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User avatar #78 - sweetheartthewolf (09/28/2011) [-]
hewwo x3
Umbranaught told me to talks to you about how to stretch your uncut foreskin over your heads like a cut guy
User avatar #79 to #89 - matttboyagain (09/28/2011) [-]
Uh no I think you've got it the other way around. I'm cut and I'm stretching my skin to regrow it so I look uncut. But yeah that's what I'm doing.
User avatar #80 to #90 - sweetheartthewolf (09/28/2011) [-]
lol okey good lucks with that
User avatar #81 to #91 - matttboyagain (09/28/2011) [-]
Thanks. Wait did you mean something different?
User avatar #82 to #92 - sweetheartthewolf (09/28/2011) [-]
i wanna be ables to stretch my foreskins over my heads to expose my tip more
User avatar #83 to #93 - matttboyagain (09/28/2011) [-]
Oh! I can help with that too! Actually it would be the same principle as what I'm using to regrow mine. Hm..I might have some links I can send you. Hold on.
User avatar #84 to #94 - sweetheartthewolf (09/28/2011) [-]
thankies hehe
User avatar #85 to #95 - matttboyagain (09/30/2011) [-]
Were the links I sent you helpful? Wanted to get back to you on that.
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