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Some guys really need to make the captchas harder.

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#32 - It's not a mugshot. The media ******* uses his high sch…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/22/2012 on Bleh -7
#69 - Laddie has deleted their comment.
User avatar #59 - kabizus (07/22/2012) [-]
The picture is not from high school, it's from the university he went to.
#13 - Aaaand that's why jelly bean is better. 07/22/2012 on Watch Out Perverts..... -1
#1297 - Comment deleted 07/22/2012 on KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!!! 0
#116 - Wants* 06/28/2012 on morbid for mac users -1
#114 - My dad says he ants to get a mac desktop. Please recommend me …  [+] (7 new replies) 06/28/2012 on morbid for mac users -1
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#146 - szymonf (06/28/2012) [-]
First of all, ignore the fucktards that say that you cant get a virus on a mac, it might be rare however it is becoming more and more common; And when you do get a virus you have to throw out the mac and go out and buy a new one. Furthermore, bassinastor is either full of shit or he knows nothing about what his brother is doing on his PC. It is virtually impossible to get a virus through facebook or youtube. Simply going off the fact that he bought an alienware brings up many points. He is a moron for paying extra for simply getting the head of an alien on the back of the laptop. it is an alienware, it is "built" for gaming. Therefore he is either downloading games from sketchy virus infected torrents, or he tried providing information to a rich african prince that emailed him with a very lucrative offer. I purchased an Acer aspire ethos almost a month ago and so far i have no viruses, despite the fact that I have torrented over a thousand songs, a game and watched more porn then op has stared in. Macs security features are about as advanced as pc's were ten years ago. The only thing the macs have going for them is that they lead in "style". they always seem to be thinner then their competition (ultrabooks are making it a fair game however). and if you want a pc that you dont have to build yourself (which i would recomend doing) then go to your local best buy and look at Acers, Acus, HP, Samsung and if you are willing to spend a bit more on a pc then look at sony. btw there are many good anti-virus systems. There is Norton, PC doctor (very cheap, same thing as norton), kaspersky is great, mcafee, avg etc.
#162 - bassinastor (06/28/2012) [-]
And I actually do know quite a lot about computers. I'ge spent years in programming andnprobably know than most people on here.
#161 - bassinastor (06/28/2012) [-]
Obviously he didn't spend all of his time on Youtube and Facebook, my point was that in the very little time he didn't spend on safe sites, begot a virus. And he doesn't even know what torrenting is, so it wasn't from that either.
User avatar #163 - szymonf (06/28/2012) [-]
then streaming videos off of sketchy sites or following e-mails that promise him 10m in gp on runescape. I have had many viruses' on my pc's that have come from a) me looking to stream a movie through googeling it or b) my brother follows a sketchy link in an e-mail
#116 - memebutt (06/28/2012) [-]
#224 - Reddit not so much. Everyone has a little 9gag in them. 06/28/2012 on If 9gag had a french website. +1
#268 - Yes, right now children are who they're marketing to mainly. T…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/20/2012 on so true +1
#271 - cynicalskin (06/20/2012) [-]
totally agree dude
#265 - I'm afraid nostalgia is the biggest factor when it comes to li… 06/20/2012 on so true +1
#261 - I agree...I get pissed when people start saying that new gen p…  [+] (4 new replies) 06/20/2012 on so true +1
#266 - cynicalskin (06/20/2012) [-]
Honestly, I don't think the 4th/5th generation pokémon are great, but when it comes to un-creative Pokémon, EVERY generation has their faults, not just the newer ones. I mean, Pineco is just a fucking pinecone lmao. I don't think they're running out of ideas (they're a billion dollar company, I doubt they don't have at least ONE person who could come up with good pokemon), I just think they're purposely making the newer pokémon a bit more childish to please a younger audience. There is nothing wrong with that though.
#310 - lindiihop (06/20/2012) [-]
I agree with you 100% bro. I wish that genwunners would stop complaining about how "uncreative" the newer gens are. However, it's just as annoying when people complain about genwunners complaining; they're just giving genwunners more opportunities to complain. Personally, I'm a bit of a genwunner at heart, but I don't let that limit my overall love of Pokemon, and am more than willing to accept new Pokemon into the franchise with open arms.

To sum it up, all fans of Pokemon--no matter which generation they're most fond of--need to stop complaining. All generations have had their ups and downs. If there's a certain generation you're not a fan of, then just stop associating with it. Because Pokemon in general kicks ass, and having a bunch of immature whiners around will just spoil the fun.
#268 - memebutt (06/20/2012) [-]
Yes, right now children are who they're marketing to mainly. They aren't trying to sell the game to 21 year old die-hard pokemon fans who are only content with gen 1 and gen 2 pokemon, its kids that will be buying these new games and maybe looking at the old ones. It just gets retarded when people say a whole gan is bad.
#271 - cynicalskin (06/20/2012) [-]
totally agree dude
#133 - Just make sure you're parents don't know about it 06/20/2012 on Nothing fishy. 0
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User avatar #1 - satyrn (06/28/2012) [-]
As an avid tester of security programs let me furnish my to cents. No more vague ******** . Lets get a few things nice and clear.

NOD32 is THE fastest and lightest AV out of all the top AVs. Hueristics checked, monitor enabled, it doesnt matter... its the fastest and lightest on system resources among all AVs worth mentioning.

Anyone who says NOD is "pretty" fast/lite, or "one of the fastest", is not being clear enough and is underestimating! So Once again NOD32 is the smallest/fastest/ among all of the top AVs! The entire setup file is abt 10 megs, which is unheard of for top tier AV scanners. NOD is everything you need with no bloat.

As far as effectiveness through overall detection, Both NOD and Kaspersky lead the pack. However NOD was by far the faster scanner.

For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would continue to claim Kaspersky is in anyway better. Better in what exactly? KAV is slower, heavier on resources, and presents some conflicts with your programs (which NOD never does).

I was a Kaspersky user for years before I discovered NOD32 and tested it myself so I am not just talking out of my ass like most posters who only support a program because they are trying to justify having it on their computer.

In addition, Here are some credible and interesting comparisons
You need to login to view this link

You need to login to view this link

Also, since NOD32 is never in conflict with any software you can download any firewall of your choosing. This way you can run the best firewall out here and maximize your protection from all sides. Why would anyone not want NOD32 over KAV (which I must acknowledge is certainly good enough for second place no doubt).
I couldn't make this any more clear.
-Nigel B"
Just copied that from some site. Get NOD32
User avatar #2 to #1 - satyrn (06/28/2012) [-]
Sorry, I posted that on your last post but as you can see, it's ******* gigantic, so I moved it here out of harm's way.
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