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#8 - Source is OneyG 08/20/2014 on Improvable: Orphanage +3
#9 - Picture 08/12/2014 on Full metal jacket disney edit +5
#192 - Just bad luck I guess 08/09/2014 on MAC VS PC 0
#185 - I'd say I'm pretty ******* set. 08/08/2014 on (untitled) 0
#184 - Comment deleted 08/08/2014 on (untitled) 0
#182 - Tetsuo  [+] (1 new reply) 08/08/2014 on (untitled) 0
User avatar #185 - mikeW (08/08/2014) [-]
I'd say I'm pretty fucking set.
#181 - Red  [+] (2 new replies) 08/08/2014 on (untitled) 0
#182 - mikeW (08/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #185 - mikeW (08/08/2014) [-]
I'd say I'm pretty fucking set.
#40 - I have a girlfriend, owned a mac, and watched mlp at one time.…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/07/2014 on MAC VS PC +12
User avatar #189 - kingferret (08/08/2014) [-]
How did you break a mac?
mine is 2013, been though the rigors of military life and travel.
And still going strong
User avatar #192 - mikeW (08/09/2014) [-]
Just bad luck I guess
#12 - Picture 08/07/2014 on She Gave Him Lefts +16
#17 - Picture  [+] (16 new replies) 08/07/2014 on MAC VS PC +26
User avatar #39 - kingferret (08/07/2014) [-]
Not bait at all,
until you close minded fucks actually try something new, you'll never know if it's better.
There are hundreds of small things that relieve my stress on a mac.
yet i have wanted to throw all my pcs out the window.

This site has been huge on not trying new things anyway. No girlfriends. Anti-pony.
#163 - anonymous (08/08/2014) [-]
>mac instead of pc
>so casual that he doesn't crack leopard and installs it on pc for the same effect
>wastes money on a bitten apple

You mac fags make me laugh so much.
#104 - thatonecommunist (08/08/2014) [-]
>install linux on windows pc
>better performance than mac, cheaper, more variety, about the same support.
User avatar #60 - ProWig (08/07/2014) [-]
prolly cuz you look at shitty porn sites and download toolbars
User avatar #190 - kingferret (08/08/2014) [-]
Prolly? Cuz?
How's middle school?
User avatar #191 - ProWig (08/09/2014) [-]
your going to be a little meaner to hurt my feelings bb
User avatar #56 - securityexplain (08/07/2014) [-]
I'm an IT student. I've tried every single operating system worth its salt. I've worked on both MACs and PCs extensively.

My conclusion? If the only thing you're planning on doing is hanging in your iTunes library and feeling smug about spending shitload of money for an overrated piece of garbage, then Mac is for you.
If you're actually using computer for anything that even resembles actual work (or gaming, for that matter), then you should probably stay away from Mac and just go with PC.
#173 - nickypickle (08/08/2014) [-]
but I heard custom built machintosh computers that ARENT apple brand can give a lot of performance within the works of video editing, art, and programs related to and so. What good does your IT anology do if you dont say anything about the mac other than the already aforementioned buzzwords like "overrated" or really expensive? garbage? its certainly not garbage in any direction.
User avatar #185 - securityexplain (08/08/2014) [-]
I could have gone ahead and written a complete review of everything there ever was to know about it, but I'm a lazy twat. If I weren't, I would have written that review on a tech news website, and certainly not on funnyjunk.

But here's a TL;DR - Yes, like you've said, a custom built Mac can work quite well as specialized workstation. The thing, you can get custom built PC with same performance built far easier (due to PC being more widespread), for half the money, and with far more customization options available. There is literally not a single point on which Mac can beat PC.

Personally, as my name implies, I find security important. So due to the fact that Macs run on UNIX, they are internally sandboxed, which contributes a lot to their security. But then again, anyone with sufficient knowledge can get much better protection set up on PC than you could ever get on Mac.
User avatar #186 - securityexplain (08/08/2014) [-]
Small addendum: Macs are occasionally popular as work stations for video editing, art design, etc. due to them being rather newbie-friendly. So if you're in need of a workstation, suck at using computers, and have too much money, then yeah, you're likely going to go with Mac.
#188 - kingferret (08/08/2014) [-]
I bought it because i'm in the military, i have no room for a desktop. My mac air is 1/2" thick. Faster than my 2" thick PC laptop for the same price. The touch pad is faster navigation though the internet and my files than a mouse because of touch commands. The music is fucking incredible sounding. Better than any system i have heard in a car or in a home when equ'ed and plugged in to audio technica headphones. It lasts for 12 hours of surfing. Really, 12 hours. Photoshop is flawless and fast. Music and video production is easy. I can install and uninstall 5 programs in the time it takes windows to install and uninstall one thing. Programs are dragged and dropped like files to make a quick install or uninstall. I have never felt it get hot. Its all metal aluminum unibody, and solid as shit. It comes with many things i have to download to get on windows. Lossless screen capture in the key commands, also video screen recording, gotta buy that on windows. Audio production. Gotta buy on windows. WMM is autistic compared to imovie. The new imovie is a diet Sony Vegas by the way, which i have for my windows. Quicktime player is fucking awesome with the touchpad. Swipe two fingers left and right to fast forward though frames of the video. Slow it down or speed it up to find exactly the frame you want in one second. Meanwhile windows is skipping the frame you want back and forth and shitting itself. Left and right arrow keys to navigate individual frames of the video, space to play. All things i tested win8 does not have. Pinch zoom pictures and navigate them with the touchpad as fast as an iphone, instead of clicking and dragging the stupid zoom bar with windows on a spot you don't want.

Its not all about speed folks, thats like saying a car's only redeemable feature is speed.
Im happy when im using my mac, when i pc, i just feel like im wasting more time downloading software, updates, and doing a lot of clicking for things mac does faster.
#136 - summers (08/08/2014) [-]
Well, the only thing useful about a mac when I was starting out was that it had a terminal already there, pc has more steps to get something like cygwin on there
mac is for noobs like me
User avatar #55 - xenriath (08/07/2014) [-]
Funny thing is that this site wasnt always "anti-pony".

I remember when pony pics always got tons of thumbs regardless of whether or not they were related.
#40 - mikeW (08/07/2014) [-]
I have a girlfriend, owned a mac, and watched mlp at one time. You're accusing an entire website of ridiculous things when your opinion is shot down. I prefer PC, but I have had a mac. When I couldn't fix it myself, I threw it away. I wasn't about to spend a lot of money to get the thing fixed when I can replace one part on my PC. To each his own, however.
User avatar #189 - kingferret (08/08/2014) [-]
How did you break a mac?
mine is 2013, been though the rigors of military life and travel.
And still going strong
User avatar #192 - mikeW (08/09/2014) [-]
Just bad luck I guess

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