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Aren't I a clever one?

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#28 - Donald Trump is one bigot. Considering him dangerous is not th…  [+] (5 new replies) 02/27/2016 on Dennis Rodman RAPES Cruz +2
#51 - Glitched (02/27/2016) [-]
could you please link the actual Trump statements in context where he was proven to be a bigot okay thanks talk never
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#55 - newtamalego (02/27/2016) [-]
You don't prove someone's a bigot

That's like proving someone's a liberal, I mean you might slightly be, or you might not consider yourself one etc.
#60 - Glitched (02/27/2016) [-]
So saying someone is a bigot because its popular is retarded? k thanks
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#62 - newtamalego (02/27/2016) [-]
literally not what I said
#63 - Glitched (02/27/2016) [-]
you literally responded with nothing
so i literally responded with nothing as well

literally literally.
#39 - Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis, heavyweig… 02/19/2016 on James holmboy 0
#257 - FJ only cares because it's a white girl. This site is full of … 01/18/2016 on Another Girl (13)... -3
#22 - Cole Miller is 6'1 and weighed in at 145lbs. 12/20/2015 on The force is strong at... +1
#258 - I disabled adblock on this site for a while, until there were … 12/17/2015 on the fuck is this admin 0
#117 - His most recent discussion of that issue was that the process … 12/15/2015 on Soon 0
#82 - Do those jokes kill in middle school?  [+] (1 new reply) 11/10/2015 on Went to the zoo today 0
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#83 - angelisk (11/10/2015) [-]
I wouldn't know, my middle school was mostly black so i didn't really get to try it out
#62 - The monkey noises wouldn't have been included if that were the…  [+] (2 new replies) 11/09/2015 on Went to the zoo today 0
#63 - flufflepuff (11/09/2015) [-]
There are jokes for each race. Black people are compared to monkeys, yes.

But white people are made for their own special reasons.

I like that nice touch you added there, where you judge my argument as if that's under your authority.
#64 - flufflepuff (11/09/2015) [-]
*But white people are made fun of for their own special reasons.
#36 - Maybe I'm trying to be a little too noble for a site that may …  [+] (3 new replies) 11/09/2015 on Went to the zoo today -7
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#65 - zaggystirdust (11/09/2015) [-]
They're being foolish.
I hate white people who dance to gothic shoogazer shit
They look like fools.

The black community are people too.
And people who act like this are fools, regardless of color.
#51 - anon (11/09/2015) [-]
I do agree that this site has gotten pretty racist. Although this one is pretty tame in my opinion. I've seen much worse, e.g. making fun of mass genocide, etc..
Honestly though, you won't see any content making fun of Caucasians as a whole.
Although I wouldn't call whatever the hell these girls were doing "Modernized Traditional African and Caribbean dance"
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#43 - wondersquid (11/09/2015) [-]
Maybe you should try a little harder, or maybe they don't give a shit enough about themselves that you have to try and defend them to in hopes one day an ebony bitch wants to ride your dick.
#15 - My point here is that at some point you've got to realize that…  [+] (3 new replies) 11/09/2015 on Went to the zoo today +2
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#72 - angelisk (11/09/2015) [-]
So.... then should we add watermelons?
Chicken nuggets?
A "Black lives matter" sign?
A book they're unable to comprehend?
A runaway dad?
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#82 - memeinmycoffee (11/10/2015) [-]
Do those jokes kill in middle school?
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#83 - angelisk (11/10/2015) [-]
I wouldn't know, my middle school was mostly black so i didn't really get to try it out