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#128 - Saitama AKA One Punch Man (left in the final picture) has said…  [+] (8 replies) 06/13/2016 on Training 0
#129 - itsjustabaitbro (06/13/2016) [-]
But why would there be a pokemon?
And why did he lose his hair?
#132 - mindsculptorjace (06/13/2016) [-]
because cross-overs, it's fanart.

"I trained so hard my hair fell out" - Saitama.

Saitama is meant to be something of a parody of shounen heros, where they train to get stronger and have a lot of fancy moves, Saitama is already stronger than God and just punches things once to win. His only "special attack" is to actually put effort into his punches. This is what happens from one such punch.
#134 - itsjustabaitbro (06/13/2016) [-]
Still doesn't explain why there's a pokemon though
And why would he lose his hair just from training?
Alot of people train but they don't lose their hair
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#136 - mindsculptorjace (06/13/2016) [-]
"Because it's fan art"

Because the original artist of the series wanted to make the most bland person he could.
#138 - itsjustabaitbro (06/13/2016) [-]
But it doesn't look like a fan
So why would it be fan art?

And that doesn't really explain why he would lose his hair though.
#139 - mindsculptorjace (06/13/2016) [-]
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#176 - metaridleyx (06/13/2016) [-]
What? Who put Etna in a dress?
#183 - mindsculptorjace (06/14/2016) [-]
that's clearly a wedding dress, scrub. She's getting married to someone
#23 - >touching Yang's hair  [+] (1 reply) 06/12/2016 on The Monster Under the Bed - 86 +12
#25 - RyudenTamarashi (06/12/2016) [-]
You've got a point though as long as you don't actually DAMAGE it...hold it out the way for her at least, be polite!
#31 - Sith lightsabers are red becuase they manufacture the crystals…  [+] (1 reply) 06/09/2016 on keef 0
#33 - doucheonmandic (06/12/2016) [-]
you are right
sith use artificial crystals