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#17 - I've read somewhere her healing output it a lot higher than th…  [+] (1 reply) 08/17/2016 on German Engineering 0
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#26 - questionableferret (08/17/2016) [-]
She heals more than mercy per second, but her overall healing is usually less than that of Mercy because where Mercy focusses solely on sustained healing Ana is a hybrid healer-damage and to get the best out of her you need to keep an eye on the enemy team too. She is at her best when she is the second healer on the team, allowing her to really make use of her range to counter Pharahs and other backliners whilst also providing burst-healing and her ult to her allies.

If you focus on healing with her then you miss out on a lot of her potential. She's sort of the healer equivalent of Zarya. Not so good as a main, but fucking devastating as a second.
#10 - Omg I'm glad I wasn't the only who thought this  [+] (2 replies) 08/03/2016 on Corrupt Mercy +5
#13 - angryeggs (08/03/2016) [-]
You, sir, get a thumb for using Stargate SG1 as your reaction
#11 - alpotenciano (08/03/2016) [-]
Like Arthas, I felt that Kerrigan had done too much to even be worth being redeemed.
#103 - Like you never left a dog home alone and found out that it got…  [+] (1 reply) 08/02/2016 on Dog Eats a Whole Tray of... +6
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#129 - autumnanubis (08/02/2016) [-]
Well I can't say I expected this. It's clearly evident that most people here are really shitty at training their pets.
#2 - The McCree tho 07/29/2016 on sum fuk 0