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Recently just came back to this site , my computer was broken previously. It's so different now lol. Thank you to anyone actually reading this!

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latest user's comments

#13 - I'm a trans guy and i do not give a single **** what any of yo…  [+] (26 replies) 12/23/2014 on Ending the year right +73
User avatar
#335 - luqmanr (12/23/2014) [-]
so... do you have a dingdong?
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#306 - partnerintroll (12/23/2014) [-]
post nudes
#284 - fuckyosixtyminutes (12/23/2014) [-]
He's got a point. I'm not sure I buy into the whole trans thing and I definitely don't consider all the other bullshit gender identities tumblr types come up with, but who cares? I don't feel the need to argue or ridicule them about it over the internet.
User avatar
#144 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
You may identify as a man, but biologically you will always be a women. That's what the point of this post was.

You can identify as male or female regardless of your sex. But your sex cannot change, you are born with it.
#177 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
Re-read the content. They're talking about gender, not sex.
User avatar
#178 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
I know what the content was talking about. The user I responded to did not seem to understand the difference, so I was explaining it.
#181 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
I don't understand. You said the post was about biologically being a man/woman (i.e. sex), when it clearly was about identifying as a man/woman (i.e. gender).
User avatar
#186 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
"Look down your pants, if you have a penis you're a guy, if you have a vagina, you're a girl, if you have both, you're a shemale."

That's the part I'm talking about. That's sex, that's biological. Claiming to be a male when you were born female is silly, you can't change that. Saying that you identify as male as your gender is a completely different story. The top of the two posts was forming a distinction between gender and sex. That's the part I was referencing.
#190 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
You missed the ""you can SAY you "identify" as a specific sex, but generally, people won't give a shit. If you're a girl and you say you identify as a guy and are into guys that won't make you gay, it'll make you a straight girl", which clearly addresses gender calling it bullshit.
User avatar
#192 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
Exactly. The post talks about both gender and sex here. I'm not quite sure why we're arguing about this.
#198 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
Because it doesn't address gender, except to say gender identification is bullshit, so the point of the post was "whatever sex you are is your gender". Which milfordcubicle was taking issue with, because trans people do in fact exist.
User avatar
#202 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
Trans people do exist. The post said that a woman who identifies as a gay man is technically a straight women, which is correct. She's a women who likes men, so in a biological sense that's true, regardless of her gender.
#204 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
But it never says "in a biological sense, you are a woman". If it did, it would be a useless post with no real need to exist- after all, it's just saying "hey, your sex is your sex". It's saying "I don't care if you identify as a guy, if you're a woman who identifies as a man you're still a woman".
User avatar
#209 - marinepenguin (12/23/2014) [-]
Which is true. No matter what you identify as gender-wise, your sex will remain what it was when you were born. A women who identifies as a man, is still a women.

We're just going around in circles here.
#215 - hongkonglongdong (12/23/2014) [-]
The post doesn't in any way specify sex as what it's talking about, but it does imply gender as what it's talking about.

I do agree that this whole discussion is kind of pointless, though.
#143 - anon (12/23/2014) [-]
Because everyone else is here to laugh and thinks it's hilarious.
User avatar
#101 - milfordcubicle (12/23/2014) [-]
yall are so mad lol i was just voicing my opinion cause why not
#60 - youregaylol (12/23/2014) [-]
>don't give a single fuck
>has to tell us she doesn't give a single fuck

lol ok
also why is your comment favorited and why are you "the hero we deserve" just because your felling are hurt?

FJ is filled with politically correct pussies tonight.
#32 - anon (12/23/2014) [-]
Well then grow a pair and... Oh wait! You can't! How curious... may that be because you're not really a man but a butchered female who tries to act like one?

Whatever you trans people say you're not and will never be members of the opposite sex. I don't really care that you try to live as one or you mutilate your bodies. But in the end, you're just sad people who can't deal with the fact that you'll always be the sex you were born with.
User avatar
#307 - TarnRazor (12/23/2014) [-]
Gender identity dysphoria is a real disease by all standards and its symptoms are clear. Why force a person to be uncomfortable in their body when you can just, you know, not?

don't be a dick yo
#376 - anon (12/25/2014) [-]
It's not a matter about being a dick. It's a matter of admitting that feeling that you are a man or a woman doesn't make you so, and you're only decieving yourself and others if you try to mutilate your body and change it unnaturally with hormones. Transgenderism is as absurd as otherkins are.
User avatar
#377 - TarnRazor (12/25/2014) [-]
Might as well chuck the entire book on psychiatric disorders out the window then. Just because you feel really strongly against something doesn't make it so.
User avatar
#22 - schmitty (12/23/2014) [-]
Question. If someone says they are a trans man or trans woman, does that mean they are (in the case of trans man) a woman who wants to be a man, or a man who wants to be a woman?
User avatar
#29 - dongers (12/23/2014) [-]
think of it as trans means transitioning to therefore a trans woman would be someone who was born a man and transitioned to be a woman.

So pretty much trans x, where x = goal sex
User avatar
#16 - kaywalsk (12/23/2014) [-]
Then click next and move on. Leaving a comment is just asking for it. Troll b8
User avatar
#14 - megamantrigger (12/23/2014) [-]
You are the hero we deserve.
#139 - but in our governments they have power over the people - in th…  [+] (1 reply) 12/19/2014 on Meninist Activism dot org 0
#140 - asurasxnight (12/19/2014) [-]
hopefully. I happen to like civilization as it is.
#56 - Picture 12/15/2014 on Comp 0
#10 - what does it taste like  [+] (2 replies) 08/31/2014 on they found him 0
#13 - anon (08/31/2014) [-]
It probably tastes like a pie floater
#11 - plowyourown (08/31/2014) [-]
I don't actually know
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