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#2582 - So, Funnyjunk, I got problems. I guess that's what this new bo…  [+] (9 replies) 06/12/2012 on Advice - love advice,... +2
#2966 - bukkakeninja (06/13/2012) [-]
First off cool beans I too live in a suburban town in Connecticut. Besides you're height and weight im about 130lbs 5'5" and i wrestle and im fairly athletic but don't ask me to play a ball sport i fucking suck at shit like football and basketball. I too before this year had only a few friends in school but last year i completely cut myself off from out of school interaction i have no clue why but i didn't hang out with one person last year and i could have if i wanted to. I too very analytical and observant and i over think things to the extreme we seem pretty similar and the only advise i have to give you is to have fun doing what ever you think is fun. I do just about what ever i want without care of what people think of me but im talking about when i do silly/funny things such as approach random people and have a conversation with them as if we have been friends for years. Just do what you want to the less you care the happier you will be. As for the ladies part, I've had no luck there mostly because i've never attempted to ask a girl out i mean i know a few and I do some pretty obscure shit just to get my friends to laugh and shit but there is just one thing in my life that i can't get myself to do and that is if there's a girl i like to ask her out.
#2754 - anon (06/12/2012) [-]
Ok, let's get the typing fingers ready! So you are 16, out of shape, and don't have an astonishing amount of friends and would like a lady. Now I'm 18 so I haven't had a huge amount of life experience myself. Here we go!
You are out of shape. Just find and use a certain routine of exercises from the interwebs of about 10 minutes a day. I have done this and you will not believe how quickly you can get in to shape. All it takes, is slighty looking out for your diet and doing that 10 minute routine EVERYDAY! No excuses. It works. Trust me. But no slacking off.
You have friends, bro. If you guys are all good pals, that's great! Don't you worry. And since you haven't ever gone to a party, try going along with them or try to convince them to all go to a party together, where there shall be girls and booze!
Now, the inconvient truth... You cannot make a girl like you. It just can't be done. She likes you or she doesn't. Now the girl might not be sure whether she likes you or not yet and she's trying to make up her silly little mind, but it's out of your hands. You can't convince her. The good attitude though, is to not give a poop about rejection (this I am also still struggling with my friend). Guys who always seem to have success with the opposite sex are the guys who got rejected a lot before. You certainly have heard this before: Just step away, and go to the next one. After a couple of tries with different ladies, you will make a very good first impression on one of them.

This concludes my typing adventure. Cheer up my boy, you're life is quite alright and you still have loads of time to learn :D
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#2684 - loveyameanish (06/12/2012) [-]
I don't think you're as hopeless as you think you are, you got some good shit going one. So what, you don't like sports and you're a little out of shape? You can work on that pretty easily. You only have 5/6 good friends outside school? Me too bro, but this small group of friends are the ones who would stick with you through any shit. I'm personally happy with my five best friends, and if any more come along, fine, but you shouldn't go look for them just because you think you should have more. Better to have a few close friends than dozens of acquaintances who don't really give a shit. You may be right about letting life pass you by in a way, I think you just need to put yourself out there a little more. That girl turned you down, but you got over it right? So even if you put yourself out there and it goes shitty, you'll always get over it. I tend to do that over-thinking thing too, I'll get back to you if I find a cure for that one, I'm still fucking my own shit up on a regular basis.

TL;DR; Stop doubting yourself so much, put yourself out there, no matter what happens, you'll be ok, you'll get over it eventually.
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#2617 - elboludo (06/12/2012) [-]
alright i will divide this in many areas (excuse me for my grammar and my syntax). lets see where to start... Never feel like you are letting your life pass you by or doing the "teenager" thing wrong. You still have your whole life ahead of you, you shouldnt be allowing the decisions you make now to hold you back. If you think you are not living how you want to then why not make the change now, it will definitely help you out later in life. For example, the overweight thing; why not start a sport, at least give it a chance, if not then buy p90x (i highly recommend it; its great), or at least jog a good 20 minutes a day. But you alway have to keep in mind that you need will power and lots of it, and always set a goal. You can always start again if you dont reach. The party thing is alot simpler than you think, all you have to do is get your friends to go with you, and if people look at you wierdly, screw them, you are being yourself, you are living the life you want to live. Always be yourself, that way you can find new friends that like you for who you are and as well as girls, they dont have to be the prettiest girl in school, but it doesnt matter. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER think about the things that could go wrong or the things that are holding you back. Always look on the bright side, because in the end, you will definitely make it there. Quit fighting with yourself, you know what you have to do then do it. Remember there is nothing or no one holding you back except yourself. If you are able to overcome yourself, you can overcome anything. But start small. I'm not sure if this helped you in any way; or if you understood it, if you didnt get something or need me to clear something up or help you in any other way send me a message.
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#2608 - PoisinSandwich (06/12/2012) [-]
Hey dont worry you are not doing the teenager thing wrong. i am 16 and i am about 148 but i am 6'2. i have never had a girlfriend and you dont need one in high school. high school relationships rarely last. and if you want friends you can join a club or make one. find people with similar interests and bring them together in a club. you will be shocked on how much people have in common with you.
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#2605 - missingonebrick (06/12/2012) [-]
For the weight thing, you could just hop on over to the fitness board...
#2594 - jabadhutt (06/12/2012) [-]
Don't worry my man, weight aside, I was in your exact same position in high school. I'll let you know right now that it's mostly just a bunch of bullshit. I may not be the wisest person here, but I do know that much. I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say you end up at war with yourself, I still do it a lot. What you must NEVER do is allow these doubts to get in the way of the great gift that is your life. PM me bro, I'll do my best to help you out.
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#2587 - thatkidwiththeface (06/12/2012) [-]
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted." You don't have to spend your time in high school doing sports, going to parties, or chasing girls if you don't want to, just do whatever makes you happy, it's your choice. If you want to shape up, then start the whole diet and exercise routine, it will increase your confidence, which will make it easier to go out and meet new people, if people who know you well say you're a fun person to be around, then there's a good chance other people will say the same thing, so you won't have problems with getting people to like you. Your life isn't pathetic, and stop thinking it is.
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#2583 - chickenbutts (06/12/2012) [-]
you're not doin anything wrong my friend I like reading and drawing comics too those are fun things to doand if you get the oppurtunity to make a new friend go for it i've never had a girlfriend either and you had the guts to ask a girl out that is awesome just be yourself
#16 - The name of this channel is misleading.  [+] (2 replies) 06/10/2012 on Epic cuteness! 0
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#24 - goldenpotato (06/10/2012) [-]
Considering this is FJ, not really.
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#26 - masterofallgoats (06/10/2012) [-]
Excellent point.
#379 - I'm pretty sure the comic is supposed to be a complex demonstr…  [+] (2 replies) 05/24/2012 on Monkey trouble! +1
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#385 - futuramafan (05/24/2012) [-]
I was gonna comment on that as well. It seems like irony, but its part of this process:

"Hahaha look at these idiots, here let me draw a comic making fun of those faggots trying to *make* a meme, damn newfags lol"

_"heh, making fun of newfags is funny, i'll post more just to make fun of them"
...then begins the downward spiral

"Hey, I made this content using [forced
newfag_meme], pretty funny actually, it fits well"

and then

*full blown front page filled with said meme*

It's ironic at first, but after a few days/weeks they get serious about using said newfag forced meme
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#386 - masterofallgoats (05/24/2012) [-]
oh god, you're right. That happens with everything ever on this sight. Welp, we're boned.