. I probably shouldn't tell him that it's on netflix.

I found myself enjoying Adventure Time and Breaking Bad more... weird combination of favorites.
#151 to #150 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
see I love family guy but i had to take a break from it a while back cause it did get a little repetitve. Iv done that with alot of shows though i have abit of a short attention span with the programs i watch and theres not many things i watch all the time like just now i cant stop watching criminal minds and the simpsons but i`ll move on in a few weeks
never heard of adventure time and have never watched breaking bad :)
#155 to #151 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
I love the Simpsons. I wish the newer seasons were as great as the earlier ones, but just like family guy, it's gone stale. It's expected to happen though, and I'll watch it if there's nothing else on.

When I started watching Breaking Bad with a friend, we finished the entire first season that same night. It is intelligently written and really dark. Addicted from the first episode, and all I need to watch now is the fifth and final season. :)

Adventure time was recommended by a friend and I am so glad I started watching it. It's cute, funny, enjoyable with some adult humor thrown in every once in a while. I bought the first season the day after it came out. I got many weird looks when I went in to buy it... it also didn't help that it was the last copy the store had available. Image is what the cover looks like.
#158 to #155 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
yea the simpsons did get really stale after a while but i didnt watch it for a few months and missed the majority of the last two seasons (think its on season 24 now no?) but its like friends no matter how many times you`ve seen the older episodes if theres nothing else on you can always watch it
hm might give it a watch then iv heard some pretty mixed reviews about it from my mates (breaking bad that is) and lol adventure time looks like it would be hilarious if i was stoned (all cartoons become epic then lol)
#163 to #158 - smashingprodigy (11/11/2012) [-]
It really depends on what kind of stuff they're into. I was never into any drama series until I started watching Breaking Bad, so it was a great introduction into the genre for me. The way some of the things are related is a bit shocking and unexpected which is why I love it.

Never gotten stoned, but I'll just have to take your word for it. lol I can recall a few episodes that are just damn weird and retarded, so you may not require it for the select parts.
#166 to #163 - mllerayael (11/11/2012) [-]
i would always recommend it :)
that sounds pretty good i like things with a good twist
#97 to #96 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
hahahaha XD you have very good descriptive skills i`ll give you that :)
since i "tidied" my room is more like a religion right now: full of crap and theres even more hiding in the closet and under the bed and if your not careful you might look too close and be buried under a pile of paperwork for the rest of eternity where no one will ever hear you scream (man i wish my room was actually that big lol)
you get the gist lol we are messy people but hey as long as its an organised mess its cool :)
#98 to #97 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
Organized messes are the best. Makes me feel at home. I feel... "impure" if there isn't at least a pile somewhere in the house. I'd sleep in my pile of clothes if I could... and if it wasn't dirty laundry. lol
#99 to #98 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
lol is it bad that have (clean of course just not enough space and im sticking to that in my drawers lol I know exactly where everything in my room is its just well I have what i call **** drawers just drawers full of stuff that has no place but i have to keep like jewelry pens all the little things its just iv got like four now i really need to go through them at some point
anytime my mates come round and need something i just point to my **** drawers and they always find what they are looking for lol :)
#100 to #99 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
If that system works for you and your mates, then that's great! I have a similar system, but recently I've had to clean my drawers of **** I've had since I was 12. Things like graded tests, school notes, and phonebooks. Why I even kept phonebooks at the age of 12 I'll never know.
#101 to #100 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
I used to keep them so i could build things out of them just the other day I used all my books and old videos to make a sofa for me and a mate to sit on while we watched a film was pretty damn comfy once i added padding :)
#102 to #101 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
That's awesome! I wish I would've thought of that. :D

Instead, birds are just using my old papers for their nests. lol I doubt it'll hold very long.
I might look into making a sofa next time!
#103 to #102 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
lol :) i would recommend it although then me and my mate started talking about books and i realised one of my most awesome books was somewhere deep under her ass and she wanted to borrow it lol
asses seem to be coming up alot
#104 to #103 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
So its both a sofa and a library! That's amazing! :D

Great for the mind and the body!

Yeah, I noticed asses come up a lot. Another topic you have in mind? haha
#105 to #104 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
and make a surprisingly comfy extra bed when needed lol
#106 to #105 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
I forgot I don't have enough space in my room to actually do that. Maybe when I move out.

If you want to speak about buttocks, then we shall speak about buttocks.
#107 to #106 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
trust me you might think you dont but you do :P i dont really have enough room in my room for a makeshift sofa and a table made out of my old keyboard box but i still did it just requires skill to move about lol
its the only thing that came to mind i think it may have been all the talk of asses yes thats what i`m going to blame it on :)
#108 to #107 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
I could probably make a really small one, but not anytime soon. I don't even know how I would even start it.

I'm ok with buttocks. No subject is too outlandish for me.
#109 to #108 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
aaaah so you`re not a literary man?
now all i can think about is the last buttocks i saw and that was rather pleasant at the time lol
#110 to #109 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
I like to read a lot, but like I said, I lack the space. I already have a large seat in my room and my huge bed which covers part of the closet. I also have a bunch of drawers and a tv in my room, only leaving about 20-30% of free floor space. The size is gonna have to be small.

My last experience with buttocks was also rather pleasant. haha
#111 to #110 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
awryt well you dont really need a couch then but you can always use them to prop up speakers (specially if you get complaints about noise since it muffles the vibrations a bit)
my last experience touching buttocks was not so pleasant never get a train at rush hour, i always seem to end up squeezed up against the door with some fat sweaty man beside me if its not asses its armpits and i really dont know which is worse lol
#112 to #111 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
I am usually in bed around 3 or 4 in the morning, so it wouldn't work too well for me. Haha. Especially since my room and my sister's room both share a wall.

Touching buttocks? LOL I accidentally grabbed my friend's ass about a month ago... and it wasn't a small pat, it was a full on GRAB. I went further with him than his girlfriend had! It was a hilarious experience... and at least the fat sweaty guy was grabbing your buttocks, right?
#113 to #112 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
ouch **** that its bad enough having a working flat mate i mean shes already gone to bed cause she has to leave at 6 in the morning so it earphones for me
AT LEAST??? lol not a chance im very much spin and bitch slap if someone touches me like that without being at least drunk or very attractive (that came out sluttier than i went in my head lol) nope i mean so squeezed up in a corner that i have no option but to feel someones ass rubbing against me 9/10 its traumatising lol
#116 to #113 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
Ooooooooh if I ever move in with someone, I'm gonna be sure to have my own walls and restroom (if possible). My class schedule this semester is all messed up and I have to get up at 6, 9, or 12 depending on what day it is, so I always fear waking someone up.

I've had my ass grabbed twice by strangers (both female, thank goodness) and it always bewildered me as to why someone would do that. I would not mind being squeezed up to an ass though. :) Of course, depends at what angle because it will make things VERY awkward.
#146 to #116 - mllerayael (11/10/2012) [-]
pretty fun at the time lol yea i dont think a girl would be too into being butt-punched lmao
yea they sound like two great thing but they just dont mix unless they come out with something like that head gear in repo man lol
#149 to #146 - smashingprodigy
(11/10/2012) [-]
Who says I'd butt punch a girl? lol There's no way I'd open hand slap a guy's butt. That one time it happened was an accident. And I wouldn't waste my effort punching a girl's butt when the open hand is preferred. I would like to apologize for my perversion. :P
#137 to #116 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
nope no misunderstanding :) I have some pretty interesting friends lol it was hilarious and slightly painful lol :)I have multitasked liked that and tbh i dont even see how you could concentrate on the game unless your partner was really really sucky at sex lol
#142 to #137 - smashingprodigy
(11/09/2012) [-]
lol The thought of someone walking into the room and just starting a buttocks spanking fight is hilarious. Although I'm sure if I were to start it, it'd be more buttocks punching than slapping... really depends on who it is though haha

As for video games and sex, I'd much rather have one or the other.
#128 to #116 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
im fine with it :) not like its exactly private on here and not like anyone knows me so very few ***** given :)
never had people walk in on me that havent been part of it lol gues we were just too loud lol
having sex while gaming is pretty pointless unless your at the point yous dont even communicate anymore which would just be depressing
#133 to #128 - smashingprodigy
(11/09/2012) [-]
"People walk in on you that haven't been part of it?" Is this my misinterpretation or are you implying that you have participated in an ass fight with more than 1 other person? lol That would actually be hysterical.

And you're right, it would be depressing. You wouldn't enjoy it as much either!
#124 to #116 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
aye I quite liked that post that was on here about how cause so many good games were coming out that teen pregnancies were gona drastically fall lol

yea specially since I`m not wearing my glasses i dont think my face could get any closer to the screen. well yea i mean didnt you ever have that fight (play fight of course) who ever get spanked the most loses, total dominance thing :)
and lol everyone knows we were talking about buttocks now they`re gna be like aaaall righty then
#127 to #124 - smashingprodigy
(11/09/2012) [-]
It's a shame it'll only be for a month. Sequels tend to get stale quickly. Plus I heard people can have sex while gaming, which I find such a waste.

And now that you mention it, yes I have had a play fight like that. Lots of fun until someone walks in on you :P

And yeah I have to apologize for that. I should have chosen the topic instead of letting you gear our conversation into this :P jk. hehe It was my fault for bringing it onto social.
#122 to #116 - mllerayael (11/09/2012) [-]
see that would do my nut in, i only really see my flatmate for about 2 hours a day and even then im usually in my room on here lol or the occasional time when i venture outside to drink lol
well its kinda both you know i certainly would not be going near the ass of someone unattractive but usually it ends up as a dominence thing no matter what happens .................nope? just me owell lol
#123 to #122 - smashingprodigy
(11/09/2012) [-]
We don't go out too often, my friend and I. When we're both home we rarely see each other because of him on CoD and me on FJ or doing my assignments. Now he got his hands on Halo 4 and I doubt he's gonna be coming out of his room for the next 2 days lol.

And screw small text, we're just making it harder on ourselves. I guess I never actually saw it as a dominance thing until you mentioned it. My brain just directs my eyes to what it likes and I have no reason to fight back :)
#120 to #116 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
so you want an en suite :) thats not as difficult as you`d think well here anyways tbh she sleeps pretty deeply till about 4 in the morning i can even have people up and once im alseep nothing can wake me for a good few hours lol so generally we dont get in each others way. my classes are all afternoon except for that one thats at 11 :P
i`ve had my ass grabbed by a few females too we are surprisingly pulled towards buttocks as a gender lol its a dominance thing trust me :) lol
#121 to #120 - smashingprodigy
(11/09/2012) [-]
I'm good for next semester. I get fridays off and at most only have 3 classes, all between the 2 pm to 6:30 pm range. Since everything near my university are just small apartments, I doubt I can withstand having a noisy, uncooperative roommate. A friend who lives with my family constantly yells at night when he loses a game of Call of Duty (which he plays too often).

I see what you are saying. While it may be a dominance thing for girls, for me it's more of an attraction thing. I mean, come on! :)
#114 to #113 - smashingprodigy (11/08/2012) [-]
**** I meant wasn't grabbing.
#118 to #114 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
well yes but only when they were so attractive it was unavoidable lol i generally run away from people otherwise and try to put myself in the corner so when ther doors open i get air lol
#119 to #118 - smashingprodigy
(11/08/2012) [-]
I'm sure that scenario can be used as some metaphor for life! lol
#115 to #114 - mllerayael (11/08/2012) [-]
makes more sense :)
#117 to #115 - smashingprodigy
(11/08/2012) [-]
lol I didn't mean it that other way, but I'm sure you've squeezed someone else into the corner before, too.