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#105 - Botnet owner/Student ~$7.200/day 23  [+] (1 new reply) 22 hours ago on Anon works at Wendy's +1
User avatar #121 - SHOOOPDAWOOP (21 hours ago) [-]
7 dollars a day, ken m is that you?
#29 - Did you even watch the Movies or read the Books? Its written a…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/01/2015 on Hurry Prtr facts pt. 6&7 +2
User avatar #30 - loopzoop (03/01/2015) [-]
I watched the movies once.
Never read the books.
User avatar #49 - tonkkax (03/01/2015) [-]
It's in the movie

the shot is in such a way that it obscures Hagrid's fac but his name is mentioned in the scene where Harry goes into Tom's diary to see what happened all those years ago.
#26 - Primus = first not full, and Lune is just wrong, Luna is Moon.… 03/01/2015 on Hurry Prtr facts pt. 6&7 +3
#35 - Cats would be Feline not Kitten, thats BS 03/01/2015 on Animal Epiphanies 0
#1243 - Awwww ******* **** ... 02/27/2015 on Random sex roll +1
#1241 - Comment deleted 02/27/2015 on Random sex roll 0
#1237 - **masterjogi used "*Roll Picture*"** **masterjogi rolled i…  [+] (2 new replies) 02/27/2015 on Random sex roll +1
User avatar #1243 - masterjogi (02/27/2015) [-]
Awwww Fucking Shit...
#1241 - masterjogi has deleted their comment.
#38 - What more exiting thing happened? Letting Germans and Allies j…  [+] (4 new replies) 02/27/2015 on His last fuck was for the... +1
#119 - dudeabcd (02/27/2015) [-]
#70 - edgecutter (02/27/2015) [-]

Do we not get any credit whatsoever for WWI?
Come on! Look a bit closer will ya!?
Sure we couldn't hold them back at the borders, but they needed to pull their heaviest artillery (the 420 mm and 305 mm) out of their main force that was meant for France to come and take down our forts that were pestering the German flank.

Us Belgians held them back for a good month so that the Brits and French had enough time to get off their ass to do something.

Do we not get even the slightest bit of credit for Liège and Antwerpen?

And after all that, we still retreated over the Yzer and held it out from there through our great engineers who managed to flood the territory around the Yzer.

And then the Battle of Haelen. We actually managed to stop and slaughter a bunch of the best cavalry the Germans had. We simply laid a machine gun ambush over the river going through Haelen and waited until the Germans went "hurr durr, muh traditionalistic tactics!" and punished them severely for that.

Our army wasn't even a proper professional army, we just made do with what we had at the time. We put on uniforms from different divisions etc. confusing the shit out of the Germans, that and our soldiers could operate without a leader for their squad and/or company, unlike the Germans who stop functioning right after their officer dies.

Come on! If you're going to criticize Belgium's performance in WWI and WWII, then at least do your bloody research!


(Picture related. All the Forts around Antwerp. Now imagine the same shit around Liège/Luik)

How do I know all this? I wrote 2 fucking school essays on this shit. Not the bullshitty "10 page essays". I'm talking 50 page essays each. I know my shit by now. One about the forts, the other one about the Yzer inundations.

I say we deserve much more fucking credit.
User avatar #54 - rheago (02/27/2015) [-]
I find that the best part of Belgium
Nobody gives a fuck
#47 - gamejunkie has deleted their comment.
#37 - Don't forget to sweel with JPG 02/27/2015 on His last fuck was for the... +1
#95 - Well an then there is the 60 FPS Goddess that the Disappearanc…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/27/2015 on Anime Comp: Gurren Lagann +2
User avatar #111 - drtrousersnake (02/27/2015) [-]
this feels trippy as fuck to watch anime at that fps

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#18 - erotictentacle (06/16/2013) [-]
Ein Deutscher!
User avatar #17 - mayormilkman (06/08/2013) [-]
Why are neko girls so funny?
#16 - tanabata (05/24/2013) [-]
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Anything for you~

So I see you enjoyed Amagami SS?
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#11 - thatnerdyguy (08/30/2012) [-]
Friended because of avatar <3
User avatar #10 - Rapunzel (05/08/2012) [-]
Thank you :D All the pictures I found were tiny and probably would not have turned out as well
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User avatar #1 - stargazerone (12/13/2010) [-]
Just to let you know, the signature you're putting at the bottom of your posts is **** , it shows nip.
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