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Too bad that's not her.

Lauren Holly.
You may know her as Director Shepard in NCIS.
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#5 - methead (03/30/2013) [-]
Legalizing marijuana would:
-Cause the black market in marijuana to be gone, along with the violence related to it. You can’t beat that.
-All of the marijuana money going south would stop, and remain here to be spent legally in our own economy. That is 60% of a cartel’s income. Losing that would be a serious blow to these groups.
-Law enforcement, judicial, and incarceration expenditures of public funds for this would no longer be needed- Free the people.
-The growing on and damaging of public lands would end, as people would rather grow it at home, ending the illegal cartels involvement.
-People with medical needs would be able to seek some small comfort there. It has now been demonstrated that #$%$ oil cures many forms of cancer.
- (IMO) A decrease in drunk driving statistics would occur. People would soon realize that they enjoy marijuana more than the oncoming sickness of drinking, thus the non alcoholic would drink less, and be safer to the public concern overall.
I propose that American citizens, of legal age, be allowed to "grow their own". If every citizen of age that desired could grow say 12 mature plants for personal use, then all illegal black markets would dry up. The surplus would cause marijuana to not have much monetary value.

One economic plus for my proposal is that good citizens who enjoy marijuana are a smart proud group of sociable people and will invest money into growing supplies. Your average proud grower will invest a few hundred dollars, or more, in the domestic economy to be able to properly grow, and show off, their little crop. This expenditure times 22 million people and you have a major boost in our economy, instead of the current hemorrhage of funds going to illegal drug lords, and the ugliness that comes with that.
#4 - methead (03/27/2013) [-]
Pro choice: why?
Ok let's entertain pro-lifers: abortion is illegal.
The chances of ignorant unprotected sex will not go down. Women will get pregnant. Either try and abort it thenselves and induce harm, or hurt the baby after its born.
Let's say that's terrible they have the baby, ok all the young people getting pregnant and having abortions generally can't take care of them, thats more kids being neglected, and abused. More kids bullying your kids you did try to concieve. More kids in foster cares taken away from their families and getting abused by people who just do it for the money. More tax payer dollars taking care of these kids that no one cares about, more debt for the country more money out of your paycheck.
These kids then are going to get into drugs and living hard (do you know how many people I know who've experienced this, myself included) more kids selling and doing drugs, more gangs, more gang violence, more suicides, more innocent kid suicide because theyre bullied by kids who grew up hard, more kids growing up and ending up in prison, more tax payers money to feed and house them, more prisons being built, etc.
IMO pro lifers just think "oh you're killing someone innocent who didn't ask to be brought in this world". Well when does a group of cells that's divided become an actual spirit? An actual person? Is a fertalized seed that's germinated a flower?
And even if you believe that, look at the big picture, it's not just "you're killing someone" it's a whole circle of life-chain effect thing. You have to view the big picture.
#3 - methead (03/27/2013) [-]
People are more open about it now - that's the only difference. What used to be hidden - due largely to religious nuts trying to impose their religion on other people - is now out in the open. It's good that people are making their own choices and basing their clothing choices on what is important to THEM. If that's sex, it's no one's business but theirs. Obviously people are getting well sick of the bogus, superficial morality of religious people, as well as refusing more and more to allow their silly, contradictory, misogynistic "values" to rule the public square.
#2 - anon (03/14/2013) [-]
that kid at my school dresses funny
#1 - methead (03/14/2013) [-]
1 **** given

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