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Star Butterfly

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#26 - "I should be given a gun for this knife fight because im …  [+] (10 replies) 10/21/2016 on when u forget you're not on... +1
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#28 - angelious (10/21/2016) [-]
high metabolism actually means he is skinny as dicks with no muscles.

slow metabolism means he gathers fat very easily. high metabolism means he burns it very easily (and sweats like a pig)
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#108 - slenderwolf (10/21/2016) [-]
Metabolism is an easy excuse for why others have better results. Enough devotion will bridge any gap of genetics.
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#109 - angelious (10/21/2016) [-]
yeah sure. thats why the black people are dominating in 100 meter dash. because there is no genetic advantage going on there, just pure devotion.

saying genetics arent a factor is idiotic.
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#113 - slenderwolf (10/21/2016) [-]
No one is incapable of building muscle. If we were talking about fat the bandwagon would be up in arms. Not everyone can be Mr. Universe, but no one has to be Michael Cera
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#115 - angelious (10/21/2016) [-]
no one claimed someone is incapable of building muscle. what everyone did claim is that the higher metabolism you have, the harder time you have building muscle, and then keeping the appearance up.
#52 - bazda (10/21/2016) [-]
I have a high metabolism and I don't sweat for shit. You're making stuff up.
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#71 - tsoper (10/21/2016) [-]
i do too and i sweat a lot. I mean like, a lot. I always smell bad because when i sweat, it dries off and if i dont shower that day, it will smell.
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#93 - hitlerislord (10/21/2016) [-]
Nigga if you don't shower that day of course you'll smell that's why you shower every day
#72 - bazda (10/21/2016) [-]
I only ever sweat enough for it to bead up on my head if I'm doing like a hard leg workout and it's abnormally hot (80f +) and humid in the gym.
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#73 - tsoper (10/21/2016) [-]
for me, even a little bit of sex causes me to sweat.

I love my metabolism though
#6 - Yeees .u. moar plz  [+] (3 replies) 10/21/2016 on The First Fight +3
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#10 - drummybeat (10/21/2016) [-]
Single is best.
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#14 - vortexrain (10/21/2016) [-]
The single is cuter, but there's nothing like a good pair of handlebars.
#11 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
Doesnt matter, perfect no matter what
#6 - Its filled with Character Developement, I just hope Disney doe…  [+] (12 replies) 10/21/2016 on Mewberty: The end or just... +1
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#9 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
Look how fluid the animation quality is. I don't expect to see it live past season 4
#10 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
Dont jinx it yo
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#12 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
I feel that the new CN is much better than the old one. I regret all of the mean things Ive said
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#13 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
SVTFOE Is Disney XD Though.
#14 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
You know what I mean, like the new generation of cartoons that looked trendy at first, but later on became legendary material.

Even steven universe(which i used to hate so much), basically became a reincarnation of the old Teen titans.
#15 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
Oh yea, I agree..I dont watch many more cartoons anymore, I mostly stick to anime and only the mainstream stuff.. but I havent done much else but watch this show for the last 3 weeks, reading fanfictions, googling gifs and immersing myself in Mewnian culture..

this wouldnt have happened with Steven Universe or Bare Bears..
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#16 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
I feel that the legendaries of this generation are

*Gravity Falls
*Steven universe
*Star vs the Forces of Evil
*The Amazing world of Gumball
*Adventure time(in its former days)
*Regular Show.

Tbh, back in the days of the old CN, I only enjoyed like 5 shows.
I didn't like Cow and Chicken and other shows like Scooby Doo.

So really, the quality bar remains pretty high with me.

At first I hated the new shows because they had that weird "windows 8" minimalist art style, and boy did it hate it. But man, I'm glad that my boredom drove me to give it a try.,
#17 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
The days of Genndy Tartakovsky and Seth McFarlane is long past l:

All the other shows you mentioned except Regular Show always felt too childsafe and cookie cutter..

atleast in Star I found a waifu l:
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#18 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
I feel so conflicted about Star.
She's supposed to look like a kid, but she looks more like a college student,
her voice sounds like a full grown woman's, and she seems like she would be a total freak in bed.

She's so damn cute, but supposedly she's like what... 14?

I mean yeah she's a cartoon, but that doesn't make it any less conflicting. I'm not exactly into lolis so this makes things even more conflicting.
Maybe she's like one of those 100 year old magical people that age REALLY slowly or something.
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#19 - mcmanybucks (10/21/2016) [-]
Eh, 15 is the age of sexual consent where im from so im not too shaken..

the show is also kinda teenager themed, proms, puberty and stuff.

in 1 scene Star Vs The Forces Of Evil   Dip Down Clip her figure heavily implies that shes developed breasts, so idk :l

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#11 - totallytito (10/21/2016) [-]
Amazing world fo gumball ends in season 6
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#8 - xef (10/21/2016) [-]
Yeah that's what I liked about it, just though some of the first episodes where to much ADHD Glad I sticked with it
#5 - I mean its totally the beginning of a DBZ style storydevelopem…  [+] (1 reply) 10/21/2016 on Mewberty: The end or just... +1
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#7 - strigt (10/21/2016) [-]
It's embarrassing to admit that I never realized that Star and probably the entirety of her mother's family are butterfly people.